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# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
A Multiplayer Strategic Bloodbath for Age of Mythology: The Titans, created by Nodgene1 of Liquid Fire Studios.

HG forum thread:

More information and screenshots:

Massed combat over land, bloodshed over the capture of God Goats, strategic manoeuvring over marshy hills and valleys… Liquid Fire Studios presents you with the all new, original, fast paced strategic blood map, Tactical.

Choose your soldiers, Fight over the control of fructifying points, Pick the upgrades and pour out the damage, Tactical takes multiplayer scenarios to a whole new level!

  • Battlefield: Battle it out in swampy marshes crafted to aid the fast paced agressive action.
  • Strategy- Required: Think fast! Tactics and quick decisions in this game are everything.
  • Fast paced action: Fanatically enjoyable gameplay with fast paced fighting.
  • Well explained: A well written optional cinematic shows how to play the scenario.
  • Balanced and Playable: Intense playtesting has made sure that there are no bugs, exploits, or imbalance; making sure the scenario is playable and loaded with features!
  • Lighting: Well chosen lighting to fade from light to dark, dark to light.
  • Three resources, three uses: Wood, Food and Gold play a major part in the scenario, collect them to spawn units, buy upgrades and secure god powers.
  • Land Grab: Contest with your enemies for the four spots on the map that generate wood for you to spawn soldiers.
  • Eight Players: Play with upto seven other people online!
  • God Goats and Cows: Fight over the main sources of gold; the God Goats and God Cows.
  • Customizable Armies: Choose what units to spawn, what upgrades to get and which god powers to use! Each army on the battlefield can be very unique.
  • Choice: Players can choose whether quality or quantity is better with the unique system of being able to buy many weaker units with the top spawn selector or buy the stronger units with their standard selectors.

    HG forum thread:

    More information and screenshots:
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    Saber_7 sounds cool, im downloading

    [Edited on 12/01/04 @ 08:18 PM]

    Saber_7 Why do the players have to wait 20 seconds before the preview starts?
    Gaurdian_112 I'm not the creator of this scenario, its our beloved Nodgene, but I think waiting 20 seconds allows all the triggers to load thus reducing lag. Arch did the same thing with vimpmeat, which is the only multiplayer scenario besides Tactical that I ever liked.
    File Author
    20 seconds just so we people can get ready, and what Gaurdian said I think.

    Don't forget to review!

    [Edited on 12/02/04 @ 02:25 AM]

    echowinds Oh its out. I thought you want to hold it after the HoM contest results.
    File Author
    nope, we said it was Coming Soon, and we meant it :)
    Gaurdian_112 *Awaiting review*

    Map Design4.0
    I know I'm a member of LFS, but I'll try and make this as impartial a review as possible. Believe me, this is actually how I feel about the scenario. So don't ban me or anything ;).

    Playability: 4
    Tactical works on the tried and tested method of selecting units to build, and having them appear at your base in waves. It messes with this formula by having significantly more strategy than a regular "blood". To keep your unit production up, you must capture one of four "wood points" on the map. With any more than 4 players, the pace becomes very hectic. This simple premise works very well and developes into complex battles across many fronts. The wood system though, punishes players who might lose control of one of the points. The winning players keep on winning, and the losers fall behind very quickly. No glitches that I have found.

    Balance: 4
    All players are perfectly equal in starting positions and resources. However, once a player is losing, circumstances usually make them continue losing, and it is very hard to get back into the game afterwards. Not much else to say except skill is the main separator of players.

    Creativity: 5
    Yes, it may be a "blood" style map, but it messes with this formula incredibly. Will players go after the god goats (for god powers), make a sneak attack on a distracted enemy? Unlike any scenario I've played.

    Map Design: 4
    Very good map design, but a few jagged edges here and there which look a bit out of place.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    The (skippable) opening cinematic gives a very good and detailed idea of the rules. Not much else to say here.

    Additional Comments:
    I think that the only thing left to say is that before this was released, we at LFS have been playing it non-stop. Definitely worth a download and a play.

    [Edited on 12/04/04 @ 05:07 PM]

    Gaurdian_112 Hopefully someone non-LFS will review this.
    Archaeopterix I will. But thus far I fail to see the originality (5 out of 5? How the @&#*?). But I'll play it some more times before reviewing it, I may change my mind but I wouldn't count on that.
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    Map Design4.0
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