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Version: AoM: The Titans
Just put scx. file to your scenario folder.

7 years ago you were busted on robbery job. Your partner Bablo was able to escape and later he said he haven't even see Vemmy ever.
But now you are free again and lot have happen on New Andreas...

This scenario is something what no one have ever try to make on AoM, modern enviroment.
I got idea to scenario ofcourse from Grant Theft Auto games. But I don't own any of them. So I have invented the story and characters all by myself.
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Archaeopterix I played a small part and so far it's a great atmosphere - really comes close to GTA! - but the concept could've been used in a better way. I might play it all through after this week, and might review it!

Congrats on your 3rd place!
auron 2 i few flaws but pretty good:)

although awkward designing ,but somehow got some eyecandy. nice:) 4/5
Map Design3.0
P – 3 – The missions in this scenario were overwhelmingly easy and did not allow for much creativity or genuine fun. While it was not unbearable, the gameplay was only average. There was little variety in missions. The car riding was not a bad idea, even if executed without purpose.

B – 2 – Three words: Way too easy. If you want a challenge, avoid this one. There was perhaps one mission remotely losable.

Cr – 3 – The idea to put this into the GTA era was okay, but not very original. The idea for different guns was a nice addition, but there was few innovative or inspiration aspects. I did not feel intrigued while playing this.

M – 3 – The map was pretty clever, actually. I have never seen anything like it before, and would have received a higher score if the following were corrected: First, a more generic and realistic look would have made this map much more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This could be accomplished by adding elevation more randomly and not having so many squares. Secondly, the lack of ambient objects I was not fond of, and more could have been added for a more realistic look.

S/I – 2 – The storyline was horrible and sounded like a six-year-old wrote it to boot. It was non-linear and very mundane. The instructions were clear though, and I was never lost.

Cine – Not very ground-breaking, and there were a few flawed camera angles. They were not horrible and added a nice touch, but again, nothing extraordinary.

Overall: Creative, but poorly executed.

(HoM Review)
Leinadarcher mmm not to be a pickle but i reckon that rating is a bit low...

I reckon the map design was very creative and must have took a while to do. I think it doesn't deserve a 5, nor a 3...4 would be about right IMO. The objectives were a bit easy for u, but i managed to die 4 times @ the bank robbery scene. All the other things...not to sure...


[Edited on 12/08/04 @ 06:03 AM]

File Author
Ouch Byz! 2,6 sounds really poor rating to me.
Most that bad scenarios people are made in week. You gave me only 2 or 3 from each sector that mean you didn't keep anything even good.

To not make hard scenario was my choise because it get easily frustrated with hard maps what you have to play again and again. Theres many scenario what I have download from AoMH and I have end playing in middle because map was to hard or there were some hard spot what you have to play hundreds of time to get pass. And really few scenario got even story like this. I think you have the older version of the scen what I sended to contest. I have improve many of the things to this new version.

I haven't seen you other rewiev but I'm not sure was it clever to put same review than you made to constest. You should think that you play like any of the maps on download section not as nominee to some contest. I know you are really good map maker yourself so I think you want much more from scenarios than other guys who make rewievs.
lp_usa I'll post my review soon, I do too think Byz's is harsh.

[Edited on 12/08/04 @ 01:08 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This Scenario is great, but this is where it lacks on, Playability is a little bland and I had o.k. fun playing through the missions, there could also be more depth to it, and missions were a little uncreative.

Balance: 4
The Scenario was a little too easy, since all you had to do was kill things, and not a lot of strategy was involved in doing so, it deserves a 4.

Creativity: 5
This is one of the most creative things in AoM, I never thought that there would be an AoM GTA, and I specially didn't think it would actually use modern times as themes (instead of making it Mythological-ish).

Map Design: 5
Awesome map, the minimap looks almost exactly like a real GTA map, theres tons of eye candy and features, a 5 :)

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was kinda bad, there wasn't much backround to it, and the missions were a bit plain in story too. Instructions were just fine, but it could use some improving, a 4.

Additional Comments:
auron 2 yep, i agree there with lp.
Byzantine_Warrior You can think all you want. To me, a 5 is Ingo Van Thiel, Mark Stoker, the legendary stuff; thus, my rating.
lp_usa Yes, and a 4.4 is Bandits, GTA and all other other not nearly as good stuff :p

[Edited on 12/08/04 @ 05:35 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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