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Jason-The Legend of Krokan

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Version: AoM: The Titans
********The Legend of Krokan********

By EazY_Ben

The attack force was getting closer. You ran as fast as you could, and crouched behind a stone wall for protection; its all you could find. You hear the wrenching of catapults in the background, then, nothing.
When you come around, you find yourself lying flat out against a rock, being baked by the heat of the Sun. You don't know how you got there or what has happened:you have lost your memory.
Then from the distance, you see a hoplite running towards you.....
'Did you kill Krokan, did you , DID YOU!?'


This RPG-type scenario has features such as:

-Night and Day cycle
-Fully interactive people and environment
-Action packed cinematic's
-Gripping story line
-10 secret and hidden parts
-Quests to earn money and respect
-Forummer characters! Maybe you'll see yourself somewhere...
-Much, much more..

This was a Dragon Gaming Design Network (http://dgdn.net) project.

With special thanks to Matheus and Jeremiah.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
P – 3 – If Shilmista and Heroes of Avalon had a mutated child, this would be it. When I began, I felt like I was back in the world of Shilmista, and even some of the missions, like the wood fetching, used the exact same wording (Wood obtained) as Shilmista. The whole buying units and heading on a trail and slaying creatures was very reminiscent of Heroes of Avalon and did not feel very original. Also, it would have been nice if the hero of the scenario could actually kill the bad guy of the scenario than a bunch of rag tag archers and manticores. The game kept my interested for the most part though, even if it was somewhat faulty.

B – 4 – While the units you could buy were enough to win, it was basically a run through the trail and kill creatures. Some areas with fewer creatures were very easy while some areas with more were very hard. This inconsistency proved trying for a more reserved player such as myself. The ending boss was also very hard as my hero could not attack him.

Cr – 3 – This map was semi-creative, and had some ingenious aspects here and there, but nothing above average. You play the beginning of Shilmista and end playing Heroes of Avalon. If there was a main-stream scenario, this would be it. The author saw what worked, and put it into his scenario without altering it very much.

M – 4 – The map was decent, but it was very cluttered in some areas and did not allow for ample troop movement. The terrain mixing was nothing to brag about, but the author made good use of ambient objects.

S/I – 2 – Ouch, this was not a highlight at all. Some of the dialogue disappeared too fast for one thing. Secondly, there was very little background (even after the character’s memory was refreshed) of what this place was and what was going on. The villager commentary was sub-par and the storyline was average at best. No, this was not a very “literate” scenario.

Cine – The cinematics were respectable, but there were no ground-breaking ideas here. There were also no major faults. They played well but did not add much.

Overall: Eh, I’d only recommend this to a die-hard RPS fan. The gameplay was non-linear and the story was poor.

(HoM Review)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I enjoyed playing this scenerio, but there was nothing really speacial about it. There were times when I got a bit bored. also, you cannot kill the main boos with your hero, so that was kind of annoying.

Balance: 4
There is a fairely good balance here. It took me a couple times to beat it. But there were times when there were alot of enemys and times when there were only a few.

Creativity: 4
It was pretty creative, but people have already used the buying units system quite a bit. Next time maybe you should have to impress some warriors to get them help you.

Map Design: 4
It was a fairly good map, but at times there were places where only a few units could get through, or where you could get stuck because of some other units were blocking your path.

Story/Instructions: 3
I found that some some of the instructions were fast and you did not have enough time to read it all. the part where you learn what is going does not really give you that much information.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This was a very fun scenario! I very muhc enjoyed the way you could buy troops and upgrades and i felt this was a very original element. I loved the way in which the scenario smoothly transfered between the RPG element and the build and destroy element. I found thi s a very fun map and i intened to play it again in future!

Balance: 4
The scenario was very evenly balanced, and it encorperated most of the best elements of the RPG game play into it. The main character was powerful enough to be a significant figure in the main story.

Creativity: 5
The scenario was very creative, and used many original features and styles of design. I liked especially the idea of being able to buy units for your army, as i felt this was an original and exciting idea. I did feel, however, that the scenario could do with more quests, but this was onl;y a minor criticism. The army the player achieved during the RPG had sufficient power to challenge Korkan and win the game, and also was not powerful enough to simply walk through the game without challenge.

Map Design: 5
This was an amazing map! I loved the taproot cave object and the volcano especially! The map had a great use of terrain mxing within it, and i felt that it more than suited the story line of the scenario. The map kept me interested throughout the game and made me feel that i was included with the characters in the story.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was interested and the in structions were clear. I liked the way that the main character,Jason, could be cenral in the quest and be the basis of amazing gameplay and original features. For instance, Jason could hire troops to make an army to fight for his side and he was also pivotal to the story line.

Additional Comments:
I liked the scenario very much and think it would be a great download for any budding designer.

[Edited on 11/11/06 @ 07:10 PM]

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Map Design4.3
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