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Thy Diety v3

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# of Players: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans
~~~~THY DIETY v3~~~~

Well, it took me one hell of a long time to do, and exterminate as many bugs as i could, but i finally decided to release it. I've done extensive testing, but i'm positive theres still gonna be some unforeseen bugs out there. Everyone's probably sick of all the dietys coming out, i mean now we've got double diety, diety vs diety, on and on. Well this is a more classical one, with basic map design taken off a rather early diety, v7 i think. I've multiplied the amount of triggers used by 3, with over 750 triggers, many controlling amazing new powers for the diety. The star upgrade? the whole point of updating this? SO THAT THE DIETY CAN GRANT GOD POWERS TO PLAYERS! *applause* it may have took me 3 hours of boring trigger editing, and about 200 triggers in all (there MUST be an easier way...) but i did it. And i'm very proud of it too :D. i've added so much stuff i'm gonna have to list it all:

- 6 new areas for teh diety, which include: A lighting/snow control area, a favor granting area, granting players god powers area (*applause*), a misc area,
- a temple system where players get to pray to the deity for favor (a lot of it too)
- a new and VERY improved arena system that is fully self-running, not including the prize. *is VERY prone to bugs!*
-custom cheats! unfortunatly, almost all of them will screw up a multiplayer game because of the insanity that they induce, but what the heck, i couldn't help it :)
-additional challenges! (again!)
-Somewhat Detailed help! (FINALLY!)
- a test system that allows the diety (host) to activate specail "fight" music not usually availble. this is still in a beta stage and sometimes weird things can happen (to the music, not the game ;D).
-A slightly improved auto-sacrificing system! (so slightly that i probably shouldnt have listed it anyway)
- A larger map!
- less wierd and wacko things! (like having a lion in lava, a goldmine on top of a cliff, etc) i kept the giant snake though! :P
-MORE GOD POWERS! (you wouldnt think it possible would you? :P)
-Balencing issues (sort of) fixed!
- i would have labeled the god powers but i'm too lazy. maybe next update :D

*scrolls up* WOW! a lot of improvements eh? i hope you like it! (CUASE I WORKED MY BLOODY @$$ OFF MAKING IT!) and if anyone knows how to eliminate the pesky waiting time for multi-use atlantean godpowers, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

*Note: i will not like creativity ratings which are low because "its based on a rather common scenario" or anything like that, because, frankly, i've improved so much and added so many new things it makes up for it. so no 2.0 creativity ratings! PLEASE!
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Mamshmam You Make me laugh, so i'm gonna dl. but if u wanna fix that waiting time thing... don't go atlantean!!! I'm pretty sure that's the case, cause i gave myself 1000 implodes and i could use them all at once (except the land wasn't big enough) but u get what i mean.
wiweb awww.. another basic deity map...
The same map, the same rules... The same thing... Exactly like Windows versions ! :p
My deity map have an totally original map and a pretty nice system (with "chat contains" but not much) who make the part reserved for deity dont take place at all. It's also easyer to play the deity because you dont have to move a guy to the thing you want but you just have to select it. I'll never submit this map because players are bored of all different deitys map.
File Author
well, the thing is, its only with multi-use atlantean godpowers. inplode is not multi-use, and even in this you can grant yourself 1000 implodes and use them all at once. i'm talking about gaias forest and such, which have a waiting time no matter what god you worship. the only way to get around it right now is to erase the godpower and then get it again. although you could pause the game, invoke it 50 times, and then unpause it :)

To wiweb: well i personally like the classic deitys better than the other ones :) but the reason that i use the old fashioned way is because its easier for the diety to see what they are doing, which player they are giving units too, etc. the chat-based way interferes with chatting as well.
File Author
anyone heard from lief_erikkson lately?
horsedrowner Playability: 4

Balance: 3

Creativity: 4

Map Design: 3

Story/Instructions: 4

Additional Comments:

Much better than other Deity games, i dl it, but first time i tryed it, it has got a sycn error................

[Edited on 01/16/05 @ 08:37 PM]

File Author
*sigh* you know, i would have accepted that 3.6 (which isnt that good...) if you had ACTUALLY REVIEWED IT!!!! HOW many times must people be told they need at least (i think) 3 sentances on EACH section! (not including additional comments). I'm afraid i'm going to have to get that erased, if i could just find the bad review report forum :P. btw, just out of curiousity, i worked on getting the sync errors out of there, so when did that sync error happen?
SgtSlaughter Hey Lord,
I would appreciate it if you would email me. There are a few questions I need to ask you.

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