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The Lost Legion

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Version: AoM: The Titans

"One moment, they stood under the skies of Gaul, facing each other in a strange duel of survival. In the hand of the Roman tribune Marcus Scarus was the spell-scribed sword of a Druid priest. The Celtic chieftain Viridovix held a similar sword, bespelled by a rival Druid sorcerer. Then, as the two swords touched, a dome of golden light flared out and surrounded Marcus, Viridovix, and three cohorts of Caesar's legions. The next moment, they found themselves under a strange night sky where no stars were familiar and where Gaul and Rome were unknown. They were in an outpost of the embattled Empire of Videssos - in a world where magic and dark sorcery would test their skill and courage as no Roman legion had ever been tested before."

Singleplayer scenario for The Titans expansion freely ispired by the Videssos Cicle by Harry Turtledove.

-about fifty minutes of cinematics.
-1221 triggers
-1000x1000 metres map
-46 objectives
-custom soundtrack

1)Extract all file from the zip archive (directory "lost_legion_sounds"+ THE_LOST_LEGION.scx).
2)Place the file .scx in the directory "Scenario".
3)Place the directory "lost_legion_sounds" in the directory "sound" present in the folder where the game is installed.

*Important advice:
-in this map there are thousands of objects and sometimes many active triggers at the same time. As a comsequence your pc could take a long time to load the savedgames, to save the map or to open it with the editor.
-your pc could make a mistake while it's saving the game forcing you to restart the map from the beginning. I advise to save often (at least after every cinematic) but not always on the same file, this is important.
-you can freely choose your favourite difficulty level in any case it will be automatically set on "Hard" by some triggers at the beginning of the game.
-don't use cheats, above all the destructive ones (like meteors and tornados), that could destroy an object necessary to continue the game, or the cheats that create new units, that could compromise the running of some following triggers.
-during the game use and move all your units in group and don't forget anybody back.
-read carefully the objectives and the hints in the objectives section.
-this scenario has been made and tested with no patch installed.
-to not compromise the correct working of the game when you have a trasport ship or a Roc don't forget any units inside them.
-this scenario could really try sorely the performances of your pc so don't play this map at one go but in more "sessions".
-near the end of the scenario during the cinematics some momentary blocks could happen. Please wait a little before coming back to windows or resetting.

For who has red the entire Cicle of the Legion: this is just a bad and unfaithful copy of Turtledove's books, many events and charcters are invented and others aren't equal to the real ones. I made the scenario in this way to adapt the features of AoM to the story told in the cicle and to make my life easier.

If you find errors or if you have some suggestions post a comment or contact me at quoelet@katamail.com .
Scenario created by Oscar Baldessari.
A special thanks to Ganesh (for playtesting and for trigger help), Teo3 (for platesting and for story/plot help), CheeZy (for help in file size reduction), OttyGiummy (for English traslation) and to the other people of AOM heaven and Age of Empire Italia that have contributed to the realization of this project.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Liquid Venom Playability: 5
This map was neither hard or easy.I really enjoyed playing it.

Balance: 5
You had your people,but so did the enemy.It was well balanced.

Creativity: 5
This is a unique map.I liked the idea about it.

Map Design: 5
Looks like you took lots of time in the eye-candy and map-design.I searched the whole map to see all the eye-candy you put:)

Story/Instructions: 4
You're Story was perfect.But I had a little hard time to understand the instructions.But nevertheless it was understandable.

Additional Comments:I really enjoyed playing on this map.You probably took lots of time doing it,and you took lots of time desinging the map and triggers.Good Work:)

Liquid Venom.

[Edited on 01/04/05 @ 06:31 AM]

echowinds You need a longer review.
File Author
@Overlord Zargax: Thank for your review

@WrathofAtlantis: thanks for your review but
"The principal street end is completely well guarded by anubites as well as the acess to the high ground. It is completely impossible to pass through them"
this is wrong, to reach the principal street end you have to turn left and not to reach the Oranos' wonder. In any case it's better to review a scenario after having reached its end and not before (you have played just one third).

@Archaeopterix: sorry to look like so "hostile" but when my exams fail I tend to be a little irritable also in the other places, like this one...

@Liquid Venom: next time follow these rules: http://aom.heavengames.com/reviewguide
Liquid Venom Sorry about that.
Sami_Elnino Playability: 5
What can I say? This was really fun and stayed fresh from beginning to end. Extremely playable, not too hard not too easy. One of the most professional maps I've ever played from this viewpoint.

Balance: 5
No problems here a streight five for this aspect.

Creativity: 5
Particularly creative, just coming up with the idea is a feat in it's self. You managed to create a believable world. Some of the cut scenes were, in my opinion, more professional then that of ES's.

Map Design: 5
1000x1000 map...and not a tiny bit boring or bland. This is really impressive and I really think this must have taken a very long time to make. Lots of good-looking stuff going on in this map.

Story/Instructions: 5
I do agree with the person who said that sometimes the instructions are a little bit obscure but still I worked it out just fine in the end. Its the story that brings it up to 5 for me. This is just amazing and faultless throughout.
Additional Comments:
Gripping Stuff!

[Edited on 01/25/05 @ 02:58 PM]

File Author
@Liquid Venom:
Don't worry, at the beginning I wrote too short reviews, me too.
Thanks for your high review but I think a 5 needs more explanations ;)
AoMPlayer000 I think it's enough, apart from the comment on Balance the three-sentences-rule has been fulfilled.

It deserves a 5 and the highest ranking.
Gaurdian_112 The review is great. Balanced out everything- IMO, exactly how this scn should be rated- a little bit taken off playability for lag and the rest all 5s:). Congrats!
AoMPlayer000 IMO, the balance was amazing. I had to re-load the scn many times (because it was challenging), but it was still fun!
auron 2 @Oscar, i'll balance it even more by giving you a 5 on my review:)

i'll play it and review it by next week
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