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The Lost Legion

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans

"One moment, they stood under the skies of Gaul, facing each other in a strange duel of survival. In the hand of the Roman tribune Marcus Scarus was the spell-scribed sword of a Druid priest. The Celtic chieftain Viridovix held a similar sword, bespelled by a rival Druid sorcerer. Then, as the two swords touched, a dome of golden light flared out and surrounded Marcus, Viridovix, and three cohorts of Caesar's legions. The next moment, they found themselves under a strange night sky where no stars were familiar and where Gaul and Rome were unknown. They were in an outpost of the embattled Empire of Videssos - in a world where magic and dark sorcery would test their skill and courage as no Roman legion had ever been tested before."

Singleplayer scenario for The Titans expansion freely ispired by the Videssos Cicle by Harry Turtledove.

-about fifty minutes of cinematics.
-1221 triggers
-1000x1000 metres map
-46 objectives
-custom soundtrack

1)Extract all file from the zip archive (directory "lost_legion_sounds"+ THE_LOST_LEGION.scx).
2)Place the file .scx in the directory "Scenario".
3)Place the directory "lost_legion_sounds" in the directory "sound" present in the folder where the game is installed.

*Important advice:
-in this map there are thousands of objects and sometimes many active triggers at the same time. As a comsequence your pc could take a long time to load the savedgames, to save the map or to open it with the editor.
-your pc could make a mistake while it's saving the game forcing you to restart the map from the beginning. I advise to save often (at least after every cinematic) but not always on the same file, this is important.
-you can freely choose your favourite difficulty level in any case it will be automatically set on "Hard" by some triggers at the beginning of the game.
-don't use cheats, above all the destructive ones (like meteors and tornados), that could destroy an object necessary to continue the game, or the cheats that create new units, that could compromise the running of some following triggers.
-during the game use and move all your units in group and don't forget anybody back.
-read carefully the objectives and the hints in the objectives section.
-this scenario has been made and tested with no patch installed.
-to not compromise the correct working of the game when you have a trasport ship or a Roc don't forget any units inside them.
-this scenario could really try sorely the performances of your pc so don't play this map at one go but in more "sessions".
-near the end of the scenario during the cinematics some momentary blocks could happen. Please wait a little before coming back to windows or resetting.

For who has red the entire Cicle of the Legion: this is just a bad and unfaithful copy of Turtledove's books, many events and charcters are invented and others aren't equal to the real ones. I made the scenario in this way to adapt the features of AoM to the story told in the cicle and to make my life easier.

If you find errors or if you have some suggestions post a comment or contact me at quoelet@katamail.com .
Scenario created by Oscar Baldessari.
A special thanks to Ganesh (for playtesting and for trigger help), Teo3 (for platesting and for story/plot help), CheeZy (for help in file size reduction), OttyGiummy (for English traslation) and to the other people of AOM heaven and Age of Empire Italia that have contributed to the realization of this project.
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File Author
Hi black16, remember that you have also to protect the balistas so you should kill all the nemy camels that attack them. Probably you keep them alive and they during the cinematic attack the balistas. In my opinion this should be a solution for your problem on the contrary we should find a way for to you to send to me your savedgame so I can check it.
sry for the bad english
black16 Thanks Oscar, can you let me have your e-mail address and I will send you my saved game. Thanks again black 16
File Author
I'm sorry, a saved game of the Lost Legion is really too big for my email addrees (I can't receive files bigger than 1mb...). Can you host this file in another place like wwww.savefile.com?

[Edited on 11/05/05 @ 05:17 AM]

hollanj Everyones other campaigns do simply not match this one. I learnt how to vary the elevation so that some buildings seem like they are on top of each other. I think the difficulty was gr8. unlike oda scenarios this wasnt easy. I think this is the best piece of work made on AOM. Even better than the Vandahaal, pftq, Cavetown and szigi. I am amazed at how good it was and all in only one scenario
File Author
I've noticed that unfortunately www.savefile.com doesn't work in these days... so if you want can you host the saved game at http://www.zip150.com/ (you have first to put the saved game ina zip archive and holy then you will able to upload it. Also in http://www.zip150.com/ you don't have to register but the file will be automaticallòy deleted in 2 days so send me an email or leave here a message when you upload it)

thanks for your good words :)


[Edited on 11/11/05 @ 09:44 AM]

auron 2
Map Design5.0
THE LOST LEGION RATING: Since Oscar didnt bother to reply to my post, i suppose I'll post my review then. Please Oscar, note that this review is based on an hour or more of playing this map, and wasnt not able to complete the map enough to see the ending.

P: 4
As seeing the map from the editor, and from other people's comments, and should had expect it a LONG scenario. Regardless of the different amount of objectives, the scenario can sometime get boring, specially when you forgot to save. But still, it isnt something taken much in count. on the contrary, the amount of different objectives can keep a player entertain for a lonnnggg while:).

POSITIVE: The different amount of units used in the game, and the ability to complete different objectives were certainly a plus!

NEGATIVE: The size of the map, and forcing the player to save constantly were defenately a minus to the playability. for one, the size of the map and the use of many objects caused lag, and two, as a result, saving took a real long while, and computers that feature a slow RAM may get some problems, perhaps even the game to freeze. It is fatal if you dont save the game, because the intro cinematics are simply long(i dont think is bad though).

B: 5
The overall difficulties of the scenario were flawless. Nothing really to complain. The map wasnt easy, or too hard. In some cases, like the first objectives, you sort of kind of had to use some strategy to protect the merchants...which in one time during the second "rebel attack", the merchants escape, they may get stuck....perhaps a problem with the building overlapping? maybe giving more space between manors might fix this problem.

Personally, i found it annoying to control more than 30 units. is simply a mess because of the constant selecting. one can select up to 30 units, and there were some left overs. but it isnt a real issue, just my personal point of view:-)

C: 4
Like said in your showcase, the story wasnt originally made by you, so i took out a point there. however, the map design, the flawless triggers, and the amaizing cinematics and animations certainly gave this category a plus!

I was kind of expecting a little more creativity with the spotlight window, but it really dont matter. there were a few spelling mistakes, such as in the first mission "defentd", or using "that" instead of "who" when referring to a unit. also, making a mistake of spelling "enought" instead of "enough":)

The towns may feature alot of building overlapping, but is not what a player could call a real towns. The villages were simply dead because in some parts there were no citizens, and the few that were outside werent doing anything. I suggest putting them to work. move them around to give the player the feeling that he/she is actually passing through a city, and not a ghost town;-) a positive feature were the names, and if you were following a movie or a tv series, you really did an amaizing job! i loved just about everything you put into this scenario!

I thought the custom soundtracks were pretty good and went along with the epic story. I also thought there might be a need for cinematic abort triggers....i know i know, the cinematics are awesome, but watching them after loosing constantly can sometimes get tiring...and because saving is a paint in the butt.

MD: 5
FREAKING AMAIZING! simply alot of detail and effort put into it! different use of objects, units, and never before seen eyecandy tricks! specially the building overlapping.....but:-P, there was something missing...and the amaizing structures made with the building overlapping couldnt solve, and that was the map design in nature parts of the map. let me be more specific; the terrain mixture, elevations, or the use of nature objects were kind of dull. I would had expected as much detail as you put into making those amaizing cities!, but still, this wasnt a big reason to substract the map design rating. the water textures and water details may need some improving too...but of course thats based on my opinion and therefore it doesnt affect the rating. oh, another thing, the enlarging bug feature when player one isnt at Line of sight...but since is just an ES bug, i didnt really took this into consideration.

S/I: 5
I should had actually substract a point here for the story but i did it on the creativity category:P. anywayz, first of all, the objectives were pretty self understanding and straight to the point. simply amaizing cinematics, use of dialog, and animations to follow the story. It never went out of topic. the story stayed focused on its main point. There were certain sky borders issues with the render sky. In some cinematics the pitch was simply not well put and revealed those buggy black borders:-S. also the waypoint flag when a unit moved during a cinematic could be fixed by changing the player to control another civilization or turn that certain unit into another player until the cinematic ends to prevent the waypoint flag to appear.

Overall, the scenario is pretty unique, and has some awesome features never before seen. the cinematics and story followed the game style. There are barely any or few bugs.
the forest part where the giants start to appear may seem hard at first, and actually it would be best to remind the player to save first! when escaping out of the forest, the amount of giants and enemy units may block your way out of the forest...but i dont consider this as a bug, the player simply has to find its best way out of this situation. whether it means to distract the enemy with some other worthless units:D i give this a thumbs up! and all Oscar's creations are top notch! congratulations, for you deserve the recognition and most ratings given to you!

[Edited on 11/23/05 @ 09:18 PM]

egel Man is this GOOD!!! THE BEST single player I have ever played. This is awesome Oscar. Incidentally, so is The Guardians...
Gaurdian_112 @auron: IMO its unfair you subtracted a point on the story, honestly, he is adapting another book, that doesn't mean he is not creative. Just my input.

My rating for this would be a 5.0 if it didn't lag so much, take so long to load, and take so long to save as well (even on my uber PC). So I think Auron's 4.6 is reasonable, or 4.4. There really wasn't a need for such a big map.
Archaeopterix Holy shit, this scenario is good :| Finally been able to play it Oscar, and I'm currently somewhere halfway, I guess. The tactical warfare is done fantastically, I love all the ambushes, tactics, escaping through a damp forest, sneaking past enemy gaurds, luring enemies away with a horsie: awesome.

I guess I'll review it once I'm done. 4.8, I'm currently thinking, so it won't make a difference anyway, but still... Awesome work :) Best scenario I've played so far. And no lag :) Only the saving takes ages, but I can live with that.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I have never enjoyed a scenario as much as this, it is better than all other I have played. The missions were fun to play and were far from common, you really did a great job in entertaining me for several hours, because my pc is pretty good I could play on high graphics but even than it lagged a bit. So far I loved every scen you made;)

Balance: 5
Well done with this one, some missions were more difficult than other, and sometimes I had to play it several times, but that didn't bother me, because I knew I wanted to complete this fantastic story. Some parts could be a bit more difficult, like the Roman camp battle and the end battle, because even if they would be longer it would not interfere with the rest of the story.

Creativity: 5
Like I said you've been very creative with everything on the Map, the map of the scenario was just outstanding and some parts were pretty inovative. I really liked the sea storms and the rebbellion, it was really a new feeling to play.

Map Design: 4
You have did a great job here, the buildings were just amazing and really a sight, it distracted you sometimes. But I wouldn't want to miss a part of it. Something that was a bit disappointing was like some people have mentioned before, the live in the map. Putting this story in one map in AoM with not uber-powerfull machines was trying the impossible......The attempt was great, but just impossible to perfect....

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was great, they cinematics told the story and were really high-quality. I have never seen anything like that before, although some others come very close. The instructions were clear even though you're not a perfect English speaker(neither am I btw.)

Additional Comments:
Great work! All I can say, you inspired me, because I want to create something like this lateron(about trying the impossible:D)When I saw the first cinematic I just fell in the story and just played it in one rush, if you can call it like that;P
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Map Design4.9
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