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The Lost Legion

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Version: AoM: The Titans

"One moment, they stood under the skies of Gaul, facing each other in a strange duel of survival. In the hand of the Roman tribune Marcus Scarus was the spell-scribed sword of a Druid priest. The Celtic chieftain Viridovix held a similar sword, bespelled by a rival Druid sorcerer. Then, as the two swords touched, a dome of golden light flared out and surrounded Marcus, Viridovix, and three cohorts of Caesar's legions. The next moment, they found themselves under a strange night sky where no stars were familiar and where Gaul and Rome were unknown. They were in an outpost of the embattled Empire of Videssos - in a world where magic and dark sorcery would test their skill and courage as no Roman legion had ever been tested before."

Singleplayer scenario for The Titans expansion freely ispired by the Videssos Cicle by Harry Turtledove.

-about fifty minutes of cinematics.
-1221 triggers
-1000x1000 metres map
-46 objectives
-custom soundtrack

1)Extract all file from the zip archive (directory "lost_legion_sounds"+ THE_LOST_LEGION.scx).
2)Place the file .scx in the directory "Scenario".
3)Place the directory "lost_legion_sounds" in the directory "sound" present in the folder where the game is installed.

*Important advice:
-in this map there are thousands of objects and sometimes many active triggers at the same time. As a comsequence your pc could take a long time to load the savedgames, to save the map or to open it with the editor.
-your pc could make a mistake while it's saving the game forcing you to restart the map from the beginning. I advise to save often (at least after every cinematic) but not always on the same file, this is important.
-you can freely choose your favourite difficulty level in any case it will be automatically set on "Hard" by some triggers at the beginning of the game.
-don't use cheats, above all the destructive ones (like meteors and tornados), that could destroy an object necessary to continue the game, or the cheats that create new units, that could compromise the running of some following triggers.
-during the game use and move all your units in group and don't forget anybody back.
-read carefully the objectives and the hints in the objectives section.
-this scenario has been made and tested with no patch installed.
-to not compromise the correct working of the game when you have a trasport ship or a Roc don't forget any units inside them.
-this scenario could really try sorely the performances of your pc so don't play this map at one go but in more "sessions".
-near the end of the scenario during the cinematics some momentary blocks could happen. Please wait a little before coming back to windows or resetting.

For who has red the entire Cicle of the Legion: this is just a bad and unfaithful copy of Turtledove's books, many events and charcters are invented and others aren't equal to the real ones. I made the scenario in this way to adapt the features of AoM to the story told in the cicle and to make my life easier.

If you find errors or if you have some suggestions post a comment or contact me at quoelet@katamail.com .
Scenario created by Oscar Baldessari.
A special thanks to Ganesh (for playtesting and for trigger help), Teo3 (for platesting and for story/plot help), CheeZy (for help in file size reduction), OttyGiummy (for English traslation) and to the other people of AOM heaven and Age of Empire Italia that have contributed to the realization of this project.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
FabianScarus Playability: 5
The playability is great, vary easy to play.

Balance: 5
The balance was prefect, I mean there was some REALLY hard parts but I think they could be beat, I could not, however, I've only got past the missions using cheats lol

Creativity: 4
Well, I took off one point due to the fact that this was not your idea but still a great translation into a scenario.

Map Design: 5
The design was awesome! I love the capital city with wall ramparts and the overlapping buildings.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions where also great, never once did I not know what to do!

Additional Comments:
This is honestly the best Campaign/Scenario I've ever seen! Keep working, I'd like to see more of your work. I would also love to see a great scenario like this that was totally your idea (don't take that as a bad comment!)

~Fabian Scarus

Never run to battle with only one sword at hand.

[Edited on 09/17/09 @ 01:34 PM]

FabianScarus, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.


Necr0maNceR BEST.... SCENARIO.... EVER!!!!!!
Skrikd4mp Hi! This might be the best scenario I have ever played. Great, great job!
There was one thing though. In the obective where you are supposed to open the gates by pulling two levers I can´t get it to work. I have all my oracles practicly standing on the levers but nothing happends. Do you know what might be wrong?
monkeyboy1997 very good game indeed
greetings from AOEO
Adishwar Oh BOY.... its too good. The storyline is excellent and its neither too hard nor too tough, which makes it highly playable. There is a extensive use of overlapping and the town-planning's good. By far the best single-player scenario. I'm waiting for a sequel.........
panchodia12 Playability: 5

No problem with playability, and really fun,

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5

Incredible map, very creative very detailed, is simply another level of creation. Although I personally prefer the theme of forests, long fields, great walls, the Lord Of The Rings wave. I do not like the wave of the Egyptians. But the same is beautiful.

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
No problem with anithing.

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 06/07/17 @ 08:37 AM]

aom expert
panchodia12, please revise your review.

Mazeppa Tbh, looking back at all those posts, it really annoys me when SOME people take creativity 1 point down in their review just because the creator didn't make the story himself...

Um.. No. -_-"

Adapting a story and applying it to the aom editor is imo, way much harder than making a story from scratch and applying it to an aom scenario. The reason is because you'd be more exposed to limitations in the editor, especially if you wanted to stay true and accurate to the story itself, whereas making a story, you can just be flexible with it and change it here and there so that you DON'T have much problems with the aom editor's limitations.

Taking creativity down for the sole reason that it's "not the creator's story" is pure bollocks imo. Just unfair. Are we not allowed to recreate good quality stories told long before, into AOM, or true historical events without getting penalized like this? That's just stupid imo.

On topic: You've done a very good job here with the Lost Legion, Oscar. And you've definitely persuaded me to give the aom editor a second chance at least. I've lost faith with that editor for quite some time, but playing this masterpiece, my faith in that editor has at least for now, been reinvigorated.

Not sure how much I completed though, but I might give a review on it once I'm done, if I have the discipline to finish it, at least.

EDIT: Woah, looks like I've already completed it; took me a few hours. xD I'll give a review when I have the time though :), but looking at the map at the victory screen, I can't help but reminisce my playthrough with each section of the map. Haha!! But to those who say it's difficult, it's not that hard at all, it's just a plethora of different challenges you have to adapt with, that's all. :)

[Edited on 08/12/17 @ 06:59 PM]

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