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Peloponnesian War ~ Titans Epic Edition

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
Peloponnesian War - Titans Epic Edition
A Mythos Studios Creation

SPOTLIGHT: The PELOPONNESIAN WAR started in 460 BCE and lasted until the fall of Athens in 404 BCE. No other war in Greek history until that time had been so destructive and so divisive. The first Peloponnesian War (460-445) was instigated by the Corinthians against Athens, but soon embroiled all of Greece. This conflict was fought to a standstill due to Sparta's dominance on land, and Athens' supremacy at sea. The resulting treaty, or 'Thirty Years Peace,' was short-lived. In the Archidamian War, the Athenian Empire lost some territory to Sparta and her allies, but fighting again came to a stalemate, which culminated in the 'Peace of Nicias.' Again, this was not meant to last. The Athenians invaded Syracuse, Sicily, in 415 BCE, but were utterly crushed. Sparta's army again invaded Athenian territory and, with Persian help, built a fleet big enough to challenge Athens. Athens won many battles, both on land and at sea, but after the failed invasion of Syracuse, Athens could not control its empire. After the disasterous defeat of the Athenian navy by the hands of the Spartans and her allies, Athens could do nothing but starve. Sparta, victorious, tore down Athens' once mighty walls and installed a pro-Spartan council of nobles (oligarchs)to govern the city.


PLAYERS: 6, Teams of 2 or 3, Free For All (FFA), or Diplomacy (Diplo)

CIVILIZATIONS: Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades. GREEKS are HIGHLY recommended as most bonuses can only effect Greek units. In fact, if you choose Norse, Atlanteans, or Egyptians you actually get additional weaknesses.

MAP TYPE: Real World Map, Conquest, Land and Naval Warfare

MAP SIZE: 860K - 930x930 meters

INSTALLATION: Unzip the .scx file to the \scenario folder of your Age of Mythology directory

Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\Scenario


My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\Scenario


SHORT DESCRIPTION: The most accurate ancient Greece map available. Fight the titanic Peloponnesian War as one of 6 ancient Greek city-states, each with its own unique bonuses and abilities!

LONG DESCRIPTION: This is as accurate to the terrain of ancient Greece as is possible in the Titans scenario editor, so accurate, even unclaimed settlements are in place of real ancient cities. Each player plays randomly as one of 6 historical city-states (Athens, Sparta, Thessaly, Thebes, Elis, and Corinth). Each player has its own unique set of bonuses and abilities based on historical records and good gameplay. Advancement is very fast with more starting resources than a supremacy game, but less than a Death Match. Researching upgrades is also nearly instantaneous once the upgrade has been selected. Fight the titanic Peloponnesian War today, and recreate (or rewrite) history!

1.) Athens - Very strong Walls. Excellent Triremes. Starts with a free Naval Shipyard.
2.) Sparta - Hoplite pierce armor increased substantially. Free copper armory upgrades. Barracks HPs increased. Barracks pop bonus. Starts with a free Barracks.
3.) Thessaly - Significant Farming and Husbandry bonuses. Cavalry attack and speed increased. Starts with a free Stable.
4.) Thebes - Significant Fortress and Siege bonuses. Peltast bonus vs. Infantry. Starts with a free Fortress.
5.) Elis - Granted favor every minute by Zeus. Very strong heroes and Myth Units. Starts with Free Towers.
6.) Corinth - Free storehouse and market upgrades. Archer range increased greatly. Archery Range pop bonus. Starts with a free Archery Range.

Players each have a special building where they can gain extra units or bonuses
1.) Athens - Bring a Fishing Ship to your Naval Shipyard to change it to a Trireme.
2.) Sparta - Bring a Villager to your Arsenal to arm him as a Militia Unit.
3.) Thessaly - Bring a Villger to your Golden Stable to arm him as a Cavalry Scout.
4.) Thebes - Bring a Villager to your Siege Workshop to build a Cheiroballista.
5.) Elis - Bring a Villager to your Altar to be granted a Relic.
6.) Corinth - Bring a Villager to your Shrine change him to a CITIZEN.


1.) All 6 players are RANDOMIZED between the 6 available city-states at the start of the game!
2.) CUSTOM RELICS based on ancient Greek history! Exemples include: "The Armor of Leonidas"; "The Courage of Brasidas"; "Long Walls"; "Alliance with Corcyra"; and more!
3.) Each Settlement is named after a real ancient Greek city-state! Add cities such as Megara, Eretria, Chalcis, Tegea, Nemea, Delphi, Olympia to your expanding empire!
4.) Research Rate multiplied by a factor of 25. No waiting for that tech to reach 100%!
5.) All walls and buildings have greater HPs.
6.) Cavalry speed increased across the board.
7.) Population cost for Hoplites reduced by 1 (except for Sparta).
8.) Population cost for Triremes reduced by 1.
9.) Range for Juggernauts increased considerably, but Population Cost increased +1.
10.) Town Centers near 10,000 Hit Points(HPs).
11.) Town Centers grant more population cap.
12.) Towers have more Line of Site (LOS).
15.) EARTHQUAKE ZONES... watch out!
16.) Myth Units stats have been beefed up CONSIDERABLY, making them faster and stronger. Cost has been increased and train time increased. Also, there are now train limits (caps) to each Myth Unit. For instance you can only have 3 Medusas (Gorgons) at one time and only one Minotaur.
17.) Heroes have an additional bonus versus Myth Units for balance purposes.
18.) Myrmiddons can now counter Archers!
19.) Hetairoi now counter Infantry!
20.) Gastrophetes cost increased slightly.
21.) Siege Engines are now much more powerful, but each player can only build a limited number of them (Thebes more than the others).
22.) Herdable animals are guarded by their owners. You will have to fight for your food!
23.) Sea Monsters are even more FIERCE and DEADLY!
24.) Historical factoids inform the player of the real-life Greek history behind the Peloponnesian War.
25.) The Gods occasionally intervene when you SLAY a beast!
26.) All players start the game with their own GENERALS ("Strategos" in Greek)!
27.) Destroy a Persian TENT to find Persian GOLD inside!
28.) Discover an Ambrosian Spring!
29.) Players start with a BONUS building that hints at their city's primary focus in battle.
30.) Toxotes range increased GREATLY.
31.) Hypaspists beefed up vs. Infantry.
32.) Terrain Elevation tweaked to help reduce the minimal lag from previous versions.
33.) All players may now read what their city's bonuses are in the Objectives.
34.) Juggernauts are better vs. Triremes. Triremes are better vs. Pentaconters. Pentaconters are better vs. Juggernauts.
35.) Added a brief historical overview of the Peloponnesian War in the "Spotlight" section of the Objectives.
36.) Increased cost of Farms to encourage herding at the beginning.
37.) Plenty Vault cast at Olympia and Delos.
38.) Healing Spring cast at Delphi.
39.) The Helepolis now has Uber stats and is like a TITAN in ferocity. Build limit: 1
40.) Building a Wonder grants more Hitpoints mortal human units as a "morale" boost. Guard the WONDER though, because losing the Wonder gives the player a NET LOSS of 35 hitpoints for all those units.
41.) All units have more HPs to make them last longer. This is to allow players to micro battles better and for players to try new tactics and battlefield maneuvers.
42.) The Spartan Hoplites have been revamped a bit over previous Builds. To compete with other hoplites pop-cost wise, SPARTAN HOPLITES now get a 1.5 bonus vs. infantry when the player researches Champion Infantry. Cost of SPARTAN HOPLITES is also increased. SPARTAN HOPLITES are also get a 50% attack DECREASE vs. Cavalry, making them less effective vs. Cavalry. SPARTAN HOPLITES still have their increased Hack and Pierce Armor over standard hoplites, although 20% less pierce armor than previous builds of the scenario. Thanks to everyone for balance suggestions!

1.) Since houses are disabled, Population Cap is determined solely by the number of TCs under a player's control. So conquering and holding territory (settlements) is crucial to the outcome of this war.
2.) There are 5-6 TCs available per player. Grab as many TCs as possible to gain an edge.
3.) TCs are also important because most of the available gold on mainland Greece is situated at or near unclaimed sttlements.
4.) The islands surrounding Greece are rich with RELICS, SETTLEMENTS, and GOLD.
5.) The waters surrounding Greece are also rich in FISH. Control of the sea could become very important as all the mainland TCs, gold mines, and food sources are claimed by other players.
6.) Due to the relative scarcity of gold, alliances and Trade Routes could be a very crucial factor to the outcome of the game!


Thanks to CheeZy [aka CheeZy_Monkey, aka Aeros] for applying his file size saving techniques (the original map size with no triggers was over 1.25MB!).
Thanks to nifty_PS2MAN and ElfTheHunter for assisting in balancing discussions and feature suggestions; Villi for trigger help; and Tahattus 2 for suggesting the Sparta Arsenal/Militia conversion idea, which ultimately culminated with the "special abilities" idea.

Thanks to the members of AMBITION DESIGNS for the playtesting of various builds of my map.

Lastly, thanks to all the fans (and fanatics) of my work for their encouragement and their willingness to put up with long download times to play this gigantic map over ESO. This also goes for all of those people who commented and rated my scenario in the AOM Heaven Downloads section!

Any questions, comments, or bugs, contact me at:

MSN/Windows Live Messenger: mythgamer@aol.com

E-Mail: michaeldhafer@gmail.com

PS: I highly encourage everyone to download and install this HOPLITE mod pack for The Titans by my friend Centurion_13: http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=3813
The mod is extremely good and updates the hoplite textures and shields in the game to be more historically accurate. A MUST for any ancient Greek history buff!

PPS: Also check out my latest work on the upcoming FREEWARE Historical RTS release "0 A.D." for PC. I am the Art Dept Leader of Wildfire Games, the online Indie Studio that is developing the game. Check it out here:



Michael D. Hafer

[ aka Mythos_Ruler ]
[ aka eXcommunicated ]

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
surf GREAT MAP! this is awsome. Nice upgrades and bonuses.
Richard Fannin Good show, chap.
nifty_PS2MAN great mythos!

but i anit been nifty_PS2MAN for like 2 years LOL!!
File Author
Thanks for the comments guys. :D Put me on your ESO Friends:


...and we'll play it together sometime.
Bling Bling Playability: 5

Balance: 4
Balance is good its just if the Spartan is Zeus
he will be realy strong.

Creativity: 5
I love greek history realy interresting!

Map Design: 5
I love this map its far better the World Map :)

Story/Instructions: 5
Nice i like the Factoid of history.

Additional Comments: Its the best senario ever!!! I played the v2 and the final is far better. I realy like the the kind like 1 myth but strong its a good idea. And the new civ Thebes is better then Erectria. I didnt played this 1 online but ill hope this will not do OOS.

PS: You will never be bored of this its realy GREAT *****! :D

[Edited on 01/28/05 @ 03:06 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the comments and rating Bling Bling (try editing your review to make it longer or else the Moderators will delete the rating, I'm afraid). I trust you will find quite fewer instances of OOS this time around. There seemed to have been a few triggers, like Gaia casting lightning storm, that caused OOS in past builds of the map. I fixed them for this final release (yes, final this time).

I'm kinda sad, because I still have about 100 more ideas I wanted to implement in the map, like shrine control points and gaining new abilities with each settlement (Greek city) you conquer, but felt all the things I added so far for this final version were quite enough and it was time to move on. Plus all my other ideas would have added another 1000 triggers to the map. The file is big enough as it is! hehe
auron 2 dont take me wrong mythos, but really you should include this in your older submittion. the same scenario with a 4.8 looks odd and weird:S
Celer Finally, Thebes is in this map! Hooray! Long live Mythos :)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Tried it over a LAN network with some friends and played 3 games. We all aggreed that it's playability is good, perhaps the choice of Zeus for some of the players, might upset balance cause of the advantage in hoplites.

Balance: 5
Perhaps the choice of Zeus for some of the players, might upset balance cause of the advantage in hoplites. It's correctly stated by another reviewer, and the thing is the added speed and armour.
But, you've included the advantages that each of the Greek tribes had and it's represented by tweaking the armour, weapons, ships, etc.

Creativity: 5
The topic is right up my alley and the whole concept well suited to the age of mythology, even though the mythic age had long passed when the Peloponesian war started.

Map Design: 5
Wow, I'm astounded by the near-life realism of the terrain. You've also included the lakes as they'd been in the antiquity. If a person wanted to be ill-willed towards you though, he find mistakes in the topography -mainly in the height of the mountains, as Olympos is the highest mountain. But I guess you couldn't depict this accurately with the game tools.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very well and rounded instructions, but I prefer to read the instructions in the text file, which I typed out and had infront of me to know what's where in the confusion of battle.

Additional Comments:
Great tid bits of history in there, makes me think that you're occupation is historian or maybe you're just an elder wargamer like myself.

[Edited on 01/20/05 @ 05:06 AM]

Bling Bling Yea finaly i played with u mythos yesterday and this dont do OOS :D happy!
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