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Home on the Shifting SandRetired

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Arkantos has left a garrison of his finest men in a troubled city. He knows that "So go's Gargosa- So go's the nation". It is of importance that this mission is a success, yet he must follow the will of Posiedon. Arkantos has left Queen Lepora with two of his captian, together working with the queen they will bring order to a corrupt city.

This scenario plays on two skill level easy and hard. The easy setting is beginer and the hard setting is expert.

This scn.has been thoroughly playtested yet I do miss things so if you see something out of place feel free to post below and I will make corrections.

Save at the begining of each mission. Besides the obvious reasons you be able to go back and check hints in the objective section.

The objective and hints are complete, if something dosen't seem right go back and reread what your looking for should be there.

The first mission is very difficult, if you get stuck I will be happy to expand on it later, just post below.

place file in C:My DocumentsMy GamesAge of MythologyScenario

Thankyou for downloading this scenario if you have further intrest in scenario design please come visit many of the designers featured in this down load area at the Aom Heaven Forum.

special thanks to Ensemble Studios

version 2= few minor touch ups
version 3= barracks works
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Anastasoulis I just browsed the game with my Editor and it LOOKS GREAT, but again that's standard for you sziggi.

I will not review though until I play it fully this weekend at home. Having playtested a small part of it, I can say in advance though that I feel it's going to be very good.

[Edited on 01/28/05 @ 04:25 AM]

File Author
Thanks Anastasoulis, You know reviews are nice but if you just wanted to add some comments and thoughts that would be good to. Thanks for the suport. Hows your new scn going? Hope to get a look at it when you get it to a good test spot. Thanks again. -szig
Anastasoulis Playability: 5
oh yeah, very playable!
Also, you can replay it differently to try out different ideas and it's still interesting.

Balance: 5
I found it hard to beat but not overly so.
The problem was solved by saving every so often and at critical points of the scenario.

Creativity: 5
Well, I'd say that sziggi has created some pretty high standards in creativity, that only a handfull of people can match.
What can I say more? should I mention the opening cinematic, with Amanra story telling the instructions? should I mention the pedestal-high alter thing which seems "magical"? should I mention the axemen taking a bow to the knee when Arkantos enters the place?
No, I won't mention anything, you have to go and check it out yourselves guys, it has some original ideas I haven't seen before, but again that's sziggi.

Map Design: 5
Well again sziggi quality, especially the town is just right, many buildings (colours are simmilar which is important) many features, and icons pleasing to the eye, but not cluttered. I never got any units stuck anywhere.
You can see excellent examples of all things mentioned in the design guides here, with "multistory appartment buildings", down to "building mixes" which appear as something else -the thieve's guilds...
Also, the Ajax going back and forth guarding the relics like, is a use of visible to player terrain without revealers.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were full and complete, but here I have something to say -although I won't lower the rating you deserve. When Queen Lepora appears on the screen and starts speaking her thing, it's hard for non-English speaker to follow what she says by reading the letters at the bottom of the screen, cause we're captivated by the beauty of the cinematic.

Additional Comments:
hey sziggi,
I was right, your scen rocks, it's really top notch, but of course this is standard for you.
If this goes on, then no one will play any scenarios anyone makes, except only from the top guns (I won't mention them by name, lest I forget or offend anyone).

One thing of advice to the players, go for the temple in town first, and kill those spearmen so that you get the portable ram. Without it's use, it takes a long time to tear down those thieve's guilds-nests and meanwhile they "spawn dangers". Remember to try and draw those "spawned dangers" away from their "nests", or soon they grow dramatically in numbers and they WILL kill you.
Also, remember to pop to the healers from time to time to cut down losses.
Finally, whatever you do, don't lose the archers !!!

congrats sziggi, I had a few hours of good entertainment with your scenario.

[Edited on 01/31/05 @ 08:38 AM]

Gaurdian_112 Too high. You didn't mention that, for example, sky was not used in cinematics. Sorry to say this but your review is ridiculous.
File Author
There was no sky becauce it was an intieror shot, oh well. Thanks anyway Anastasoulis but its far from a perfect scn. I am so happy you liked it. Thanks.
Anastasoulis now you guys have put me in a position that I must defend my rating.
OK Gaurdian, you're correct from your point of view, but I see things from another point of view. First of all, I usually don't rate but when I do, I either give a 3 for an average-mediocre work, or I give a 5 for a really good job.
Sziggy's scenario is top notch, I think we all agree on that. It doesn't matter if for example: there is no sky shot, or if that clump of trees overthere should be more spaced apart, or if that rock should be tilted, or whatever. These are all personal opinions and what really matters for me is, the story concept, if it captivates your interest, if it has beautiful scenery, and how it plays.
I think the scenario rocks in all these fields, so I choose to give it a 5 in all categories. When I rate a scenario of yours, I'll probably give you a 5 too because you also make a terrific job (I've seen your artwork). I'll also give Oscar a 5 too because he also makes great stuff.
Sorry if it's a mistake, but when I play something, or see a file, or whatever work that has a lot of time and effort put into it from a knowledgeable guy, I always rate with a 5 cause it's unfair to give one of the "top guns" anything less, how could I?
I hope you find my explanation satisfactory and withdraw your comment of being ridiculous now that my way of thinking is laid out before you.

George out
Oscar this map is really well done but for a person like me with a bad knoledge of English language is difficult to understand the 2nd objective. Can someone explian it with a simple English?
File Author
Hi Oscar, the second objective is to take the Senta "Ganzar" character to the towns and have him stand in the area with the indicator. When you have 50 favor you can then veiw the upper corner of the map to where a relic called "spell" and select the relic to cast a God Power. The God Powers are random and will bring followers to your side or to your enemies side. Hope that helps.

[Edited on 02/02/05 @ 08:50 PM]

Oscar thanks :)
Now it's clear
Gaurdian_112 Playability: 4

Home on the Shifting Sand is a nice scenario in which you play the cop hunting down enemy hideouts. I found the scenario really fun, and the city and the various hideouts added a unique and fun challenge.

Balance: 5

The scenario was well-balanced. At the beginning it did seem a little too easy but towards the end the difficulty factor was boosted balancing the scn perfectly.

Creativity: 4

This scenario is creative. Various elements (including the destruction of hideouts) add much-needed innovation to the scenario.

Map Design: 3

The map design is mediocre. There is a lack of terrain mixing, however, there are a few large overlapping buildings here and there that give the map a great feel.

Story/Instructions: 5

As I've mentioned before, the story is unique and the instructions are well-laid out. The hideouts are easy to find as their locations are pinpointed on the map.

Additional Comments:

Great stuff:). Haven't had time to write a larger review but this should do.

[Edited on 02/18/05 @ 08:40 PM]

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