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Kronos' Revenge

Author File Description
Guardian Of Isis
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 6 Playable
Version: AoM: The Titans
Amanra returns to Abydos a few months after the TT Campaign, to find out that it is being destroyed by a horrible Titan. Before she has a chance to battle it, Arkantos (the God) shows up, telling her that she should pick up Kastor and go to Mount Olympus, where they will find out what is really going on...

This is my first Campaign, so please don't be too hard on me.
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Dax105 It's working now, nevermind.

[Edited on 01/30/05 @ 06:01 PM]

Guardian Of Isis
File Author
Huh? It downloads on my pc. Alright, I'll replace it.

What about now?

[Edited on 01/30/05 @ 05:13 PM]

CaveTown This campaign is kind of fun actually, unlike many others I have played lately.
Guardian Of Isis
File Author
Thank you! I'm working on another already. Please review!

P.S. This is probably forbidden, so tell me if it is, but if you want to see more about the progress of my Campaigns, go to http://www.guardianofisis.be.tt . It's in Dutch, but I'm also finished with an English version.

[Edited on 01/31/05 @ 02:05 PM]

CaveTown I only speak english, some spanish, but barely any, and no dutch.

[Edited on 01/31/05 @ 04:40 PM]

echowinds For the 417941749 times, please put 3 sentence at least for each category.
Guardian Of Isis
File Author
Yes! Thank you, TheAtlantean727!! My next Campaign will be a bit more original, so I'm learning from my mistakes.

My website was in Dutch, because I myself am from Belgium. I made it in English so you would understand it as well. I'm very happy my work is so well appreciated.

[Edited on 02/02/05 @ 05:51 AM]

desertfighter hey nice done i am dutch so gonna look at your site
Map Design3.0
It can't be, a campaign that's actually NOT filled with flaws? Okay so it's not exceptional, but it's a very solid campaign worth playing.

Playability: 4
It's one of the few files in this download section that IMO is worth the download. Right off you're given an installer and the campaign menu has pictures and icons. You won't want to uninstall it at least after a few plays.

The levels and cinematics themselves are very well structured and done. A little tweaking here and there, but they're solid and not incredibly abusable like 72% of the levels out there. 6 scenarios means you can probably beat it in a few hours of concentrated play.

The levels play much like the ES Xpack campaign (one of the flaws actually) with actually working objectives and difficutly. Most are Build and Destroy, but some are Fixed Forces. While not the most exciting type of gameplay, they work great here. Every level excluding the last plays great from begining to end. Easy flow from objective to objective with things to see and do on the map. The AI is actually fake though, spawning troops at certain spots at timed intervals, but even that works well enought with no real problems. Surprisingly, there aren't that many triggers in the scenarios, but it doesn't really matter, everything runs fine with only a minor non-serious bug here and there.

Balance: 4
You used the difficulty settings. That alone would make it 5 as it means that anyone can play the level differently if it's too easy or hard. My only real complaint is the last level. Fire Giants and Mummies. It gets difficult with the giants. Pain and agony ensues. Well, maybe the third one too as you have to micro an insane amount to live even at easy. Otherwise the maps were well balanced in respect. Most can be beat at Medium without too great a hassle, but at higher levels (as it should be) it can get crowded and hectic.

Creativity: 3
One of the flaws of the close following of the ES campaign is just that, it's kinda copying something everyone's already played. But the scenario set up is still worthy of attention. Although the map lacks in some parts and isn't very eye candy focused, the scenarios still have some things worth seeing. Every level is not made the exact same, different enviroments and setups makes each scenario a little different. Whether it be gaining GPs from destroying Longhouses, to surviving an onslaught of Automatons (Seriously, LOTS of the guys) to await Arkantos. The story seems ES make up, but there are some twists to it. I won't say more, but it is interesting none the less.

Map Design: 3
One thing that does hurt here is the maps aren't very impressive. While it's not empty land with trees thrown in, it's just not all great. Some cinematics look weak in some scenes while some of the land seems... too flat. But, the maps aren't too bland. The fifth one comes to mind as it was one heck of a map. Large with things about. While the last one and the first were kinda ehh. Little more terrain mixing would be great, as well as more eyecandy. But that's otherwise it. The maps looked standard build, but I swear the first is copied right off of ES... They also weren't exceptional work of awesomeness. After some debate, I gave it a three, okay, but lacking some places.

Story/Instructions: 4
Holy capes Batman a story about the ES campaign that isn't crap. Admittedly I cringed when I first read the story. Very few campaigns modeled after the ES story were ever actually good. But this one had some twists and things to it. The end was predictable though. Another "Kronos is coming back... again!" storyline. But well told with animations, proper grammar and spelling. Something most people lack. Good cinematics advance the story with detail and it all flows nicely from one to the other. The instructions in game told you what to do straight off. Hints and spotlight provided. Although there were some plotholes if this really IS after the ES campaign. I can't say as it would spoil all the fun.

Additional Comments:
While it doesn't offer the gods blessings, this campaign is a fine example for all designers of WHAT a good campaign should be like. Well made, proffesional, with solid stats in everything. Not the best in the world, leaving some things to be desired. But regardless a strong campaign that goes through the do's that make an enjoyable download.

[Edited on 02/06/05 @ 02:02 PM]

Guardian Of Isis
File Author
Although you gave a pretty low rating, Dax105, you explain where the problems were. Thanks too. But now my rating's down to 3.9. Boohoohoo! ;)

More reviews, please. Keep 'em comin'!

[Edited on 02/10/05 @ 04:36 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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