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Poseidon vs. norse

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Mediterranean
Map Size: Normal
AI Difficulty: Moderate
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 20ish
Player 1's Name: b-rad G
i guess im a beginner, I REALLY NEED TIPS!!!!
what did i do wrong or what do i need to do ???
i would really aprreciate it
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Katai K b-rad i'm willing to help you but i cant really say it so i'll tell u this,look at my game called "this game has everything" there i play zeus vs another zeus,if you watch that I think you get a little better and dont worry every1 starts like u do =) "but now i try this The Zeus Strategy ^^ : first 7 on food and upgrade hunting dogs then 4 on wood 2 on gold 2 on wood 2 on gold and some wood vills will have to make a house. then few vills on food and then you probably have enough to age:to age make 4 vills to build a temple and let those 4 generate favor and while aging upgrade rest of your storehouse best not upgrade husbandry it makes your vill gather food uptil 30 but when you need food it takes so long before they bring it in =) (This is the strategy when u use "Centaur God" i mostly do it and it works so i think it works with poseidon to.

[Edited on 02/09/05 @ 04:48 AM]

M Master BEHOLD!!!! You have put this online at the right place and time. Luck probably favors you as well. You got some help from the reviewing master! Anybody want me to review something, attach it to an e-mail or write it in the e-mail and send it to marktakigiku@hotmail.com. I'll try to give you feedback as soon as possible! I'll post my review of your strategy on this page, dude. Expect it sometime in the next 2 weeks.
M Master
Rating: 1
This is your first time, isn't it?

Additional Comments:
Okay, this is going to be seriously long, so listen up. Strategy Flaw 1: You left some of your villagers untasked for amazingly large amounts of time when they could be getting you resources. Strategy Flaw 2: Okay, this is a biggie: ALWAYS UPGRADE YOUR UNITS! You know how you upgraded your towers so that they could shoot arrows? Upgrading them further could seriously help; for example, the crennalations upgrade lets your buildings hat moving targets more easily and lets them hurt cavalry more. Your arrows are absurdly innacurate until you use that upgrade. Strategy Flaw 3: You also should upgrade your villagers and build more drop sites. You know that forest you started cutting first thing? You should've built a Storehouse right next to it first. Don't worrry; your villagers will automatically gather from the nearest trees or gold mines after they've completed the drop site. If your villagers have to walk about 2 houses or so in length to drop off their resources, then build a new drop site there. As your villagers cut away forests, it may be beneficial to build another storehouse closer to where they're cutting their logs. You can upgrade your villagers and here's how: Click on the drop site for whatever gather rate you want to upgrade. For example, click on the Storehouse. To upgrade the rate at which your villagers gather wood, click the Handaxe upgrade. They now gather wood about 10% more quickly, and the upgrade is well worth it. Once you advance to the next age, click the storehouse again. There should now be an upgrade called "Bow Saw." That increases gather rate for wood even further. As you advance through the ages, the boundaries to your technological improvements become even greater. You can upgrade your units even further by advancing to the next age in short. This applies to all units and buildings. You didn't let your villagers pray at your temple. For Greeks, that's how you gain favor. Favor is used to buy new Myth Units and to allow some upgrades made available by whichever god you've choosen to be bought. Once you hit the Classical Age, or at least shortly after, you should build a Barracks. That trains your most basic infantry. You could also build an archery range or stable. Those train archers and your most basic cavalry. You can have all three at once, so don't hesitate to build more. The units you build from there are also upgradable, kinda like they were with your villagers. You probably noticed, but you need certain buildings to advance through the ages. This is a bit long, and I still probably haven't answered all of your questions, and I know I haven't told you all of your flaws in strategy. E-mail me at marktakigiku@hotmail.com and I'd be happy to tell you more about strategy.

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