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AOM (Vanilla) Unit Comparison

Author File Description
legendaryjarl ******* THIS PROGRAM ONLY RUNS UNDER LOTUS NOTES R6+ (Windows/Linux *******


Hi all,

I wrote a small program that allows you to select a unit (based on a god path) then apply any upgrades available to that unit based on the god path taken.

Then you select the upgrades you want and it re-calculates the units abilities. You can create as many units as you want and then compare 1vs1 (it tells you who would win in how many seconds and how many HP the winner would have left in a 1vs1 battle).

Currently I have not programmed to calculate myth/hero special attacks and recharges. Everything else pretty much is (like bonus modifiers hypaspists get vs. infantry, etc...)

Also, I haven't put the atlatean civ in it either (since i only play vanilla). Also, the base stats and the modifiers techs give are NOT as of the last patch for vanilla, however, the tables can easily be modified. In fact, you can change them to values you think they should of been to see if actually 'balances' the game more...

The program only works under Lotus Notes R6 or higher.

******* CONTENTS OF README.TXT *******
By: LegendaryJarl
Date: 17Feb05

Requirements: PII 450Mhz
O/S: Win9x/2k/XP/Linux
Platform: Lotus Notes R6 or greater

You MUST have a Lotus Notes client to use this file (just copy the NSF file to your Notesdata directory then open the database from Lotus Notes (ctrl+O then scroll down and look for Age of Mythology).

If are prompted to trust the signer Admin/Utex Corp select the option to "Trust Signer" and click on OK. You may receive this a few times before ID has access to execute properly on your client.

If you have a Lotus Designer license please feel free to make and changes you like. Just send me an e-mail at cheeseburgler34@hotmail.com to share your ideas so that I may implement them as well.

LengendaryJarl 17Feb05

v1.2 Release Notes

- Signed All design elements with Admin ID
- Add and alphabetical sort to unit drop down list
- Complete re-design of Unit form
- Fixed some bugs

v1.3 Release Notes

- Forms now load an image for all units
- Added images for ressources
- Unit Comparison now takes hero modifiers for Myth units
- Unit Comparison now takes BLUNT DAMAGE into account
- Unit COmparison now uses unit specific Bonuses (i.e., certain units have 2x vs. Infantry and 2.75 vs Throwing Axeman, before only the 2x vs. Infantry was calculated, now, even these specific bonuses are taken into account)
- Fixed "Unit" form presentation

What to expect in v1.4

- Form presenation in "Unit Comparison"


Please e-mail me at cheeseburgler34@hotmail.com Thanks.
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danblackbelt ive been having alot of trouble finding the software for this utility couuld you please email the website were you download lotus file client at dan@drivewright.co.uk. thnx
File Author
Hi, you can find a demo of Lotus Notes r6.0.3 here:


You'll have to register with IBM to access the demo file.

Here's a walkthrough:
1- Use the link above
2- Register with IBM
3- download file
4- Install using all defaults
5- copy the NSf file (downloaded from here) to your notesdata directory (the data directory is either in x:notesdata OR C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataLotusNotesData (depending on how you installed)
6- From your desktop double click on the Lotus Notes icon to open the application
7- click on Next
8- UnCheck "I want to connect to a Domino Server" and type in your Name then click on Next
9- Do NOT select any additional services, just click on Finish
10- click on OK when you get the message "Notes Setup is Complete!"
11- On the welcome screen just select "No, Thanks, just give me the defaults"
12- on your keyboard press ctrl+o and you should see a database called AOM Unit Comparison v1.3 (if you copied the NSF file to correct data folder). select the database and click on Open
13- Begin using the program by clicking on "Create a Unit" button. You will get a message to create a cross certificate, just click on "Yes".
14- You will get an Execution Security Alert, select the third radio button "Start trusting the signer to execute this action" and click on OK
15- When ever you get an Execution Secutity Alert just do step 14 again (you might get this message a few times in the beginning).

M Master
Rating: 4.5
Nice work. Good quality. I give thee a Gold in Utility Program Designing. Just a little more work, and you could make a Platinum.

Additional Comments:
When I said "little more work" I meant you needed to make it work with TITANS XPANSION! I don't really like 2 play vanilla because you can't be ATlanean. Actually, I don't really use them Titans much, as useful as they may be......WAIT A SECOND.......I'm being irrelevant again!............................................uhhhh............what am I doing here? Am I allowed on this site? Hey, can you tell me what's going on here good si-..........hi. My name is M Master. I give awards. It is almost Friday. I like to eat donuts. How do you use this "mouse" thingy anyways...? I like Cactuars. Do you like Cactuars? I do.

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