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Canadian Clan's Fight for the Gold

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Canadian Clan Presents:

*****Fight for Gold*****

Made by Canadian_Dawwg and Canadian_Bro.

This map can be played on teams of two or free for all.

Each player starts off with three atlantien villagers. They then have to build a Town center located inside there base and then gather resources near by. There are plenty of forests and berrybushes and pigs but you only start off with one small gold mine in your base. Your base is surronded by a Trojan Wall. The trojan walls are weak but can be repaired in seconds and cost very few resources to repair. There are about 40 huge gold mines in the center.(Dont worry I made the gold blend in and added some rocks to make it look good!) This gold is revealed to every player. So they can see when you bring units or villagers to the gold. Once you run out of gold located in your base there are two gold mines located at the entrances to the four passages which lead lead to the major gold mine. Then the fight for the gold starts...............No gods recommended, it works well with all of them.


Tubbybob: A great tribute to Canada.
Zero_Slayer_666: This map is so fun!

Please review and comment!!!!

Me and my clan buddy are working on more multiplayer maps and need feedback.

Have fun!

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File Author
Common guys I worked long and hard on this map. I need a review or atleast a comment.
gummyWorm I might download. But I have to say gold probably wasn't the best resource choice because players can get infinite gold without the fighting by building some markets and trading with a TC.
File Author
Ya but it all works out in the end. There isint much space to put a market other then within your base. It all works out with the maps size and the cliffs. The gold works well for early rushes. Tell me what you think about it if you end up downloading it.

[Edited on 02/14/05 @ 04:52 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
This is a fun map to play. You have to fight for gold in the center, and you have plenty of room. There are some spots you can build up certian buildings and forward bases. Overall excellent map design.

Balance: 5
Each player has even access to wood. Each player has even access to food. The gold is even between all players. The map is symetrical. Need I say more?

Creativity: 3
The "fight for resources" idea has been used before, but it is a fun idea. This time the resource was gold. The designer did a nice job of setting up gold supplies

Map Design: 4
Eyecandy galore! There was a lot of eyecandy on the map and I loved it, with destroyed fortresses, rocky ledges, and grassy meadows. The designer used a lot of various eyecandy objects to make the map. That's one of the reasons I loved it so much

Story/Instructions: 4
You always knew what to do. This map is supremacy so that's obvious. The only reason it wasn't a 5 was lack of story.

Additional Comments:
Good map. I'll look forward to your next one!
File Author
Thanks for the review gummy worm. Me and my clan buddy have another map on the way!
TitanHeart Playability: 5
I enjoyed playing this multiplayer scenario, and I thought it was well thought out. The strategy was fun, the gold mine was exciting, and I liked the rest.

Balance: 5
This was well balanced - The four players had equal stands in this scenario, and even the length of the road was pretty equal :p. There were no bugs here, so that was good, and even though my enemy crushed me, I had fun!

Creativity: 5
This was an original and creative idea - I havent downloaded any scenario with a mountain of gold in the center yet.

Map Design: 5
I loved the terrain. I cant see how this could be better. I loved the elevation in the gold mine area, and I thought that there was plenty of nature, etc on the map.

Story/Instructions: 5
Although there was no story, or objectives, if you think, you can work out that you need to get to the gold and prevent the enemy from getting it, and then crush the opponents.

Additional Comments:
This was a super map, I enjoyed playing it on ESO.

[Edited on 03/17/05 @ 05:09 PM]

Canadian_Bro Ya its an awesome map I love it!
echowinds Okay Titan. 5 is perfect, no map is perfect. At least oit would have to be very good to get a 5. I've seen maps woth gold in the middle. And I don't think the eye-candy can be better than Oscar's or Maceheads...etc. And how come when therte are not story/instruction they get a 5 for that column? Being more critical helps the designer.

[Edited on 02/19/05 @ 05:51 AM]

File Author
I agree echowinds it is hard to get a five but have you seen my map? Are you just guessing that it isin that good??? You should try it out for yourself and tell me what you think.

[Edited on 02/19/05 @ 11:19 AM]

echowinds I don't have my game. Really, something that has been worked on for a maximum a month or so couldn't be that good. I mean, the chances of seeing a 2 very high review in a place where reviews are not that common - it's quite rare, especially for guys just appear this month.

Uhh, btw, there's a rule about same team-members not allowed to review.

[Edited on 02/20/05 @ 07:18 PM]

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