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Persona RPG Version 2

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Mouse Overlord
File Details
# of Players: 4 (+ 1 computer)
Version: AoM: The Titans
~Persona RPG Version 2~
By FC_Nidhogg, Forsythe_Racing and Kronos_EXE.

This is the only official sequal to the great multiplayer scenario "Persona RPG". With a ton of new features this scenario is sure to provide you with the fun factor that you have been missing for the past few months. For only $0.00 (not including shipping and handling) you can own this amazing multiplayer scenario. Just click the download file button at the top of this screen and enjoy the instant delivery feature! However, if you want to know what you are buying, read the description below. Additional information and screenshots can be found on http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,21052,30,10 (forum topic). Please copy and paste the URL into your address box and press the enter key.

Persona RPG is an RPG, not a walk-in-a-boring line RPG, but a Go-Wherever-The-Heck-You-Want RPG. The goal is not (only) to kill a bunch of computer enemies, it is to kill each other.


-A great ALL NEW map design. You could never wish for more eyecandy. (And don't wish for more eyecandy, because then it will OOS every game.)
-Over 1000 triggers, and 10000 effects!
-More personas such as the petsuchos, the tent, the priest, and 3 secret ones.
-Less computers to reduce lag.
-New missions.
-Many more things to buy, including more god powers, all type of attack, mercenaries, and stocks.
-An all new stock market that allows you to speed up your llamas and gain gold.
-All bugs fixed! (Of course.)
-WAY Better bosses. (You'll see why!)
-More life choices - play with 1 to 5 lives, or even INFINITE lives.
-2 game modes (although the 2nd one isn't as fun). Normal mode is classic, kill each other fun, while in pacifist mode you have to get to level 20 first to win - no killing each other.
-A trigger system that allows nobody to die during a cinematic - meaning that you will be slightly less annoyed throughout the game.
-You can substitute computers for human players. The computers will be kicked out of the game, and you will be left with a 3 player or 2 player game.
-And more that you will have to download to see!

---------------Gameplay Tips-------------------

-View the instruction cinematic, EVEN IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY PERSONA RPG VERSION 1! This will avoid confusion in your first game.
-The first time that you play, play in NORMAL MODE, in order to get a feel of the real game.
-Lag. Reduce the massive lag that sometimes accompanies this scenario by CLOSING ALL OTHER PROGRAMS, and getting a better computer.
-If you find that there is always to much lag, try replacing some of the human players with computers. The computers will automatically be defeated, and you can play a 2 player or 3 player game.
-If you die too much, try buying restoration or rain god powers (which heal you) or buy regeneration rate.
-DON'T pick infinite lives unless you are playing in pacifist mode, or want a really, REALLY, long game.
-READ THE OBJECTIVES after every mission starts, and the spotlight at the start of the game for important information!


-Teams DO NOT MATTER when you are hosting the game. Just start!
-The 5th player MUST ALWAYS BE A COMPUTER! Don't forget this or you will find someone saying "Urge to kill... rising...".
-You may substitute computers for the human players, but they will be defeated at the very beginning of the game.
-Please let new players view the instructions.

Ok... I know noone will read this but:

This scenario was created by FC_Nidhogg, Forsythe_Racing and Kronos_EXE. Special thanks go to Phoenix_PS2MAN, Stu_Alpha, Atlantic_Age_Of and Mamshmam for extensive playtesting and numerous suggestions.

Please DO NOT EDIT this scenario. If you want something changed post your suggestions in this download section and FC_Nidhogg or Kronos_EXE will get to fixing the problem A.S.A.P.

This scenario has been brought to you in part by Ambition Designs.

And that's all! Gl, hf!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Playability was excellent. I loved the choice of teams, units, lives etc. It was easy to understand if you actually read the instructions.

Balance: 5
This scenario has a perfect balance, you all start out as equals and then how you play is how you become the victor(s).

Creativity: 5
RPG's where you have a set path is usually long, boring and repetitive. This, however, was creative in every way as it is free roaming, so you kill want you want to kill. The thing that makes this scenario different from the rest (besides the free roam) is the fact that in the end we actuallly have to kill each other, not some random boss that is always the same.

I loved the missions, always a challenge and a race. I especially liked the one with the mirror tower and how it changes position each time so if you've played more than one time you can't just run straight to the place, which would be unfair for the first-timers.

Map Design: 5
Excellent map design! very well crafted and very realistic. I enjoyed the dificulty areas, and where the weaker parts slowly became stronger the more you fed from it. Good use of elevation and terrain. everything looked like it was meant to be there. Nice eye-candy too with all the extra flowers and things, but not overdoing it so the map is simply unplayable or lags every 3 seconds not mentioning any scenario in particular *cough lost legion cough*.

Story/Instructions: 5
Not much of a story... except in the cool cinematics but the instructions were excellent giving us a full layout of how to play and what we have to do. I don't understand why some people didn't know what to do.

Additional Comments:
Congrats to all 3 of you. IMO the best multiplayer scenario made so far! I was dissapointed with one thing though... where was your trademark achilles?

This game kicks ass so i had to give it a 5. This is a MUST download.

p.s. thanx 4 the mention ;)

[Edited on 02/14/05 @ 08:41 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This is a great map. I liked the teams, lives, and orginal gameplay and names. The reason why I give it a 4 is because Pacifist mode is messed up.

Balance: 4
The game is fair but there are problems, especially with the chat codes. People who previously had the scenario, go to the Editor and find the codes that make you rich and powerful.

Creativity: 5
Very creative. I have never seen another scenario like this. Most RPGs are just walk in a straight line killing everything you see. This is very different. You can fight each other, go search for treasure, and some interesting additions like a stock market, and mecenairies.

Map Design: 5
Great map design. The hills where used very well to confuse the players and they actually might walk in circles. I also like the eye candy. The problem is it lags a lot although not as bad as some other scenarios.

Story/Instructions: 5
It was clear what you had to do. The beginning cinematic explained everything you had to do. Even though I'm not sure it is because I played the first one, I think the game explained everything very clear.

Additional Comments:
Remove the codes because they can affect people who go to the editor to get the super cheats. You should also fix pacifist mode. When you fight Kronos EXE in pacifist it change diplomacies and never change back to normal diplomacies against purple.

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Map Design5.0
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