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Fly By Night

Author File Description
Mouse Overlord
File Details
# of Players: 5 (+1 Computer)
Version: AoM: The Titans
Fly by Night is a great new way of playing escape scenarios. Hundreds of triggers, and a good map design makes this one of the most complex escapes out there.
First of all, what is an escape scenario? An escape is a scenario in which there are 2 teams - one team is composed of the hunters, and the other is composed of escapees. The hunter team is usually smaller than the escapees. The hunters must use powerful units to destroy the escapee's single villager. However, the villager can build buildings and towers to defend himself.
So whats new here? Well, you can either choose which players can be the hunters (as usual), or you can make the hunters completely randomized. Also, the escapees can cast spells (with great special effects), and the hunters can sacrifice units (also with ok special effects). This makes the game much more interesting than a normal escape. Try out some of the following spells :

Judgement - Calls down meteors to hit all enemies surrounding the escapee villager.

Prominence - The strongest spell, it covers the map in a blinding heat stroke that greatly damages all hunter units.

Lightspeed - Increases villager speed, with an amazing flash of light, to let the escapee ... escape.

Summon : The Dead - Undead soldiers appear and kill all the enemy units in an area.

And More! - Heal, burn weapons, and summon guardians!
To setup this game : Teams do not matter. They are set in game. However, it is mandatory that ALL PLAYERS CHOOSE KRONOS AS THEIR CIVILIZATION! ANY PLAYER NOT UNDER THE RULE OF KRONOS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY KICKED FROM THE GAME (by the game). The last player should be a computer.
To increase gameplay - try out EVERYTHING. Some things are more interesting than others.

But most important... don't play with $%#@ing noobs! There are two types of noobs - the nice type, and the ^%$%ing type! Nothing gets more annoying than playing with the second type. Play with people on your friends list, or kick anyone who you suspect. I was playing a game of this recently, and the noobs were unbearable. I know we were all noobs at one time, but be a nice noob, not a ^%@$ing noob!
Thats about it... gl, hf.
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moneymoneymoney Im BuRn_NoRsE

[Edited on 02/28/05 @ 12:43 PM]

Mouse Overlord
File Author
Oh? New account?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The system works very well. The god powers and sacrifices usually work without a hitch. The only weird thing was when I was hunter the divine intervention kept on giving me the useless Set power. Also you are very weak to a turma, cavalry rush. It can defeat you before you have a chance to escape. But once in late game it shifts in favor so the best technique if you're a hunter is use a rush.

Balance: 4
Mostly what I said above. The super fast units like the turma, cavalry rush crushes the escapers. Maybe you should make a wall timer.Once me and vo1ture played agianst some escapers. The huge bases made the game interesting, because you can conquer them. Also there are cheap heroes. You heroize every unit you have if your the hunter.

Creativity: 4
Not original because of all the escapes out there. But still quite original. The map isn't a copy over of another map like the dozens of DD Escapes. It also adds with the God Power men and the sacrifice pit.

Map Design: 5
The map looks great. Perfect intergration of hills and water. I also liked the pits. The only annoying (not bad) part was the trees. When I tried to sacrifice, the hesperides tree would keep on flashing over and over again making that irritating noise. LOL

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was great. The citzen and achilles moving was ingenious. I liked the fact that it didn't reveal some really good hiding spots. The cinematic also moved flawlessly.

Additional Comments:
Overall a great scenario. There might be problems here and there but overall a great scenario. (Yay I'm the red Arkantos)
Mouse Overlord
File Author
Thanks for your comments. =D
TheMightyLemon Hey FC. Is it possible to make a wall to hunters? If they don't sacrifice and auto attack, the escapers are dead because the turmas are sooooooo fast and harass effectively. Maybe a 4 minute timer. Make it possible for the hunters to build and sacrifice but not get out and start harassing like crazy. The hunters once won in 2 minutes. I think it is more fun running in circles and attacking huge bases. It also makes it more tense for the escapers when they destroy their main base with heroed turmas and contarius.
diogocarolino has this game not made by FC_Nidhogg???
TheMightyLemon It's by FC_Nidhogg.

I shall now tell you the story of MouseOverlord. :P

FC_Nidhogg was once called MouseOverlord but then his rating dipped below 1500 so he started a new account ... Nidhogg_Bob. But then he joined the FC clan, so he got the name FC_Nidhogg. But now there is no FC clan anymore but he liked the name so he kept it.
pat_power This is a very well done scenario. Not very good things: The start of the cinematic that takes like 25 seconds to say 3 things... All the other is great. The "random" sacrifices for the hunters and their villagers make that scenario very fair for hunters. Fair for runners with Old Mans things. What is good about runners, that is only in fair escapes, is that the runners have 1 villager and not more. What is great also is at the start, player 1 can choose the hunters, so it's not always player 5 and 6 or player 4 and 5. Thoug the map is kind ove small so I find out that it's a bit easier for a hunter to win than for a runner...
Very great scenario that worth at least 4.5 on ten.
Good job.
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Map Design5.0
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