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Odyssey I - The land of the Ciconians[UPDATED]

Author File Description
kan_apo After the Troyan war Odysseus is ready to go back to his beloved Ithaca again,but a storm forces him to land on the land of the Ciconians.A new adventure begins for him then.
Your mission is to lead the raiding of the Ciconians and leave their land safe.

This final version contains the following features:

* Four different dificulty levels.
* Updated cinematics(more realistic,more action,animations,music etc.)
*A short cutscene has been added in the end.
* The ability to abort cinematics in case you want to restart the game and you don't want to watch them again.
* Gameplay stops when the temple cinematic plays,so you don't miss any action(fixed bug).
* Even more detailed map.
* Even more instructions and hints.
* Other details.

The easy mode will challenge some people.If you got some good skills the modeterate mode will give you a better challenge.In case you are good you should play it on hard and if you have much confidence you should try the titan level.

I would appreciate any comments,either good or critical or any :).Thx.
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File Author
A note i forgot to make...
On easy and modeterate mode you get an extra godpower which helps a bit.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I enjoyed this scenario very much because it wasn't too long or too short and it was full of action... which I like. The story and concept of the map kept me focused and made the map better to play.

Balance: 5
I found the balance of this map was pretty even.

I liked that you had to search for the siege to destroy the enemy's fortifications.

The best part was at the end when you have to escape with one unit and the hero because I almost didn't make it but, I liked the challenge.

Creativity: 4
The cinematic at the start was a bit too long and boring but the idea of it was well though out.

There was enough surprises trough out the scenario to keep me interested and I didn't feel bored at any time.

Map Design: 4
The map was small but, it was big enough to keep me happy and focused on the game play and story of the scenario.

There were a few extras on the map like a waterfall and a relic area covered with flowers :p.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were clear and helpful; I always knew that to do.

The story was well thought out and planed from the beginning cinematic to the end.

Additional Comments:
A solid scenario it's worth the download. I can't wait for the rest of the campaign, hope it comes out soon!

[Edited on 02/03/03 @ 07:23 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the detailed review Mojo :).
I'm glad that you mentioned things you thought that could be better,cause that makes it a helpfull review too.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Although the scenario had plenty of little things to keep me occupied, I started to get bored by the end. One bug I encountered was that I sent the hero off to investigate the temple whilst I started attacking with siege. Unfortunately, when the temple cutscene appeared I lost all my siege because I couldn't see what was happening. I think the scenario would have been better if it wasn't all visible, because I could tell from just looking at the mini-map, where all the bonuses where such as temple and siege. I liked that you could get Earthquake, but I thought that it was a bit boring to get. It would have been better if the relic was guarded better, and if I had to get a transport boat to the lake around it to get across. A very minor niggled was that when you get the catapults you can't hit any of the walls surrounding them with them because of their minimum range. This means you have to take down another wall with hoplites, which gets a bit tedious after a while.

Balance: 3
I thought the scenario was quite easy, but may well challenge some people. It would have been better with a bigger and more varied army protecting the markets.

Creativity: 4
The idea for the scenario isn't that original, but according to the AOMH review guidelines: "The farther a player gets from a random-style scenario, the better the creativity score". This was nothing like a random map, so I gave it a 4.

Map Design: 4
The map design was quite good, with some nice eye candy here and there. The animals everywhere was a nice touch, but it would have been nicer if the map design was more varied with patches of different terrain and more natural objects. The shoreline on the island in the lower left corner was very blocky and jagged. Also in the opening cutscene when the boats sail into the storm, it really didn't look very stormy to me, a lighting change would have made it look a lot better.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was quite thin, but it existed. There were good instructions and quite good hints, but I would like to have been told that if my hero or his original army died it was game over. I also thought the first cutscene had long periods where all that was happening was some units moving, it needed to be shorter, or have more happening in it.

Overall a good scenario, it could just do with a bit more work and tweaking to get it up to a 5. I will happily re-review an edited version.
File Author
Indeed the scenario has become easier after the patch because Poseidon's towers produce only one militia.
Another thing i would like to mention is that black map and fog of war is on,NOT everything is visible(i downloaded the file and tested it).
The file will be edited soon taking into consideration the suggestions of the reviewers.

[Edited on 02/04/03 @ 06:17 PM]

alwaysages My comments on the updated version of Odyssey I-The land of the Ciconians.
Well first off I must say I reaaly enjoyed playing this version, much more than the first. This was for several reasons:

I didn't encounter the cutscene bug

I couldn't see the whole map

The relic was guarded a lot better

The catapults could hit the wall

I played on moderate again, the scenario was definetly harder because of the bigger army

It was much more interesting because of the better army

The map looked a lot better, and the coastline of the island was fixed

At last, a proper storm!

The opening cutscene was a lot more interesting

Better intsuctions

Once again the ending was very good, it was the best part of the scenario(Tip for anyone stuck there, run, dont take the catapults with u, they slow u down, a few toxetes and the hereo should do, don't forget to use resoration)

However there are one or two things that could still be done to it:

It would be nice to have some more background sound in the cutscenes

One of the rain clouds in the middle of the bottom right edge of the map is player 1, so I have LOS where it is, which looks odd.

I could research a tech at the temple which increased hero hitpoints, I researched it, not sure if you want to keep it in or not, gave hero about 60 more hp.

It would be nice to have a cutscene at the end, when you reach the island.

Because of the citadel center, player 2 starts with 3 villies and a scout that do nothing.

There is a minor typo in the temple cutscene, Troyan should be Trojan.

Overall the scenario is great fun to play, and significantly better with the update.
File Author
This is the final version of Odyssey I,fully polished and shined :D.

That minor "rain cloud" bug,wasn't actually caused by a rain cloud,but strangely enough by a neutral revealer.I finally found a way to fix it.The "Troyan" is changed to "Trojan" also :p.

The Olympic Parentage tech is there intencionally,as a bonus to whoever player noticed it,but unfortunately it has been revealed now.

Music has been added in the cutscenes and there is a new short cutscene in the end too.

Special thanks to alwaysages for his extremely helpfull feedback :).
Grossmutter This is great work, this is probably the first user submitted scenario that I have enjoyed playing...Thums up!!
Kumar Shah
Hmm...no buds second time u say alwaysages? Well I did encounter some so I dont know.

Goind to review a file in a bit, didnt realise that objectives updated as soon as u destroy the third market.

Never went to find the relic.
Kumar Shah
Map Design4.0
The scenario - After the trojan war it seems, Odysseus returns home only to have to go to a different land due to a storm. You are supposed to raid 3 markets, get a relic to a temple and escape then.

I played this scenario 3 times, after I discovered one bugs to make sure there are no more. All time on moderate level.

Playability: 3
This was one of the better scnearios I have played to review at AoMH, only thing is this too has much more scope for imprvement. the scenario is a bit fun, but there are some bugs. Frist, I went to the temple before raiding anywhere, and the objective of raiding is hecked out (which as such means its completed). After that I did raid, and never really had to find the relic, I won without finding the relic. Now if the relic objective is optional - its better to put a *optional* tag in front. It is possible to destroy the fortress, from the temple path which makes stuff much more easier. Even if I dont take Odysseus anywhere near the temple and some other unit strays there, the cutscene still starts (which is sorta funny, coz Odysseus was near ships at my time), so the condition should be changed to "Unit in area" so it only plays if Odysseus goes - in my opinion.

Balance: 3
I palyed on moderate diffuculty level, and I had no problems what-so-ever. Even without finding the relic I could win the scenario. Key to surviving, is to not destroy many buildings givivng red more militia. Catapults (3) are very nice to even attack the units (coz one shots takes away more than 25% HP from them). In the end, I had almost 10 units surviving from the total force on the south island. Never used the bolt power, and restoration was used by me when I was 2 steps away from the Boat i.e. I could have done this even without using it. I would suggest that you put up a few more extra units for red (onyl way to make this more difficult). Also, if gods are agaisnt Odysseus, make them do something to help red.

Creativity: 3
There is nothing new in terms of creativity, except for a good depiction of a storm. In fact some of the objective triggers are messed up. One thing, I would suggest to bost here, is a scout for red, whom you have to kill in order so that it doesnt send the warning home. A bit more lively music would certainly do much good.

Map Design: 4
One of the better maps I have seen till now. Nice mixture of terrain is there and use of elevations. The sea looks a bit dull with very less fish, but the storm looks quite nice. Also, some of the elevations are roughened, and in my opinion would look better with smoothen. Also, the "place objext" tool could be used to make the buildings look in the city more better, and make something like a new set of buildings.

Story/Instructions: 3
The storyline as stated is very thin, which is basically the problem with individual scenarios being a part of a campaign. This would look much better if released as a demo with 2 scenarios atleast. The instructions exist, but hints can be improved. Example, for relic the hint is - it maybe guarded (which is like common sense - you aint going to get it for free), but I would have liked somethin which says where exactly it is.

Additional Comments:
I recommend this scenario for the designers to see how maps are made, how to make cinematics too. The scenario is fun, expect for the bug or two, and also quite easy to play. Improve on these points, and this can be much better.
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