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1800+ loki vs loki

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Midgard
Map Size: Normal
AI Difficulty: Easy
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM
Total Game Time: 22 minutes
Player 1's Name: X2C_1mt0p_0_
Player 2's Name: ghetto_man
Fun game we both went random and got loki. I decided to rush on land and not fight water hoping he would expect a water fight. I advanced earlier so took advantage of it to break lots of houses and his temple. I was sure I had the game won but then his army destroyed mine because he had like 12 heinjars dry.gif He broke my forward base, I started rebuilding in my main base thinking now I was dead, since I had no army to take on his max pop army. With my upgraded towers he ended up using undermine on a tower instead of town center which realy helped me. I made 3 ships to go raid his fishing but found out he didnt even have a dock ohmy.gif That messed up my plans, but I found his hunting villagers gathering from those long teethed ugly things (forgot the name), so I used my ships to kill those pretty fast thumbsup.gif After we both got heroic and I got his trees to run after an ox cart at the other end of the map whistling.gif He makes 2 forts next to my base and still has a bigger army than me, I thought of resigning but I prefered playing tell I would lose and I did good not to quit biggrin.gif
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slickman_g AAAHHH one big block of writing please cover my eyes they are burning it is so painful!!!
Canadian_Bro Hey ....sounds like an AMAZING game.... ive always tried DL recorded games... could never figure out how to get them working... od u think u could tell me?
Thanks ill be DL after u tell me
File Author
1-Press the button intitled download file.
2-Once a window pops up click save as(or just save, depending on your computer).
3-Give it as a name "whatyouwant.rec" (replace the whatyouwant by the name you want to give the rec and make sure you always write .rec or else it wont work).
4-As directory to save it in, save it here exactly "C:program files,microsoft games, age of mythology, save game(save it inside the save game folder)"
5-Now load up age of mythology, click single player, recorded games and click on the game.
BronzMilitia Get the Titans Expansion pack so we can see your reall rating. Thanks for posting though!
File Author
Dude that was so stupid, I know most of this site is 1800- but not a reason to deny titan is easier and anyone half decent understands that. These days EXPERTS are returning from titans saying its way too lame and now they are way more happy in vanilla because ALL gods can make it top 10. The difference is that it didn't take me as long as them to realise it. Your probably just jealous that you can't even queu your own units since on titans its the noob features that play for you.

Ps: the block of writting fits perfectly with the rectangle on the left ;p

[Edited on 03/03/05 @ 04:05 PM]

moneymoneymoney Not perfectly. The "New Files" bar is higher than yours =P
BronzMilitia Titans Rule you gule. Don't let that get to you little man. Stop being so poetic it makes me ill. Game well played but why be so sensitive. All I am saying is no one plays Vanilla and there fore no competition.The Titans is more streamlined and easyer to play that doesn't make you a noob it lets you focus on better things.
File Author
Ah im poetic??? Good to know ^^

"little man" Im hoping that wasnt supose to make me cry, must make you feel superior tho I bet.

So more people play titans??? I hope your talking about cat and mice, or that kind of thing because you must of not gone on vanilla for a long time IF you ever even played it in first place.
The non-isis, non-lamers, that like winning games by outplaying their opponent have switched to vanilla, well the people that either can't play, or that have never played vanilla (often both), stayed in AoI.

No competition??? Thats the funniest part since in titans isis wars isnt realy about outplaying and more about outlaming. When the tourneys are for money how come the top 10 has 9 isis in titans but in vanilla you can see them all depending on the players. You probably havnt been playing this game for very long (you dont seem very skilled), so it might be good for you to notice that all the real experts (salska, fire, jcool, etc) left when titans came out because they already found vanilla simple, they didnt want to play a game thats even simpler with its noob features AND be forced to play against the same civs every game.

And no the fact that titans is easier to play doesnt MAKE you a noob since its assumed you probably are one in the first place or else you wouldnt be needing noob features to play for you.

ps: theres a door somewhere in your house (assuming you must have one since your on a comp) that leads to a place you might of never heard about, its called the [i]real[/i] world.

bye "little man"

[Edited on 03/06/05 @ 06:55 PM]

BronzMilitia I don't like the reall world and so I play games to forget reall BS. I've watched top player games in aomt and it does suck that we have to watch all Isis games, which don't apply to the "reall world." In Vanilla though you can't check top player stats so to say it's more diverse is alluding. You did enlighten me to check it out though. Be looking for more of your games.
File Author
Why do you say you cant check top players stats in vanilla? The top rates are even higher than in titans now, 2150 I think means lots more experts are playing it for the rate to get that high.

[Edited on 03/07/05 @ 08:06 AM]

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