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Makaveli99 Great scenery (looks like lotr) A RPG with level ups. Characters: Arkantos, Ajax, Gargarensis. And many more 'heroes'.

Feel free to comment, or send an email to banditeleven@yahoo.dk

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RHWILLOW Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 4
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:Very Good Scenario. More Please.

[Edited on 02/07/03 @ 02:31 PM]

RHWILLOW One of the best submited Scenarios I've played.
Well done.
kan_apo I don't mean to be harsh,but i just found it a very simple and easy quest at the start that becomes a sort of build and destroy scenario in the process.
The map was good though.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Good, but Theris, and some other units are trapped on top of the ridges whie it is attacked by Regenleif.

Balance: 5
Good, it was fairly easy until the part after all of the kraken, you lose focus and underestimate it until WHAM! a guardian.

Creativity: 3
Scenery, as you said was done a lot. Same type was attemted several times, but yours was first successful one
Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)Though done a lot before was still fairly nice. Liked the bridge! good use of all terrains.
Story/Instructions: 5
Easy to play/understand

Additional Comments:
Amazing job! first successful RPG for AOM. I have been searching for one and could only find poorly made ones which attempt to rely on leveling up too much.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It was fun for the first 10 minutes...Then it just started to be a hack and slash game, if I wanted to play something like that, I would have played quake =|

Balance: 1
I got bored, so I resigned, and looked at the army the enemy has at the end...I can't believe you'd add that much stuff, how is ANYONE expected to win? That would take hours to pound through something like that. Which would make it boring...The gaurdian was ok...

Creativity: 2
It was creative in some places, I liked how you'd give us god powers for certain situations, but I prefer something MORE free stylish, so if you gave us all the god powers NEEDED, and we decided when to use them so we'd go "damn I shouldn't have used it then! This gaurdian is going to kill me now" That would have made for an interesting game...Might have made me play it more then 1 time...

Map Design: 3
It was pretty, lacked some realistic effects...I would have liked some more weeds, bushes...flowers...etc. Work on that, and take some examples from other maps to work on your own design, but overall it was above average...
Story/Instructions: 2
The story could put a kid with ADHD with coffee in him to sleep...No real story, I like story driven games...It wasn't SERIOUSLY story driven at all, very blah...Work on a powerful story, and I'll play it all the way through without quitting half way...

Additional Comments:
I know I'm harsh, but I guess it's a way to show that you need improvement, I won't rate 5's when I know that you could do better...and trust me, were all starting off, and we can all go above, and beyond what our precursor scenarios have already done...Good luck, nice job...
Kumar Shah
Map Design2.0
The scenrio - You are lost. you have to find atlantis and then build and destroy Gargentis forces. Another storyline that sort of derives insipiration from characters in the ES campaign. Sorry to say but , this is a very uninspired effort compared to ES's campaign.

Playability: 2
Did I have fun, or for that matter will anyone? No. I am lost tells the author, first thing that comes to mind is how? and with 4-5 other people, great. Now if i am lost, maybe there should be different paths to take, but its a single path on which u kill myth-units. You gain levels (armor). But one of my hero got killed, i could still play. Amanra went on top of a hill to kill a serpent and never came back. Arkantos himself does the narration instead of a narrator. Improve all this, keep some better quests, make sure the heroes dont die, and remove the serpents from top, and u get something better. When you reach atlantis there also some units of yellow player (2 villies, one scout) which should have been converted to the player.

Balance: 2
Easier then tough is how this goes. With the heroes its quite easy to kill the myth units, and u have like 6-7 uses of Bolt Gp and more of restoration GP. It all goes downhill from here (or more like up-hill). You reach atlantis, and u are suppposed to build and destroy an army, you start with 0 resources of all, not enough space to build everywhere, and army has like tons of myth units, heroes. Your pop limit is 120 max with just one TC. Moreover, all your GP slots are filled except for a last spot of bronze, now its common sense that bronze can be used on heroes and myth units, almost useless.

Creativity: 2
nothing new on hand, simple mapo with a path, bunch of myth units, bunch of heroes and we have a scenario. No cinemeatics used to tell any part of the story which sucks, coz ES wasnt a fool to include cinematic modes, but its a creative way to tell a story. Put in some more quests - side quests, use cinematics to show the intro or something of the story, to show destruction of atlantis.

Map Design: 2
Once again, almost no eye-candy which sucks compared to the fabolous eye-candy potential of AOM. simple terrain, elevation uses is uneven and cliffs (or mountains) are just there coz..i dont know why.
The map looks lifeless at times, no animals, no birds. Tress are present in straight lines without elevations. Elevations are a main part of a map, forests have uneven elevations, its hard to find trees in a bunch together - they are a bit spreadout, terrain mixing - lacks all this.

Story/Instructions: 2
Story - u dont know why you are lost. Where did u go from where coming back you got lost? Instructions are non-existant. The hint totally useless. Put in a nice story, like how did they got lost (the intro), show why Gargentis attacked atlantis, what did he do, hwo come he left some people alive. A lot - lot of work needed here.

Additional Comments:
needs a lot of work, improvement everywhere required.

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Map Design3.3
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