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Downloads Home » Campaigns » The Ring of the Nibelungen Act 1: The Rhinegold

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The Ring of the Nibelungen Act 1: The Rhinegold

Author File Description
The Vandhaal
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 18
Version: AoM: The Titans

In a time lost to history, when the gods still walked among the mortals a powerthirsty Nibelungen steals the magical Rhinegold. This act will change the worlds of the Gods, Titans, Spirits and mortals forever.

This Campaign will take you from the underground world of Nibelheim along the various races which live along the river Rhine up into the realm of the Gods themselves and... back.

You take controle of Alberich, his generals and his legions as they proceed to meet their destiny...

The Rhinegold is the first act in The Ring of the Nibelungen saga and is roughly based on the Opera by Richard Wagner.

Sound folder
Scenario folder containing 18 scenario files
Overlay folder containing 18 custom overlay files (ddt)
1 x campaign file
1 x Read me file


Please follow the instructions indicated in the Read me file !! This file contains the IN and UN- install instructions furthermore some important game play information is given. SO PLEASE READ IT BEFORE INSTALLING!

The campaign is tested by various players with various levels (new and experienced guys. Some found it easy and some found it extremly hard...so the truth lies somewhere in the middle.....Its not a game to rush through.


SAVE the scenarios often and after every intro cinematic!!
READ carefully everything !!
TAKE your time as some scenarios have a long play time so I suggest you play them in more sessions !!
EXPLORE carefully around. Some clues for later scenarios are given in earlier scenarios.
PLAY concentrated as some scenarios can not be rushed through !!
HAVE fun !! this is the most important thing.


New Web: www.vandhaal.elpea.net
Old Web: www.geocities.com/the_vandhaal
Forums: www.vandhaal.gamingextremes.us
@: webmaster@vandhaal.zzn.com
Msn messenger: webmaster@vandhaal.zzn.com


Please visit the following places for screenshots, artworks , a wmv movie, features and more information.
If you have any questions or like to have some tips...please post them in the showcase thread in the aomH forums or contact The Vandhaal directly.

AomH showcase thread:

The Autors website: http://www.vandhaal.elpea.net
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Wolfenheim I would download this, but it would take about 8 hours to do so because my connection is so slow.
CaveTown This campaign is worth the download, I helped test it!!!!

[Edited on 03/22/05 @ 11:00 PM]

pacosgames As one of the Vandhaal's Final Playtesters, I would like to make this comment.

I have never been so impressed by ANY campaign as much as I was with The Ring of Nibelungen Act 1: The Rhinegold. I am honored to be one of his final playtesters and to have the privellage of hosting his sub-domain. This project is absolutely excellent and I hope you all have the same experience that I have had with it.

An absolutely amazing new campaign by an even more fantastic expert scenario designer than myself! Enjoy breath-taking cinematics, multiple modes of gameplay, challenging and unique scenarios, and an excellent story line all contained within one beatiful piece of artwork!

Thank You Vandhaal!!!
CaveTown My thoughts, almost exacly.
superknijn Luckily it only took about 45 seconds on my pc!
But, thanks to that program on Discovey Channel, I always keep thinking of Nazi's when i see the word Nibelungen, because hitler used it as propaganda.
Canadian_Dawwg Will the new overlay files cause errors on eso?
The Vandhaal
File Author
@ colosus8mylunch

Eeeh what has your teaser to do with my campaign ?? please email an aomH mod instead of posting on my download page.

I notice that you will not like the campaign so I advice you to just quit and download another game which you maybe will like more

Please review and rate the game only if you played it completly. If I get the feeling that reviews are made without playing it completly I will ask the mods to remove them.

And please use the edit button instead of making new replys each time ( we want to keep this page tidy and clean !, don't we ?!?). Discussions can be placed in the showcase thread of this campaign.

@ all other guys

Thanx for the reactions.

@ canadian

Those overlays are only introduction pics in the campaign menu ( on the map) so they do not change anything. They can easely be unistalled by just deleting them.


If you are not sure wheter you will like this game I suggest you first visit the showcase in the aomH forums in order to read some more about the game play....before you even consider to start downloading this big file ;)

[Edited on 03/23/05 @ 08:02 AM]

antisback Hey I'd like to highly reccommend this camapign (as one of the beta testers). It is one of the best.

(vandhall: lets see how close my predicted review was ;))
wakain nnnneeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr mind,sorry vandal.

[Edited on 03/24/05 @ 03:28 PM]

hessu Wow! I have played your campaign first half hour and it feels more professional than AoM's real campaign. But now I got problem, I have found all the 3 relics (DECAY, ROTT and STENCH) on that mission after snakes and they are all in Dark Rock but nothing happends.

That looped "cong" was really annoying on first cinematic but everything else is really good.
And I dont like what you have done to my AoM background.
And my scenarios terrain are messed! When I delete the terrain files will it come back to normal??

[Edited on 03/23/05 @ 09:07 AM]

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