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The Ring of the Nibelungen Act 1: The Rhinegold

Author File Description
The Vandhaal
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 18
Version: AoM: The Titans

In a time lost to history, when the gods still walked among the mortals a powerthirsty Nibelungen steals the magical Rhinegold. This act will change the worlds of the Gods, Titans, Spirits and mortals forever.

This Campaign will take you from the underground world of Nibelheim along the various races which live along the river Rhine up into the realm of the Gods themselves and... back.

You take controle of Alberich, his generals and his legions as they proceed to meet their destiny...

The Rhinegold is the first act in The Ring of the Nibelungen saga and is roughly based on the Opera by Richard Wagner.

Sound folder
Scenario folder containing 18 scenario files
Overlay folder containing 18 custom overlay files (ddt)
1 x campaign file
1 x Read me file


Please follow the instructions indicated in the Read me file !! This file contains the IN and UN- install instructions furthermore some important game play information is given. SO PLEASE READ IT BEFORE INSTALLING!

The campaign is tested by various players with various levels (new and experienced guys. Some found it easy and some found it extremly hard...so the truth lies somewhere in the middle.....Its not a game to rush through.


SAVE the scenarios often and after every intro cinematic!!
READ carefully everything !!
TAKE your time as some scenarios have a long play time so I suggest you play them in more sessions !!
EXPLORE carefully around. Some clues for later scenarios are given in earlier scenarios.
PLAY concentrated as some scenarios can not be rushed through !!
HAVE fun !! this is the most important thing.


New Web: www.vandhaal.elpea.net
Old Web: www.geocities.com/the_vandhaal
Forums: www.vandhaal.gamingextremes.us
@: webmaster@vandhaal.zzn.com
Msn messenger: webmaster@vandhaal.zzn.com


Please visit the following places for screenshots, artworks , a wmv movie, features and more information.
If you have any questions or like to have some tips...please post them in the showcase thread in the aomH forums or contact The Vandhaal directly.

AomH showcase thread:

The Autors website: http://www.vandhaal.elpea.net
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The Vandhaal
File Author
For now I like to thank all the guys who have made a serious comment and who not just used this page to ventilate their frustrations or personal shortcommings!

I also like to thank netoria76 and arawn ! I never care much about ratings but I am very pleased that you took the time and made the effort of writing them and most important to hear that you had fun by playing the campaign ! I am also very happy to hear that I was able to suprise you with some of its features.
feel free to visit the showcase thread or my personal forums if you have the urge to talk some more about the story now you have completed the campaign.

Remeber: The showcase thread is the place where I answer all your questions....you can also go there if you need any tips or advices...so do not get frustrated but just ask in the showcase thread.

Ok guys I will post a proper thank you at the very end ( LoL i try to have the last word on this download page)

Best regards,

The Vandhaal

[Edited on 03/28/05 @ 07:59 PM]

WrathofAtlantis The campaign is hard, but I like the details of the scenarios.

[Edited on 03/30/05 @ 10:32 AM]

Guardian Of Isis Please remove this, I will place a review.

[Edited on 04/01/05 @ 08:24 AM]

Guardian Of Isis Please remove this, I will make a review.

[Edited on 05/02/05 @ 01:48 PM]

The Vandhaal
File Author
Thanx for your effort Guardian Of Isis and I am glad that you overall had fun

(1)It was too late for me to make the cinematics skipable...at the time I learned how to do that almost the entire campaign was finished...so it would have meant that I would have to redo major parts because the trigger chain was not set up correctly for making them skipable....As this is just an hobby you can understand I did not feel much for it.

(2)The Oxcart is a difficulty feature for Alberich...if it dies he also has lost his Rhinegold and the player will loose.

(3) ROFLMAO so 2 camera tracks which reminded you of Lotr with the total lenght of 15 seconds compared to the total amount of movie of over 2.5 hrs made you deside to rate this lower...LOL !! Not very strong reason but then again its your opinion

(4) the new terrain types DID and DO not errase your terrains this is also pointed out in the read me file!! If you delete the custom terrains.xmb file your game is back to normal...please adjust this statement in your comments because it gives new downloaders false information.

As for Nibelheim and the passages...like already pointed out in the read me file...Nibelheim is build up out of battlebridges which are obviously build to stall any enemies advance.

Ok again I was glad to hear you had fun

Best regards,

The Vandhaal

[Edited on 04/01/05 @ 11:06 AM]

Guardian Of Isis (1) Nothing to do about it, ey. :D

(2) I meant that the Oxcart always moves close to you once Alberich moves a certain distance away.

(3) There were other minor errors... It's still a 4, isn't it? ;)

(4) Oh, thanks for the tip. But it WILL remain a 4... Again. :P Also, defeating The Mother (Atalanta)was a job for which I had to bring Klop to the Healing Spring 3 times, which took a LONG time. This is also a reason for the 4.

I'm glad you respect my opinion of your campaign. But it still WAS good: every scen kept you busy for an hour or two. Good job.
The Vandhaal
File Author
Hello Guardian Of Isis,

LoL ofcourse I respect your opinion... if that wasn't the case I wouldn't bother to give a reaction.

Well as you can see I do not care much about *ratings but I do care about the fun people have by playing the stuff I create...So thats why I only make remarks about the comments you made and not the ratings.... just to help you improve them when you make a review on some other game next time.

So your reaction and the fact that I was at least a little bit able to create some nice entertaining moments for you is the most important for me.

But I can see the game did catch you enough to spend the time and write something with a certain level of content...A lot guys are even too lazy to read the stuff I carfully wrote down on the various info pages and in the read me and start screaming around. So I appriaciate the effort you put into that ! Like I also said to the other guys...if you like to talk some more about the story or other stuff related to the campaign just hop over to my personal forums...your always welcome there ;)

Best regards,
The Vandhaal

* Short explaination why I do not care about ratings:
The rating system on almost all Heavens games download pages is just crap. The problem is that its just a personal opinion based on the level (mental as well as gameplay experience) of the player. So if a creator of a game gets unlucky he will have some guy/girl rate his/her game very low just because he/she was not up for that level of game. Which obviously is worth nothing. I am sure this will also happen in the end with this campaign. The only problem with low ratings is that the games from the various autors will also get vewer downloads....so in a lot of cases wont reach the audience who would possibly like them.

[Edited on 04/01/05 @ 06:50 PM]

LordKronos Hey, I have a problem with the download, i waited 45 mins for the download, i then put all the files into the correct files, i even double checked them 2 or 3 times, and yet the campaign still doesnt work for me.I can see the name on the list and when i click on prolofou it just takes me right back to the main AOM menu, any idea what is wrong here?
LordKronos Well,i finally got it to work, i saw the part with the first nord second nord and thrid nord(i think that what they were called)(great job by the way) saw the movie and stuff, and then it fades out, turns totally black and stays that way, there was something wrong for me because i hit enter and the send box came up yet everything was still black.

But,Hey as of what i have seen you have done a great job!

Also there isnt voices is there?Just making sure dont want to be missing out on anything
LordKronos haha well i got it to work for real this time,I firgued out i got to go to lord scenerio to play them, instead of the campiagn menu, but now i may be a idiot, but i am thinking, is there another passage to get to the vault at the first scenerio?I mean i know u dont have to chop that tree with 5000 hp down, so is there? or no
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