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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » This can still be called a Rush? No? It's still deadly...

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This can still be called a Rush? No? It's still deadly...

Author File Description
Mighty Noldor
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Unknown
Map Size: Normal
AI Difficulty: Hard
Game Type: Supremacy
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 12:00
Player 1's Name: Mighty Noldor
Player 2's Name: Bergen (Hard computer)

Just to fix it. I always fear the genuine rush, coz you must attack so early... This way, with tons of hops and minos the attack goes more late, but more deadly. Do not expect any expert rec OK? Just enjoy if you want.
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LuCkyMaN I would post this on aotsanctuary man it's all about recs.On here you'll just lose it in the vast number of downloads.To warn you though generally people only like to watch expert games or games where something really really cool happens lol.
M Master I'm sick of Loki Rushes. @#$% them. It's a cheap strategy for all those annoyingly dedisated Norse Freaks. Can you try other civs for a change? Besides, if you play as Gaia, Loki Rushes will work like grade-A s*** against you. Does any of these Loki Rush maniacs realize that? They should. I hate them. I hate people who are extremely dedicated to ANY civilization and refuse to try another every now and then. Besides, I think we all agree; the last thing we could use is another Loki Rush archive. They're a waste of space and really stupid after you get 2 new recordings coming in every day. You know, I'm glad I don't watch them anymore. Pretty much the same story over and over written by different people each time. I really hate Loki Rush maniacs. HAVE I MADE THAT CLEAR TO ALL YOU...YOU.....YOU..PRIVATES?!?!?!? HUH?!!!!!asdbgnaioejfivpobfvgp;aiebguoiWbvwlaRg~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
hessu I think you just hate loosing M master. I don't see lokis as a problem I hate more Kronos because over 70% of players on rated games use it so it is getting damn annoying.

[Edited on 04/22/05 @ 02:55 PM]

X2C_41nT2L82Qu1T Lol what god do you play?? And loki rush isnt LAME but its OVERPOWERED vs ODIN and THOR (gaia to for you titan noobs ^^).
M Master Call me a Titan noob, but most noobs use Norse and Greeks. I prefer Atlanteans and Egyptians. Atlanteans suck if they are used by noobs, and there is a special trick to managing them. Besides, why is Gaia so bad? If a building takes 1 or 2 damage from just one sling attack during a siege or something it can regenerate it. And those Tartarian Gates can regenerate if you're Gaia. Now that's useful! And it blocks from Loki Rushes, which nobody has actually ever even sucessfully sieged me by. In fact, I would recommend Odin instead because the Human Unit regeneration, as slothy as it may be, would be much more beneficial than units that train a pinch faster. And Gaia's Forest is awesome, I mean, come on, free wood thatt gathers really fast! And you know, around the first and second ages you really need wood bad, and this lets me collect it with much less effort than usual. I also like to block any tiny gaps between trees around my base with it. Sure, use Forest Fire, but by then I won't really need a tree barrier to hit me with. In fact, using Kronos does suck. Kronos really sucks in generaral. Oranos and Gaia are much more useful. With ORanos, them Sky Passages rock; I don't have to keep a few troops to guard for my buddies and I can give them backup fast. Also good for moving between islands quickly. Oranos is good also because of the fact that you can research Heroic Renewal with Hyperion and Mythic Rejuvenation with Hekate, thus allowing all Hero and all MU sieges that regenerate at a fair pace. And Hero Fanatics rock. And Destroyers are nice, too. I can just go in there and destroy buildings and put just a few of my troops in combat with the enemy; I know my raiding party won't last as long but it'll raze a lot more stuff and it has good staminia and armor that way. And the Murmillo, they combine the great armor of the Greeks with the ligtning rapid attacks of the Norse. Any more criticism you would like to give to this "noob"?
M Master I'd like you to prove to me that many top rated players win with Loki Rushes. Also, don't call me a "noob", but I do agree with you about the whole Odin & Thor better thing. THor rox. Armory improvements are great in the long run and you can get gold a lot faster when you need it with him. All you Loki noobs just like to use the Nidhogg God Power. The Nidhogg actually would really just kill anyone and didn't obey Hel. Also, I bet I know a lot more about Mythology than any o' you. You know, they should have Kappas in this game. By the way, hurry up and look up what they are, if you can figure it out. HA! Top dat! And see if you know anything about any "Fire Giants". In fact, they almost never appear in real Norse Mythology. The Real Norse gods were actually mortals that just ate apples that let them stay young, too. And did you know that Thor drank up a good portion of the ocean in actual mythology? And did you know that the Norse world was round and flat? (Like a wheel) And did you know that Loki could only transform into animals if he had his mond focused enough on the particular one he wanted to become? And did you know he killed Baldr? And did you know that Loki was merely the son of 2 giants? And I can tell you how the world formed in Norse Mythology, too, if you want.
X2C_41nT2L82Qu1T And did you know none of that had anything to do with this 'topic'? Im not saying any gods are weak BUT loki OWNS thor and odin at any level where both actualy know how to play (ATLEAST 1700+).

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