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Legacy of the Titans

Author File Description
James Right
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 6 playable
Version: AoM: The Titans
Legacy of the Titans

Legacy of the Titans starts at a time when Zeus is only fifteen. Kronos orders his servants to burry a weapon of his, for he anticipated Zeus would once overpower him. Would Kronos get his weapon back, then he would be able to defeat Zeus and take control over the world again. Ironically enough, the forfathers of Zelios have built their city on top of that weapon. They are favored by Zeus, and Zelios finds his city under attack by bandits. He goes to a theocrat, who tells him that the bandits are lead by three generals, and that they are after the weapon of Kronos..... They are the servants of Poseidon.....
It is up to Zelios to make sure Kronos can never Return to earth again....

Please read the README file completely!

- Take your time for playing Legacy of the Titans;

- Please remove all earlier files of Legacy of the Titans Demo Version.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dax105 This is not a 4.8 campaign. It's good and sturdy, but it's not so exceptional it deserves praise as if it was the manifestation of god.

[Edited on 05/12/05 @ 12:43 AM]

James Right
File Author
Well, I suppose that's your opinion. Thanks for the revieuws so far!
Guardian Of Isis True, it isn't a 4.8. It feels as though all the eye-candy in RotN should do under for this, which has a little bit overlapping and working with elevations. Seriously, this should get a 3.5, maybe a little bit more or a bit less.

Just to make things clear: The reason for my 4.2 rating at RotN was not to decrease the overall rating, scen design was good, but triggerwork was less good...

[Edited on 07/05/05 @ 09:07 AM]

CaveTown ROTN? Ring of the Nibelungen? if so That was The_Vandhaal's first campaign for aom, so it was actually really good, and he used alot of triggers, the triggering is better then even I could do, actually just better then I'm willing to do.

[Edited on 05/10/05 @ 07:31 PM]

James Right
File Author
This campaign is definently 4.5+, especially if Set's Control was rated a 4.5, and the demo of LOT a 4.7

[Edited on 05/12/05 @ 01:01 PM]

wakain you know,this was a great cmapiagn,although I couldn't get it to work as a campaign in time,just played the last scen(the sphinxes-thing is cool!,but a bit unrealistic)
and enjoyed it.
James Right
File Author
Thanks. I am glad to hear that you liked it. By the way: Why would Riddle Sphinxes be less realistic than other things in aom/my campaign?

[Edited on 05/11/05 @ 03:55 PM]

CaveTown I agree, the sphinxes are not any less/more real then any of the myth units on aom.
Map Design2.0
EDIT: Since you guys are so unhappy about my parody of the story, I've edited it out.

EDIT: I'd like to apologize if anyone was hurt by some of the comments in my review. I'm sorry if any of you were severely offended or hurt by the review.

However, my review still stands.

Playability: 4
I'll admit, it was a slightly enjoyable campaign. The triggers didn't misfire and the levels weren't too insane. But it wasn't exactly fun. This is primarily because the thing is a pushover in difficulty, and the only thing stopping me from giving this a 3 from it is that I love winning. The "Goodies" laid around seemed nice enough, but they weren't really neccessary and mostly could be skimmed over. Some of the endings to the levels were too odd. In some you just had to hit a gate or land and suddenly you won. There was also the issue of just bolting the super general the second you saw him. My only gripe is the Temple and Zeus and how mind numbingly easy it is to abuse it's ability to refuel your rescources when you were low. In any case, a fairly strong campaign.

Balance: 2
I'm not sure if it's something on my side, but I found this campaign to be a major pushover. Most attacks consisted of weak kamikaze troops running straight into your easily buildable base. The real downside is that you can easily gain momentum from the overly gracious time given and soon all the attacks become pathetic strikes that are eaten alive. The only reasonably difficult portions of this campaign were strangely enough the first and last scenario.

Creativity: 3
Ideas used were somewhat deviant of the norm. Although after seeing RotN I've definitely seen the true possibilities. Regardless, I try to remove this knowledge when reviewing. Things are spiced up by the differences each level, but it all comes brewing down to the same situation. Ideas like the temple and Sphinxs of were not totally alike, yet obvious similarities appear after playing. It's almost all build and destroy and it quickly grows thin after scenario 3.

Map Design: 2
I'm going to try and be nice and kind when giving this score. Honestly I've seen much better work and most of the map looks slapped together in some places. It quickly falls into Cliff Mania and some places water was just placed because the author couldn't seem to put anything else. I'm not saying it's a total failure, but the land and everything is just not interesting. There's no finesse or scene that looks much more different than all the others.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions and spotlight were perfect and I have no qualms with that. Although the story is somewhat lacking. And I still don't get why you called it "Legacy of the Titans" when the only tie in was Kronos burying something. It's actually quite misleading. Any real plot twists or surprises are more or less summed up in your description so there's nothing to say.

Additional Comments:
Almost 3 megs are taken up by the music. I'm confused since the music is used maybe once for one easily replacible scene.

[Edited on 05/18/05 @ 11:04 PM]

Guardian Of Isis Dax105: "Ideas used were somewhat deviant of the norm. Although after seeing RotN I've definitely seen the true possibilities."

That's what I meant with the previous messages.
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