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Legacy of the Titans

Author File Description
James Right
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 6 playable
Version: AoM: The Titans
Legacy of the Titans

Legacy of the Titans starts at a time when Zeus is only fifteen. Kronos orders his servants to burry a weapon of his, for he anticipated Zeus would once overpower him. Would Kronos get his weapon back, then he would be able to defeat Zeus and take control over the world again. Ironically enough, the forfathers of Zelios have built their city on top of that weapon. They are favored by Zeus, and Zelios finds his city under attack by bandits. He goes to a theocrat, who tells him that the bandits are lead by three generals, and that they are after the weapon of Kronos..... They are the servants of Poseidon.....
It is up to Zelios to make sure Kronos can never Return to earth again....

Please read the README file completely!

- Take your time for playing Legacy of the Titans;

- Please remove all earlier files of Legacy of the Titans Demo Version.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
CaveTown There doesn't have to be eye-candy as long as it looks real.
echowinds Actually, more eye-candy often makes it look more real. I wouldn't survive without the eye-candy skills, since my triggering is absolutely horrid.
Dax105 "If Kronos takes out the weapon he will release the titans and use them to destroy or take the earth or something like that."

It's an odd way of wording the Title IMO. It doesn't really tie in all the smoothly with the plot. The title seems like it would directly involve the Titans, instead, it concentrates on someone just trying to get a weapon.

"Think of areas other then only your area of the world, there are many areas like that in places of the world."

Our views differ here, the map needs something that stands out from the rest of the world. Your opinion of good Map Design is simply things dotted here and there and not "Over-eye-candied pieces of junk." IMO it needs something creative, something that you don't see everytime you play the normal AoM campaign.

"What does RotN have to do with this campaign?"

When you compare this to RotN, I'll be honest and blunt, RotN is better and more innovative. Obviously I can't give this a super high score because in context, RotN is the better work. So why should I give this a 4.2 and give RotN a 5.0? That would mean they are almost the same in quality and design.

In any case, I've been dragging too many things into this disscussion, I'd like to move off RotN and other campaigns as it is begining to really drag off the disscussion.

"Why don't you understand? He wanted new music, so he put some in. Also it makes the scene look better."

Actually, after recounting, I found 4 megs are taken up by the music. Although it is good for a scene or two, it does seem slightly wasteful. Some people have only 64K connections, and downloading a 6meg file is not a fast process. Also, the music at most is used for only 20-30 seconds, and the music file is almost 2 minutes long.

"Cliff Mania, there are not cliffs everywhere you walk or anything, hardly any, most is 2/6 of a map. And water isn't placed everywhere either, I think the map design is just fine."

I'll review the maps in order.

1: Lots and lots of ocean. Roughly 9/10 is just sea and cliffs.

2: Almost 1/2 the map is just cliff covering. Despite eye candy, it just degenerates into bottlenecking you from one place to another. It just seems... weak.

3: One of the least cliff oriented scenarios. About 1/8 of the scenario is taken up by cliffs, which is pretty good.

4: Even though this is basically a redesigned map of the last scenario in the normal AoM campaign, it doesn't use cliffs all that much.

5: This is the lowest point of the entire scenario. Everything looks slapped together and cliffs are abound everywhere. Again, we encounter the popular sea taking up 4/5 of the map. Despite James Right reasoning behind the giant cliffs covering a narrow stream inbetween, it's very obvious that something caused him from filling in the space.

6: A large portion of the map is again taken up by the sea. Thankfully, cliffs are less used, but still a fallback for bottlenecking the player.
CaveTown I say I give up on trying to get Dax's review removed, to many people agree with it, so im going to stop talking about it now.
Pollux45 Lol they probably agree with him so that they won't get their butt raped by Dax when they post a scenario they made.
Kumar Shah Watch your mouth before saying anything about other people. Post like this again and I will take action.

Dax105's review stands. James Right is already under warning for creating a smurf and reviewing his own scenario, I can very mush see who is playing fair.

If you have any damn further problems with the review, e-mail me.
Guardian Of Isis WOW! Though LoT has a 2.8, it already has 1000 downloads.
wakain hey,got your old name again?
Guardian Of Isis Uh, the forum and the DL section require 2 accounts...
wakain ah!
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