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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
You must destroy your enemies wonders to win
Armies build instantly, you get unlimited favor, tons of resources and instant research!
The makings for huge battles and a fun time....

Tell me of any problems or things I could add to make it better.

Map design by: Sataneater
Triggers/movie by: Blokhed3

Play the game to find out more.

Please leave a rewiew it doesn't even have to be official i just like to here what people think so i can improve on my next map(s)

Edit: alright later on i'll fix that stupid player 1 problem, i didn't even know it did that. stupid triggers. I'll take way some gates and lower the Hp of the titan and increase attack

I do have a better game coming out (by far) so look out for it.

Edit 2:

All the stupid hitpoint problems have been fixed, the titans don't have as much hp but they have stronger attacks, annoying message fixed, etc.

Those that downloaded this before might want to redownload it when you get the chance.

Thats all for now..
Please keep rewiewing now that i fixed it up.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
sataneater Hi guys i'm sataneater the creator of the map design PLZ leave a review its easy to do.

I might make some more if this gets a good rating, IF ANYBODY DOES SO DO IT!!!

[Edited on 05/14/05 @ 08:17 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
The game isn't all that enjoyable. I found no bugs and all, but the non-fun factor is what brings this down. The game is extremly tedius and I've yet to and likely will not find any players willing to stick around that long. There are 6 gates before each player's fortress, each with a ton of HP, before you finally reach the Wonder, also with a ton of HP. Guarding each base is a titan with, get this, 20000 HP and over 80% on both armors!!! The titans, however, do not have higher attacks, and it takes literally FOREVER to take one down! The utter annoying time spent trying to hack through defenses before you even reach the wonder brings this rating to a 2.

Balance: 2
The game isn't hugely unbalanced, but the game looks as if the creator stacked the deck in the first place. Some HP comparisons...

Host's Wonder- 12498 HP
Other Player's Wonders- 9999 HP
Host's Gate- 10500
Other Player's Gates- 10000
Host's Town Center- 3500
Other Player's Town Centers- 2800

It would seem the creator used Modify Protounit to give the host's stuff more HP. This makes the game unbalanced. Although it's not much, it's clear the game was made intentionally unfair and thus the score is docked by 3 points.

Creativity: 1
There have been a good 100 bloods done before. This is absolutely nothing new, only some new features. Although they are sometimes fun to play, we don't need 100 of them.

Map Design: 5
There is lava. I like lava. Yum... *Ahem* Excuse me. Anyway, there is some eyecandy. Examples include Odin's wonder, the Guardians, and meshing in the player's bases. Although in a normal scenario this would get only a 2 or 3, in a blood-ish map, eyecandy is actually better if there's less (to avoid lag) so this should get a 5.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are told well. That's 4 points right there. What didn't make it a 5 was the absense of a story. Still, instructions good (though the message box telling you how everything trains real fast that keeps coming up is annoying).

Additional Comments:
There are better blood naps out there, that's for sure. I would check them out, check out advice from this and (if there are any) other reviews, and add to this map. By the way, I would highly reccomend changing the title "BATTLE ARENA" because it is highly generic, and, well, kind of boring. Some points to improve on:

-Length (at least of tedius parts)
-Creativity (adding something fresh)
-Biasedness (making it fair for everyone)

And things you did well:

-Appropriate amounts of eyecandy to avoid lag
-Instruction quality

Keep designing on!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Thats alot better now that theres less gates, the game goes a bit faster, that and the titans aren't as hard to take out. still takes awhile to beat.

Balance: 4
Thats better now that all the hitpoint problems are fixed

Creativity: 2
Like gummywrm said, theres alot of blood maps. So i give you a 2.

Map Design: 4
it looks good, theres not too much eyecandy and its not compacted so you can move around without having crap in your way

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were good, even came with a readme. No story..but its an arena map not a campain.

Additional Comments:

Over all its okay, but theres better.
File Author
yay our rating went up!!
CaveTown That rating is to short, it must have three lines of text for each subject.

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Map Design4.5
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