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The Horde

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The Horde, is a single player B&D game with some twists and the fun about it is the expected heavy fighting for about 2 hours, or less if you're a pro.

You play Thor culture called Steroids and you're up against three (3) Norse opponents !!!
BUT, you have quality against quantity as your troops are very strong if you have the time to make the special armory upgrades.
This is based on my find of Thor's double armory upgrades, if given both a normal as well as a Dwarven armory.

The story is that the Druid has found a potion on how to make your soldiers very tough, and you -Lord Steroid- will lead them to victory through elimination of all opponents.
Take note, that you-Lord Steroid are a moving tank-behemoth type of man-creature and if you die, you lose.

The map has been simplified to reduce lag, but there's some scenery, as well as a special magical place.

Don't want to say more, if you want to have fun for a couple of hours and enjoy heavy fighting, then try out my scenario. It also has some good replay value. It took me a month to make, after many previous failed attempts, but I got it, the triggers work fine, limited lag, and computer opponents work well too.


George Anastasoulis
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Archaeopterix Great gameplay so far. Played twice, lost twice. I'm going to try it again today and review it as soon as I've won :)

Check the forum thread for more details.
Brazil Not too easy, no too hard. The strength of this scenario is the balance. Map design isn't that good but at least it's big enough for a good gameplay. Can't say much on cinematics because I didn't find one. It's just a simple scenario where you can have some fun. Well worth playing!
File Author
Thanks for the replies guys and your comments.

I didn't place any cinematics, even though I'd made a 1 minute one that explained things, but during playtesting I found out that the 1 minute loss of time, was quite significant for the player's survival.

Of course the game is about gameplay and the reason why anyone should play it, is the heavy fighting.
Now, after playtesting it about 20 times, here's some word of advice:
go forward and find a settlement near the centre of the map, and build around that to prevent the enemy from winning the TC victory. You should know, that this place is going to get hit hard and that's where you should have max defense, plus the Healing Spring.
Don't go into the rocky lake in the centre of the map, cause of the magical beast that guards it. Just make sure that the enemy doesn't get to the gold mines there.
Heal your soldiers after every battle, it's very important as you'll probably have minimum losses cause of their armoury double advances, and this way you won't have to spend much money. Don't protect the resources, protect your villagers and surely the dwarves.
Go to the wooded area behind the starting point, and cut a path through the forest there. Then go into the empty corner (there's a relic there too) and set up your farming operation with I'd propose 12-15. Later on, food can and will be used to get gold at the market. Don't forget to heavily close the opening in the woods with towers and perhaps a few arcus archers, who can become HEROES and this is why I though of making them as expensive as the Trolls.
So from the centre fortified camp, attack and destroy your opponents one by one, starting with Odin to the left of your front, which will "free up" the left top side of the map for you to exploit it's resources, then go for Thor and leave Loki for last, or if you prefer do it the other way around. I prefer to take out Odin first, because of his damn birds that fly all over and give word to them.
Remember, keep your army together -they're just too tough to be defeated if in sufficient numbers, and keep some reserve to guard the farms enclosed in the wooded area. Other than that, just scatter tents all over the map for control-vision and also set up traps-ambushes with towers and hillforts at selected points.
When you have the strength -and I'd suggest after taking out Odin, go for Hrusoupolis (the golden city), use 3 portable rams to take out the entrance fortress, then retreat and draw the militia to your troops, then attack again with axemen and take out the Sentinels one by one, every time healing your men, then take out the wonder and finally the high priest. After that you'll have access to lots of gold and relics that certainly tip the play heavily in your favour.

I've learnt this through hard play, and you're right -it's a simple scenario but it's value -if any, you be the judge- is in the gameplay and the replay which is different everytime around.
So go forward and crush those opponents, your warriors are on Steroids and with their Lord in the lead, they can certainly crush them all and even leave no women around to hear their lamentation. Ho, ho, ho !!!

best regards and I hope you have fun

[Edited on 05/29/05 @ 03:58 AM]

Brazil Nice tips, guy! I hadn't thought of getting gold with the market, maybe that's why I lost twice. Thanks!

Take a look at the scenario MAGICAL SANDS - Into the Land of Wonders (it's mine). Play it rather than viewing it with the editor not to miss surprising elements. Have fun! Don't forget to comment then.
Archaeopterix Please don't use places like this to advertise for your own projects.

*starting up AoM and loading saved game "Horde"*

Brazil ADVERTISE? Tinus has POSTED news about his own upcoming scenario within the comments for my scenario but I didn't notice it was a murky attempt of ADVERTISING!!! Gosh, people are getting more and more dishonest as time goes by! I'll have to punish him.
Anyway, something tells me I WILL play his scenario because it PLEASES me and I should even thank him for LETTING ME KNOW about what he's worked on.

Can you guys understand the point of those capital letters?

[Edited on 05/29/05 @ 08:54 PM]

File Author
Brazil, thanks -will do.
Archaeopterix, hope you have fun and win.

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
This scenario is one big non-stop super-intense battle. Some of the elements like the mama, tents instead of houses and two armories make this gameplay stand out from regular "fight vs AI"-scenarios. I really enjoyed playing it several times over and trying different strategies. There isn't much more I can say about it.

Balance: 4
The balance is good, but since it is automatically adjusted by the AI setting (medium, hard, titan), you don't deserve a 5 here :P But because balancing is nevertheless quite hard (and you said you playtested lots of times), I give you a 4.

Creativity: 4
I haven't seen much scenarios which make such a good use of AI before. Also, the new gameplay elements were very creative (although you could have implemented more of them).

Map Design: 4 (was 3)
Nothing special. There are a few eyecandied areas, but the rest is quite similar to a regular random map. For a story-oriented scenario, I would have given you a 2, but in this case the map is quite important for gameplay (strategic elements), and besides: AI doesn't work with too much eyecandy. So, a 3 for map design is IMO appropriate.

Story/Instructions: 3
No story - which is a pity. You could combine a scenario like this with a background story just to give it another dimension, so you know what you're fighting for. This might just be a matter of taste - and you said yourself that it is a gameplay-oriented scenario, so I'll give you a 3 nevertheless.

Additional Comments:
A must-play for anyone in for non-stop fighting.

EDIT: I upped the map design mark, having re-read the new review guidelines.

[Edited on 10/22/09 @ 01:07 PM]

File Author
Thank you very much Archaeopterix,
It's the first time my scenario succeeds in providing a bug free map for players to enjoy. I was really down after my 2 previous botched attempts and so this was tested heavily and I kept it quite simple.

thanks again

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