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What did i do wrong???

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# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: Don't know
Player 1's Name: Dont know
Player 2's Name: Noob_NoobadyNoob
This was a game which i should have won, but i didn't. I was up on him by about 3000 points for the entire game but for some reason, i couldn't beat him. I was odin and he was Isis. what did I do wrong? Your tips would be apreciated.
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Dax105 He made calvary, and you couldn't go through Bragi. Ulfsarks with Swine Array are the only units that can really take down Elephants. But since you didn't have Bragi as a choice, he abused Calvary to gain the lead.
TOAO_Power FH vs Isis and make jarls, then take MC. Make your HF in the middle of map, distract him with FF and WW in back of his base. :)
MaYzer You could just upgrade your ALL villies to ulfsarks especially at the time when you were about to go for the Titan....

He was running short of recources, and he would resign, instead ;)
Militarydude well about the war elephant thing... u really cant beat them with ulfs. so u should of done what u could to slowly kill them until u could tell production slowed down, this would happen b/c eles are way to expensive. then he would change to camelry based on his strat. there u could own him with ulfs and get some rams to take down his stronghold while he was off fighting. if he was to go with chariots then just get ur rams right away and take down the strongholds 'cus rams have very strong peirce armor.
Anastasoulis OK, so you couldn't go Bragi to get Ulfsarks with Swine Array -he knew it, he used it, he stomped you with his elephants, right? WRONG.
I counted at least 3 attacks with about 5 elephants you beat and survived with minimal casualties.
In my opinion the mistake was in the way you play, battle driven and I explain. First of all, you could've attacked him at heroic with a bunch of cavalry and would've caught him economically booming and surely would've wiped him out. You just stayed passively on your side and waited to fend off his attacks, leaving his base and production areas unchallenged. Secondly, you kept producing units but got the upgrades much later -I remember noticing a Jarl of yours attacking a villager of his and striking for 1/2 a minute before bringing him down.
Apart from the intial ulfsark exploration that covered less than half of the map, you only made one more attempt at scouting -by sending Odin's crows about and this is how you discovered his advance from your left side. Still you allowed him to have his priest raised "eyes" just outside your perimeter, meaning he was continuously monitoring your activity -while you had no idea of what he was doing. This is why your dwarve gold mining operation got massacred, you could've used it to set up an ambush you know...
Your counterattack from the left flank, did produce good results, but while you micromanaged your counter offensive, he was setting up for an attack from the right.
You produced many Jarls (25 was it?) and Houskarls and after he found out he couldn't defeat them with spearmen and slingers, he went for elephants -just elephants and you didn't adopt and changed to ulfsarks, but continued with the same combo.
Why didn't you continue producing villagers and dwarves ?
Why didn't you use Odin's animal multiplier GP on the location near your TC where the boars were? You could've put all the sheep you found there, and did your thing and gotten lots of food fast.
By the time you decided to go for the Titan, your troop number had fallen dramatically, but still you started it with just 9 Housekarls. When you detected his force coming for your Titan gate, you just micromanaged your existing force into an interception course and didn't produce ulfsarks from the nearby TC.
One thing I would've done for sure, would be to use all that favour to produce Valkyries, mixing them with Throwing Axemen (you made only 1 of them if I remember correctly), Raiders and Jarls and would've gone for the throat. If you have 3-5 Valkyries you can heal your army pretty fast, and despite the fact that you upgraded Valkyries -you didn't make any. You know, a Valkyrie has more than 400 hps and because it's a monster, it has a bonus agains the egyptian elephants !!! Try and match 10 Valkyries against 10 elephants and see what happens, but remember that Valkyries can retire-regroup/heal-and renew their attack, while the elephants will be crawling forward slowly.
Also you made only 1-2 portable rams (great to take down buildings and drawing their arrows) and no ballistas which have a great range-LOS.
What can I say, you play well but you are a defensive player, which means that no matter how good you are -your opponent will eventually defeat you -it's a mathematical axiom.
So my friend, remember Napoleon's words: "Offense is the best defense", don't micromanage your army so much, just make a different mixed bunch every time and send them over to say hello to your opponent. The objective of these suicide attacks is to keep him busy and his villagers not working but instead hiding like yours did 3 times when the elephants appeared.
BTW, leaving your vills out in the open is also a good strategy, cause the elephants go for the vills and ignore the troops attacking them. That's how the attack hierarchy works and you can use it to your advantage.
One last (finally) word of advice in this long post, use some Norse Oxcart (2-3) in your attacks, they're great for drawing building arrow-fire and all enemy combat units, thus leaving your own combatants free to do their stuff. This tactic is called MEAT SHIELD and it really works -trust me, your opponent will have to do lots of micro management when the meat shields are included in a battle.
Practice this on your own first and then try again, also read some of the strategy articles included in the AoM site.



P.S. sorry for the long post, hope I didn't bore you

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