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Version: AoM: The Titans
From Ambition Designs;

Telos squinted to look through the enveloping darkness. By a distant torchlight he caught a glance of the lumbering beast. But where was it going? Before he could contemplate any answer, rumbling footsteps could be heard - getting closer... closer still.
He stepped backwards, his hands flailing behind him to find some support, something to give comfort. All he found was the rough wet and stone surface of the high block of housing.
By another torch, he glimpsed it again. It was moving quickly.
The housing behind him was precariously built, fashioned with many houses on top of each other up a cliff side – people who lived on the higher buildings obviously used stairs and ladders to get to their dwellings.
Telos heard the high pitched growl. It was almost mechanical, like the sound of sharpening a weapon.
There was a light in the lowest abode, and he could hear the faint sound of talking and laughter through the closed shutters. He almost wanted to shout to them, for help; to help themselves.
Out of nowhere, the creature was everywhere. It launched into the air, and through mere instinct, Telos dived out of the way. The monster didn’t even notice – it pummeled through the side of the building on the lowest floor, and it disappeared inside, dust billowing.
Telos stood up, watching, sword in hand and ready for another attack. Another rumbling could be heard, a different one, and a creaking too. Before the creature could even move, the entire five stories of buildings collapsed down on top of it.
An ear shattering howl was soon cut out.
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

Alright, where do I begin. Well, the opening cinematic is actually pretty bad (it's just text;)), but from then on, the scenario turns out to be pretty entertaining! There are tons of goodies to discover (the graveyard was awesome), the wasp nests, the ballistas- it's really a great scenario.

And a hard one too. It would get pretty boring at times to just sit and hack away at the Eirnjars. Against myth units your hero is too weak.

Pros: The Boss battle (fantastic), the maze, lots of great trigger tricks, virtually NO bugs.

Cons: Kind of slow, espiacally when fighting Myth units.

Balance: 4

Pretty damn hard. It's not unbeatable or anything, but I loaded it up atleast 24 times, lol. There are a few issues, for example, your Leviathan can die (happened twice) and this actually makes the scenario unbeatable (so watch out). The scenario depends heavily on shrines/g/ps/etc..- however, unfortunately, it is really hard to find these shrines. The bear is also incredibly weak and it's pretty hard to keep track of his health.

On the other hand, the swamp area was pretty easy, as was the fight with the Fallen one. I can't complain though- it was a welcome relief:).

Needless to say this is balanced very well. It's not a perfect 5, but for those of you looking for a challenge, god damnit, this is IT!

Pros: Offers a good challenge for the pros, alot of unique strategies to try out.

Cons: It's damn hard. I replayed it 24 times. Thank god for quicksave!

Creativity: 5

This scenario is OOZING in creativity man. There are alot, and I mean ALOT, of trigger tricks, spectacular stuff. I espiacally enjoyed the graveyard part, and the maze was a delight.

The riddles will be fun, but be warned, they can be hard:p!

Pros: Lots of stuff. And I mean- LOTS OF STUFF.

Cons: None, really.

Map Design: 4

Nice! Dense forests with lots of cool stuff. Lots of paths to follow, and exploring was made funner by the little things placed here and there.

A little more eye candy would've been better, and more variation in the terrain. The forest seemed endless, and got pretty repetitive after a while, despite all the cool little trigger tricks to be found. Giant statues, some mystical things here and there would really have given a greater atmosphere.

Pros: Dense, beautiful forests, lots of cool places to visit.

Cons: Repetitive.

Story/Instructions: 5

Great. The author created his own world, and the story is intriguing. I espiacally liked the riddles because they sort of forced you to keep up with the story. Objectives and Hints are the best I've ever seen, and you're really guided along most of the way. Good stuff.

I don't like the use of Chats for dialogue but that is just me, so it won't detract, ofcourse.

Pros: Well organized, intriguing story-line.

Cons: NONE.

Additional Comments:

This is great. I guess it's only weaknesses are the opening cinematics and the difficulty factor- man, this is pretty hard. I had to load it up so many times:P.

D O W N L O A D T H I S N O W.

(The Marsh looks great).

[Edited on 06/12/05 @ 03:26 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I really liked the fact that there were a lot of different things, protecting things, mazes, great end battle, fighting lots of weak units, fighting a few strong units. Really alot of different things and above all, a thing you really like after playing HC: NO BUGS!

Balance: 4
Every things was nearly perfect, units could really die: they didn't have tons of hp or high armor, when in bearshape it was hard. but in swamp you had the Fallen One dying way to soon( you could have made that battle more intresting with appearing shades or something)
and after that you could just run back the hades shades were far to slow to catch up with you. I am not saying you should make the heros slower, more other units faster (and let them appear faster to).

Creativity: 5
Great world, great triggerwork, great story, great eyecandy, great missions to say it in a nutshell. I really find it great that you thought up your own story, next to that you had balisstas, firing statues and mission different from "kill!" nothing but good to say.

Map Design: 5
Guardian we really have a different taste, in your maps I really have trouble finding things, just take the first town from Birthright: its really over eyecandyed: I would look great i you left a few thing and it really looked like a town not Walt Disney (the park not the guy).
I didn't find the forest get boring: all looked nice and was it really a very long part? The swamp was very cool and the plants that really are at home in a swamp. The city looked great and had the feeling that it was a city, with lots of close together buildings and "sections": parts with manors, parts with houses, part with siege, and so on.

Story/Instructions: 4
All was clear, great story, one thing: the partners didn't have a clear background: why did the merc (hard name) join?.
About not having a cinematic at start: I found that a good thing, you could image how Talos (can write that one) left and how the others were killed. If you really want to make a cinematic make a mosaic and show that: we can still image things and people have something to look at.

Great work I really loved it! Just work on the background of the partners, and increase enemy speed in the swamp.
I thing that suprised me was that the leviathan didn't heal, it wasn't much of trouble so i will forgive you for that one.

[Edited on 06/13/05 @ 03:50 PM]

Map Design5.0
Finally got around to playing this!

Playability: 5
You did a great job on the scenario, Shrink. The map was very fun and introduced a lot of new and creative methods of gameplay. For instance, the maze and many of the shade battles were very, very fun! And, both the gameplay and cinematics ran smoothly and I couldn't find any bugs in the map.

Balance: 5
This is one of the few scenarios I've played with great balance. It wasn't too hard but it wasn't too easy. For example, I think you placed just the right amount of shades and enemies along with the restoration powers and traps. So, no complaints here. When the boar came out, he was relatively easy to kill as after a while I just took it near a torch and fought it as the fire continually burnt the boar.

Creativity: 5
The map is extremely creative. Like I said before, you introduced quite a few new trigger efects like the traps and the shade battle in the marsh with the walls of fire. Great job! The maze was also very creative with the Sphinx and the serpents and how the maze walls dissappeared after finding the chicken. I also really enjoyed the quiz. It took me a few tries but it was nice and I could tell you created it with a lot of triggers and hard work since the sorceror said so many different things when you got a different answer wrong. The traps were a great addition. I especially liked the traps where you took the boar to and the houses caved in and I liked the crate trap near the market where the crates turned into myth units.

Map Design: 5
I loved the map! The land, cities, river, and marsh all looked ace. The main city looked very great with all of the manors aligned perfectly and the palace grounds were very nice. However, I do think you should add a little more eye-candy to the maze. But I'll still give you a 5 as the rest of the map more than makes up for it.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was pretty amazing and the instructions were descriptive. I liked how you used the flares and revealers and how you made the objectives banner flash to help you with the new objective. I marked off a point because I wasn't a fan of the dialog. Some of the dialog was a little bland and in the part at the marsh with the Fallen One, the dialog went by a little fast for me. But, other than that, it was great!

Additional Comments:
Uprising was incredible, Shrink! Keep up the good work if you are still designing.

Though, I would suggest using animations more in your cinematics.

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Map Design4.7
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