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The wrath of Set

Author File Description
The Guarding One
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
The Wrath Of Set

The slender woman slowly walked down the set sandstone floor, up to her advisor. “Any news?” she whispered. The aged, wise priest tore himself from the soulful view of villagers claiming water from the Nile, using shadufs, and turned to meet her eyes.
The woman, dressed in a light, translucent lilac gown, waited patiently. The priest opened his mouth.
“We are not safe anymore.” He whispered. “Pepi has traveled a perilous journey across the desert to get to Karnak. He has a small group of troops with him”
The woman sighed, showing irritation.
“So what” She sighed. “I can stop him, I have the power! After all, I am the High Priestess of Isis”
The advisor gazed at the Nile once again. “He is not alone. He has Set on his side.”
At that, the priestess realized the threat. She looked extremely concerned. She sprinted out of the temple, and looked across the desert, from upon the precipice.
“They have come for revenge” she whispered to herself. “We turned to Isis, and stopped worshipping Set. Now he comes to punish us!”

But the High Priestess need not be worried. Isis was on their side.

A scenario created by The Guarding One.

This scenario includes:

• A beautiful 400 x 400 map, full of eye candy.
• Four major missions.
• Chances to fight with the Guardian and the Son of Osiris.
• Helping hands from the gods.
• An entertaining plot.
• Intro Cinematic.
• And more!

There is a new way to quit the game: Press Enter, type in quit, and press enter again. This will take you back to the main menu. Quitting this way means that surprises will not be spoilt when the map is revealed when you press quit from the in-game menu.

Place the Scenario file in My DocumentsMy GamesAge of MythologyScenario, and select it from the Load Scenario menu in-game.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Not for a long time have I come across such enjoyable scenarios! The Wrath of Set kept my attention and I generally thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the sacrificial temple - it was very original although it should be brought to attention that it stopped working correctly after a while. (I am trying not to give the game away)

Balance: 4
It is a strong scenario which kept my interest all the way to the end, but having benig a player of AoM since the beginning I found that this scenario wasn't totally challenging me. Even on 'hard' I found that the scenario was intermediate in skill to complete. This is of course not a bad thing as there was the odd battle that nearly caught me off guard, and I know that players sometimes tend to prefer a more relaxed scenario... just a thought, this is why I gave it 4 instead of 5.

Creativity: 5
Well, what can I say, along with the map design - the creativity sparkled. and as it says in the blurb at the scenario download screen, it has 'atmosphere'! Triggers were finely exploited throughout the map and especially I refer to the sacrificial temple and the cut scenes. If I had anything else to say it would be to keep exploring new ways of performing triggers etc...

Map Design: 5
Well The Guarding One has not failed to disapoint me in this area so far, and The Wrath of Set is no exception. The atmospheric air of realism that captures the lands of Egypt in this scenario is phenomenal to say the least. These are the kinds of scenario that I love, (Sorry if 5 seems a biased score in this case), esecially I commend the rock formations, the forests even the shapes and contours of the land! If nothing else, download this scenario to see the design, it is great!

Story/Instructions: 4
I guess I have given the story a 4 because I don't think it was 'that' original an idea, but with the amount of other scenarios with similar themes it is hard to find an original story. But again it was entertaining, and was well set out, all the objectives flowed on time and I had no problem with what I had to do and what else had happened so instructions were well done. Good job.

Additional Comments:
Ok, this is my first review in like a year, maybe two, so don't bite my ear off. I unfortunatley tend to be too nice sometimes, so please take any criticism that I have made and take it seriously (this is not a threat ;p)

I am eargerly looking forward to your next Guarding One! Hurry up!!!! :D

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This scenario is smooth! There aren't many scenarios as bug-less and polished as this. It has great dialogues and chats, constant difficulty and various sub-challenges. This, combined with the gameplay (partly "build and destroy") make sure this scenario would fit in perfectly with the original AoM and TT campaigns. I give you a 4 here.

Balance: 3
Too easy, although I can understand that people who never play online and are satisfied with 4 villagers, or people who don't know how to convert animals find it challenging enough. So, the balance is a 3 - not good, not bad.

Creativity: 3
It contained some creative elements yes, but every scenario does. What it lacked was a bigger piece of originality - like a smashing storyline, revolutionary eyecandy types (oscar's buildings are an example of such revolutionary eyecandy) or new gameplay - and this prevents me from giving you a 4 here. Creativity a 3!

Map Design: 4
Finally a map not spoiled with eyecandy, rock borders and buildings stuffed onto eachother! The map design would, just like the playability and smoothness, fit in with the original campaigns. I generally like things a bit more eyecandied, though, and some areas were a bit (just a bit!) too empty for my likings. So, the desert might be a bit empty here and there (heck, that's why it's a desert), but the towns looked realistic and full of life, so, a well-deserved four!

Story/Instructions: 4
The story isn't very 'deep': it lacks character development and used the cliche good vs evil theme. The instructions were all very good and contained zero spelling errors, so you earned a 4 here. I hope you try to implement a more ingenious story next time.

Additional Comments:
Well done. In my opinion your next scenario should be a bit more original, gameplay-wise, because I've had enough of all this due to the long and boring arkantos campaigns. So, different gameplay... RPG? Nah, there are so many other gameplay-types, you just have to discover them! You seem to have the required knowledge to discover that, so please try to do so. Good luck.

[Edited on 07/07/05 @ 04:58 PM]

dr nefarious
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The scenario plays smooth and contains no major bugs. The main problem I see is that since the player can more or less do what he wants the game is reduced to sort of a random map game. I quickly forgot about Pepi, the Guardian or the "sacrificial" elephants and simply mopped up the map with a very "mundane" army of mainly camelry and catapults. Or why should I care about scarce gold mines if I can simply put up a market and get two dozen caravans working? The whole background is lost that way.

Balance: 2
Way too easy, and almost impossible to lose! It's the same problem as with most custom made b&d games: The enemy just sits around waiting to be slaughtered. The player has almost unlimited resources a his disposal, so it's easy enough to create a huge army and walk straight across everything the enemy has. A scenario like this needs a challenging enemy, if possible with its own customized AI. You have to put the player under pressure! If he's never attacked, he can simply build up until the enemy no longer poses a challenge.

Creativity: 3
I did not find anything that I had not seen before. The gameplay is more or less limited to "attack village 1", "attack village 2", "attack village 3" and so on. Some of the additional ideas (the sacrifices or the guardian) were not bad, but you could have thought about more interesting ways for the player to gain these advantages. Finding the Sword Bearers at the other end of the map did not exactly come as a surprise for me!

Map Design: 4
I did not see much of the eye candy you promised, but the map looks not bad, it's been carefully drawn. The desert parts look somewhat realistic. It's certainly better than a random map, and it serves its purpose well enough, but it's not outstanding.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story and instructions are simple and clear. A bit too simple perhaps, you could have spent a little more time on the background, like putting something in the spotlight. One small detail: In most cases, the new objectives were presented before the old ones had been fulfilled completely, e.g. after one of the two docks was destroyed, or when the temple was just being built.

Additional Comments:
Some minor bugs, mostly details: At the very beginning the corner of the map is visible before the cinematic starts. Ani's villagers try to "steal" the player's gold (and Ani can be set as an enemy to prevent that). Several chat messages come from the "wrong" player, i.e. the name doesn't match the color. If two animals reach the sacrificial torch at the same time, the reward is only granted only once. And it's possible to win by controlling all settlements.

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Map Design4.3
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