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AOM Campaign Maker 1.9.1

Author File Description
Mangatome AOM Campaign Maker v1.9

Hi all!
The Campaign Maker now works with AOM and AOM The Titans !

Help is in the readme.txt in the zip file :)

Version 1.9.1 updates :
-"Examine directory" error message disabled.
-Backgrounds names in overlay editor now coressponds to AOMCM's backgrounds' names
-Overlay Backgrounds sets now include base background sets if missing.
-Better overlay mapper backgrounds images (thanks again AoMPlayer000)
-Overlay mapper image scrolling enabled.

Version 1.9 updates :
-Overlay mapper (pfiou!)
-Campaign menu is now 'Tools' menu.
-Added 'Overlay mapper' to 'Tools' menu.
-'Configuration' is now in 'Tools' menu.
-Atlantis background is now named "New Atlantis" (it's the AOM:TT Atlantis background), and "Old Atlantis" is the AOM Atlantis background.
-Balloon tips help content improved.
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AoMPlayer000 Do you mean this:
< BackgroundSet name = "Atlantis" >
< Image pos = "1" > uicampmap_atlantis1 < /Image >
< Image pos = "2" > uicampmap_atlantis2 < /Image >
< Image pos = "3" > uicampmap_atlantis3 < /Image>
< Image pos = "4" > uicampmap_atlantis4 < /Image >
< Image pos = "5" > uicampmap_atlantis5 < /Image >
< Image pos = "6" textureReplace="" > uicampmap_atlantis6 < /Image >
< Image pos = "7" textureReplace="" > uicampmap_atlantis7 < /Image >
< Image pos = "8" > uicampmap_atlantis8 < /Image >
< Image pos = "9" > uicampmap_atlantis9 < /Image >
< Image pos = "10" > uicampmap_atlantis10 < /Image >
< Image pos = "11" > uicampmap_atlantis11 < /Image >
< Image pos = "12" > uicampmap_atlantis12 < /Image >

BTW, forgot to add that this is GREAT news :D!!

Oh, and I tried again, even 1020 765 is possible. Although you wont see anything in this position because these are the coordinates of the left upper corner of the overlay, as already mentioned :). Only if you use a square you can hardly see something.

[Edited on 07/21/05 @ 08:01 AM]

File Author
Ok, thanks, that's it.
For the coordinates, i'll stay on the base of 1024 740. But the overlay mapper allows you to specifie the coordinates you want :) so you can explose the limit ;)

And I have created a specific fileformat, so if developpers have a better way to do an image mapper, they can do that, AOMCM will accept this.
If I don't release AOMCM v1.9 friday or saturday, i'll release it monday. I hope :)
AoMPlayer000 So... Does it work with drag and drop? Oh, this is important: You should have an option to include the overlays from the previous scn for every single scn so that you can work further from that!

Hang on a second... I said that 1020 765 is possible and you said 1024... I also noticed that I could add a tiny bit more if I wanted...
You know what that means :)? The maximum MUST indeed be 1024 768 :)! Now we've found the right one, no need for an adjustable limit :).

The reason I didn't find this out before is that I didn't know the relative centre of the overlay was the left upper corner. Thus it's natural that 1024*768 is the max, but you won't see anything there because it's exactly at the edge :).

[Edited on 07/21/05 @ 08:17 AM]

File Author
I'm happy to see that someone shares my ideas.

1) You will be able to use your overlays sets like a normal background in AOMCM (like Greece, or Egypt)

2) Drag and drop is actually present :)

3) Is it **serious** if no limit is present?
AoMPlayer000 Good :).

3) What do you mean? If you use 1024*768 as the max there'll be no need to adjust it, because everything else would result in a mess ;).

Will you include this though? It's really important:
"Oh, this is important: You should have an option to include the overlays from the previous scn for every single scn so that you can work further from that!"

[Edited on 07/21/05 @ 01:19 PM]

File Author
"You will be able to use your overlays sets like a normal background in AOMCM (like Greece, or Egypt)"
That's what I mean :) you will be able to use several times a single overlay set in every scn you want.

About the limit I feel a bit lazy ... but i'll see.
Release planed tommorow :)
File Author


[Edited on 07/22/05 @ 07:46 AM]

AoMPlayer000 Great, but it is "Unable to examine directory. (If you see that error you are very unlucky)"

Hm ;).

It looks great, but I can't save the file I created with the overlay editor... There's no "File" menu, and it neither works with Ctrl+S.

EDIT: No, I found the "File" menu, and the error only appears if there's no file in your AOMCM directory yet.

So far it's great, but I'll post further suggestions later ;). Great work!!

I'll update my review, either now or when the next version with minor fixes is released :). I'll post later!

EDIT2: Ok, first off I've made some nicer background images. Give me your email and I'll send them to you at once :).

Secondly, the overlay mapper window is terrible ;). It's too large for my screen, I can't see everything! (I use a 1024*768 resolution in Windows.) It would be way better if you made the overlay editor a normal window which fits the screen.

I like the new names for the backgrounds in the campaign program ("Old" and "New" Atlantis). You should keep them in the overlay editor (there it says "Atlantis (titans)" or so at the moment).

There's this strange error message I mentioned ;).

And the program now almost always suggests the wrong folder to save the files to ;).

But these are all minor issues, it's indeed GREAT so far, just fix the overlay editor window and add my new backgrounds :).

Great job!

EDIT3: Major bug: The program doesn't include BackgroundSets for the backgrounds created with the overlay editor! -> Messes up the image in game

[Edited on 07/22/05 @ 12:01 PM]

File Author
Ok, thanks for feedback, every coder need a beta-tester :)
I'll fix the bugs you've found.
But the over-sized-window issue is disturbing beacause placement and coordinates will be modificated.

If you want you can mail send me screenshots at cybisoft@free.fr. thanks

Stay tuned.

EDIT : Actually, this window's size is 1000, 740, so I don't understand why it don't fit in your screen.

[Edited on 07/22/05 @ 12:37 PM]

AoMPlayer000 Well, it fits in, but not very well... You can't see all of it due to the WindowsXP bars.

And why didn't you make it 1024*768, because that must be the correct size.

Well, if there's no other solution for the window it's not that bad, maybe you could make us able to scroll over the image :).
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