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Kill Bill download 1

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Style: No Style
# of Scenarios: 72
Version: AoM: The Titans
Unfortunately, because the maximum file size for this website is 8MB, and this campaign is so big, I had to split the download into 6 mini downloads. Don’t panic! It is all part of the same campaign, and the instructions on what to do are in the first download.

A little bit about the campaign. It is based on the film "Kill Bill" however does not follow the exact same storyline, all the characters have been changed except for Bill. The campaign has 40 playable scenarios with cinematic scenarios in between most of the scenarios, it is split into 4 chapters of 10 scenarios, each chapter is based on a different civilisation (Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etc). The campaign features some of the original music from "Kill Bill" and includes all the main units (Gaia, the Guardian, Prometheus, ec). It took 1.5 years to make and playtest, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Have fun. Good luck!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

Some Scenarios are fantastic, some mediocre, and some weak. Many are quite long, requiring more then 10 hours to complete unless one knows exactly what to do. Even then, they can be quite long without being stimulating. Average players may not be able to win every scenario. Frequently, much of the time is spent doing repetitive mop-up activity lacking danger, only requiring methodical persistence. Some, too, ensure that the player constantly remains alert and employs good thinking and tactics to survive.

Some minor design flaws allow infinite spawing that result in crashes or simply hoards of friendly troops standing around.

Balance: 4

Balance varies from good to imbalanced for either side. That wouldn't be the case for the best players as they would win every scenario so how can they be too heavy on the opponents side. But, for the average player, that wouldn't be the case. In one Scenario, the player can enter a final battle with a Population count over 4,000 almost all of which are never used. In another, the count is around 2,000. Again, hardly any are used to complete the Scenario Titan Level or not. Conversly, there is at least one Scenario that average players may not be able to win except at "Easy" and it still isn't that easy. The player has to do some heavy wasting immediately but it is much more then just wailing away and building Units.

Creativity: 4

As with most of the Campaign, some aspects were exceptional, some fairly common, and some less then inspired. I empathize with the creator, however. Some have constructed amazingly creative single Scenarios. To maintain that level over a 40 Scenario Campaign might be a super-human effort, if possible.

One aspect of this creation is that it can fulfill the fantasies of many players. Who, for instance, hasn't wanted to reap havoc with an army of Sons of Osiris. Well, this Campaign gives that opportunity.

Map Design: 4

Varies from "holy cow!" to "ho hum". I recommend that players take a look at every map even if they choose not to take on the Campaign. It is clear from the attention to detail and flow-control that some maps took weeks, if not months, to create. Unfortunately, some Scenarios end before the player can, or needs, to scout the whole map. The cinemas were also evidence of considerable effort and added great value.

Story/Instructions: 4

A combination of both original thinking and a simple variation on the AOM Campaign itself. By paying attention, the player never really wonders what he/she should be doing.

I am not sure what to think about one thing. The Campaign is called "Kill Bill" and Bill is involved from beginning to end. However, one never gets a chance to fight and actually kill Bill.

Additional Comments:

It would be impossible to spend hours upon hours going through this Campaign and end up claiming it to be anything but challenging and fun. The uneven nature, however, and the many hours doing the same thing over and over caused me to give an overall rating of 4.0.

This campaign can be a tremendous training tool. If one is uneasy dealing with a Titan, that concern will have vanished having completed the Campaign. Not only will one have to take on multiple Titans at the same time, and more then once, some of the Titans are much more powerful then typical Titans...some real bad dudes.

The same goes for dealing with huge armies (and I mean huge), mega-fortified bases, choke points resulting in real blood-baths, impossibly large groups of Myth Units of every combination, shape and color, and the infinitely-spawning enemy situation.

If you like AOM-Titan then give this a chance. Go from beginning to end. If one Scenario doesn't suit your taste then simply Channel Surf on go on to the next one. All in all, I am pretty sure just about every one will enjoy the experience even if one decides to skip most of the fights.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The playability is great, it was quite clear from the start that you spent double the time on the gameplay of each scenario that you did on the cinematic.

Balance: 5
The balance was just right, there was a difficulty level suitable for every standard of player. And some scenarios were exceptionally challenging.

Creativity: 4
There was some excellent creativity in that campaign, especially in chapter 4 where you had the thunderstorm. That was great! Although there were some scenarios that were not entirely yours, so next time you should try to make all your scenarios 100% from scratch.

Map Design: 5
The landscape of each scenario was brilliant, in every scenario I felt that everything had been put whatever place for a purpose, and that nothing was there just to take up space.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was very well explained through the cinematics and in-game chat, even people who had never seen Kill Bill would be able to understand the plot. The instructions were very well laid out, and not once during the campaign did I feel like I didn't know what to do next

Additional Comments:
This campaign is much better than all those campaigns made by "editor superstars" like oscar and sziggy. I've played their campaigns and I don't why everyone thinks they're so good because the campaigns are sh*t, they have no strategy type missons in them in them (just boring old RPGs), in addition they're full of eyecandy which is not what makes a good campaign. They think because they are considered such "legends" - god knows why - they can get super high ratings by practically doing nothing and comming up with awful campaigns like "the guardians" which is so overated it's untrue!

[Edited on 11/01/05 @ 01:25 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This game is so good it makes me feel i'm actully doing those things. The missions are nice and tough. Unlike other games there isn't a hero must surive trigger but......Cool!

Balance: 5
It has lots of balance, For mission 1 you get a handicap for 2 you get starting units and etc.... so even through you might be inferior there's a screat to help you win.

Creativity: 5
The maps are based on other Rms and the golden gift but you put serects into them that we hardly noticed you edited them at all!

Map Design: 5
The maps you designed are Rpg styled but many has good challenges and a hidden objective to make it harder.

Story/Instructions: 5
There isn't a reason for meigous to worship hades and bill to try to rule the world(What do you think he's gonna do if Arkantos dies?) but good anyways.

Additional Comments:

Good for a player who loves a challenge.

[Edited on 05/05/07 @ 02:47 PM]

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