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Payday (The Circe Saga IV)

Author File Description
Felix Hermansson
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
The Circe Saga Part IV: Payday (July 2005)

'Payday' is the fourth and final part of my Circe Saga. After her journeys to Erebus and the Norselands Circe returns to her home island of Aeaea to claim the price Hades has promised her for her help during the War of the Trident. But not everyone will approve of that – certainly not the young Greek General Melagius of Sikyos who has assumed power there. Circe will have to take back what is hers by force.

To play this scenario, first copy the file 'Payday.scx' into your 'scenarios' folder. Next the file 'circe04p3.xs' goes into the game folder '..Microsoft GamesAge of Mythologyai2' (and NOT into the folder named '..My GamesAge of MythologyAI2'!!). Finally the folder 'cdialog' goes into the game folder '..Microsoft GamesAge of Mythologysound'. (You have to copy the whole folder, not just the single files!)

Since the scenario makes heavy use of existing sound files, you need the English versions of AoM, the 'AoM: The Titans' expansion plus the free 'The Golden Gift' campaign for it to work properly. If you have other languages installed, or if you don't have 'The Golden Gift', you'll experience some problems with the spoken dialog. The scenario is still playable that way, though.

I would appreciate any honest feedback, good or bad. Please tell me what you liked, what you disliked, and especially, tell me why. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, all the better.
Please leave your comments here or send them via e-mail to hoodncloak@hotmail.com. Oh, and add 'AoM' to the subject and use proper language, otherwise your message will probably be deleted by the spam filter.

Some more comments from my side:

The scenario is optimized for a screen resolution of 1240x1028, but it should work with lower resolutions as well (it does with 1024x768 anyway.) It features more than 500 triggers, so slower machines may get some problems. There shouldn't be too much lag though, the map is not that big.

There are no difficulty levels in this scenario. Play it on easy, I have used the hints section of the objectives page for additional information. But don't let yourself be fooled: As in the other scenarios of the Circe Saga, you'd better not expect a pushover here! The difficulty level has been described by one of my playtesters as "not impossible, but damn close", which is exactly what I have been aiming at. You don't need to be some kind of ueber-gamer to beat it, but still - you have been warned...

In case you get stuck anywhere I have included the file 'Payday - Spoilers.pdf'. If you absolutely cannot figure out one of the puzzles or always get crushed by the AI in battle you can find some helpful hints there. Don't use it too early though, try to solve the puzzles yourself!

And a final note:

Thanks to fellow Tsunami Studios members King Jared and The Vandhaal for playtesting support.

Have fun!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Khan And Steak
Map Design3.0
I though I that I had submitted this review but obviously I had not. Btw nice review BDGT44 *wink*

Playability: 2
This game was a treasure to play, as there was a big variety of game play in the one scenario. I especially liked the start, where you start off with a set amount of units and you had to explore to find your way around. I also liked the first obstacle that you needed to surpass to obtain the first relic, I thought it was great that the Colossus only moved at night, and that you couldn't be seen by him; it was good but too easy. I didn't find the second riddle hard but it also wasn't easy. The way you did the carnivore part made it a stand out, but soon after that part this scenario turned sour. If you haven't played the three before it, you will struggle at the Chiron part as I did, and soon after it spiked up in difficulty (will get to that more in Balance).

What's more, I found some of bugs, or things that could be changed to improve on gameplay. With the Dessert Island I got through with out fighting any of the monsters, I achieved this by getting the Arcus to run to the relic, and then run back to the ship. Also, it took me one and a half hours trying to figure out how to get to the second island, when finally I found out that I still had a boat. Further more, I would expect that when you walk past an enemy hoplite in plan daylight that you would be found? Therefore I was able to explore the whole first island before I even made it too the second island.

Balance: 3
To cut it short this map was very jumpy, going from very easy to very hard in a really short amount of time. Then eventually ending up impossible as when you're given a small country town and expected to defend attacks from all sides every minute, let me tell you, this is not easy. While this might be alright for veterans who have been weathered and have lots of experienced it isn't exactly aimed at average players, even on easy. I had to reload previous saved games to get past the one point multiple times, which wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't twelve times. That made my game experience very frustrating and boring. I would think that it could have been a bit easier if the heroes where a bit stronger, or if they could come back once the ground was once again regained.

Creativity: 4
In this area I thought you excelled at, after I completed a puzzle I could see the ingenious craftwork behind each riddle and its answer. Your trigger work combined with your storyline made quite a scenario. The only thing that kept you from a perfect five was that you use a campaign map for the basis of the map without doing much further work in terms of eyecandy with the main island. Ok, fair enough you did put random little islands around the main one, but even some of those were lacking, i.e. the small island with one torch in the middle of it.

Map Design: 3
This was a very average map, as there were parts of the map that were filled up with buildings, which in my opinion could have been better placed as they didn't look attractive at all it looked more as if they had been placed for a random map. Again the amount changed from the original map was next to minimal which in some cases this would be alright but this map does need some attention in those areas.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was obviously meant to be the final installment in the Circe saga, yet anyone could figure out the story through the information given, this is a big plus since I have had no past interaction with this series. I also found next to zero grammar and spelling issues. Sadly, I think that the objectives could use some work, as the hints that you gave the player really should have been in the main objectives section, with further hints set. All players like hints for things that might go unnoticed unintentionally, like the boat for instance; for that brought me a lot of frustration once I found out that that was the way to get to the next island. I particularly loved what you did with the spotlight section, as most designers choose to ignore that section.

Additional Comments:

God job, keep up the good work! ~ Khan And Steak

[Edited on 04/01/13 @ 04:22 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Alright straight to it, The missions had nice puzzle, mix of creativity, but some were really easy and a bit dull in creativity. But this isn't the case for all of them. Some missions were hard and challenging, and provided fun, But the huge letdown was the ending. I did tough puzzles watches good cinematic and all over in the end, I just saw a message come up saying I win. To me that just ruins the map, because Such a map with AI, loads of triggers and a challenge, could dissapoint because I was eager to see an ending. And after all this is the last episode of the circe saga and no ending kinda ruins it so. When I was doing the missions The AI was fully functional and working like a true AI. This provided me with much hours of fun whilst achieving goals to finish the map. What I also enjoy was the dialogs, you have grasp over sounds that made the original AOM campaigns and implemented them into your map, in a way to make this such a great story and atmosphere to play upon.
Honestly Great work and Congrats.

Balance: 3
Well to be honest, as an average player like I am, this map was defiantly not an easy one. Its just that the AI was pumping units way too fast and I had to guard and view everything in sight every single minute. But I don't see this as fair, I start with a lampade,circe,hersir, rag hero and a wolf. Whilst the enemy has an array of military at his disposal and ready to kill me instatly. I had to save multiple times, just to finish the map off, or to survive. The thing that was so hard about facing this horde was that the units had nothing special within them. No higer stats, nor the chance to revive. Although this map was fun, it was very annoying and to 1 point, exceptionally boring.

Creativity: 4
I liked how you could get a map made by ES and turn it into a mini RPG. It was just complety original in how the story goes along and the effects of dialogs creating the atmosphere. You have turned a achievement from ES, into a masterpiece wonder, with all little details and easter-eggsto play on. This moulded, one of the best single player map available. But with all this acheivements, I have marked you down on originality of property. You have used the voices and map of an ES created scenario map to create this. I'm not saying this is bad to use, but you don't need to mould the story just so it can create the story you have.

Map Design: 4
This map ovarall was fairly pleasing and charming to look through. The details of the map made the island greek villages, into island greek villages. Honestly the terrain mixing, the embellishments and Villages made this a fairly good map to the eye ;).
But Problem is, Some bits were left out, like just a little terrain and no nature nor embellishments at all. Also the fortresses were left in the dark because they were place in thoose dull, not to appealing areas. You could have done a little to spruce there visual apeal to make such a great looking scenario.

Story/Instructions: 5
This is an area you fulfilled with flying colors. Not only did you had an story, but you also had instructions that were clear, striaght to point and no spelling errors. whenever I was stuck, I knew I could always rely on the objectives to help me with passing my goals.
On story, this was completly original, all the characers and adventures that the group had to accomplice (spelling?).
This story had it all, kick ass gameplay, adventure, puzzles etc. What more could you ask for? This map kicks ass! :D

Additional Comments:
Can I just say that, This is one of my official best maps ever played, because of such works and achievements in this masterpiece. Congrats

[Edited on 07/02/07 @ 10:31 PM]

Khan And Steak Two_ace_u it's splet 'accomplish'. Not that I care nor it matters. Nice review btw :). I'll put i na good word for ya :) ~ Khan
Minos Yewman HELP! When I playtest it I start as neutral to everyone and when I get the first relic I get attacked by the collosus and all the towers etc. The Objectives then tells me I have to destroy the fortress (or something!) and I only just got the first relic! HELP!!!!!!
aieoneoneeight What does the mass of triggers on the island at the bottom do? I got my priests on it but it didn't do anything.
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