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Disiples of Chaos: 1. Guegurmoth's Post V3

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Version: AoM: The Titans
It actually works now!

A few years ago, a summoner called Hefichi died in a battle to conquer the Western Cities.
At his side he had 7 disiples. They were his apprentices and would accomplish his every
will. But when he called them to burn the city down, killing thousands of innocent women
and children, three of them diclined. Hefichi cursed them with a terrible curse. The three
could not live if Hefichi was dead. The other four disiples fought and severly wounded the
three, then they carried out the Dark Summoner's deeds. The three warriors, Jaidon, Heriggo,
and Armehh, now must stop the dark forces from conquering all of Ommech. Their first task
was to speak with King Garius, of the Northerners, to ask his help in saving Ommech. He
accepted and provided a small fleet. The three were commanded to take out Guegurmoth's
Post, which guarded the now corrupt Western Cities... (story will continue when you
download Disiples of Chaos: 2. The Reign of Agbar)

To install I guess just put the scenerio thing in My Computer/Local Disk/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/scenario

yup... that's it

Have fun and remember - It's my first scenario!
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(it was a fun,but especially short scenario,
it was very well playable, however, there wasn't much to do but follow the instructions,
no puzzling at all what to do next(except for the part of what to do when near the enemy dock when you can't move or else you will be seen and the beacon would be put on fire)like the"()" telled you,I hadn't had an idea what to do after killing the guards.but still it was fun for it looked a bit like a tutorial and I loooooooooove tutorials made by others.)

Balance: 3
(the archer was extremely good versus others so it was a bit unbalanced,the only difficulty came from the "all your heroes must stay alive"-part and the "you may not walk any further than were the dock was before you destroyed it"-part.the enemy guards were with too less, and theseus was the only enemy capable of killing one of my men. )

Creativity: 4
(it was a great idea,the move slowly and be wary of not being seen by the enemies on the beacon-part I mean,but it turned out to be a little bit too short and too easy.
however,making something like this but with more guys who may not see you and a little longer scenario with more enemies would really get you a 5 and a whole lot of joy in the hearts of the guys who play it.)

Map Design: 4
(the map design was very good,a bit sobre perhaps and merely without eye-candy - making it a hell easier to play for it isn't putten full of eye-candy.a small problem: the place were you must create your dock is a little bit too small,you can only build a dock in the middle of it and this almost disables the ability to get into your transport,so you must walk around the trees.)

Story/Instructions: 3
(I didn't got much of the story,and the last kill theseus(hero) part really needs an objective, for else you can stand there 5 minutes waiting for something to happen.
that's why I give it a 3,fix the last objective and it's a 4, and let the story you are telling us in your showcase and readme file be a bit more clearer in the scenario itself.)

Additional Comments:
I enjoyed playing it(although you wouldn't say it with my criticism above)and if this is your first scenario/project it's really really good!
I'm playing the following parts already!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
it was very playable, but you could have made a bit where you have to find more reinforcements because you can't take the post. it was a bit puzzling when at one point when i killed the two guards but the objectics just said kill the 2 gaurds.except for that it was very playable.

Balance: 4
It was very balanced because you only had a small group and the enemy had more, but i found that it was too easy(you should have gave the post more men and downgrade the heroes)

Creativity: 5
It deserves a 5 beacause, well its just different where you have to kill the beacon gaurds, don't advance beyond the dock and some other stuff.

Map Design: 4
I gave 4 beacuse it was very well done, you had terrian mixing and every single piece had something too do with the scenario but you could have made more eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 4
It was very clear,you knew what to do but there could have been more too the scenario as i mentioned in the playable part the objectives sometimes go a bit wrong.

Additional Comments: all in all this was a excellent scenario but could have ad more to it(just advice)

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Map Design4.0
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