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The age of Horses (Cinematic)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
(Although not vageuly related to it in any way)
A sequel to the ever-famous 'siege of belamoor'. This combines amusement, trigger expertise, cinematography that will never be matched (not even by oscar).....

I present to you......

'The age of Horses'


~Many Horses
~A gripping cinematic from start to finish.
~A Wadjet
~More Horses
~An attempt-at-being-funny spoof comedy Cinematic.

Thanks to:


That is all........
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Tinus This is so cool...NOT! This is really the most stupid cinematic i EVER seen! Whats the point of it? First a very long black screen and then the dialog is to fast. Almost NO Eye-candy whatsoever! You spilled my time.. AGAIN! I won't download anything more.. You even didn't use the track you included.. Tinusss Signing off!
File Author

To the first 18 download'ees', the fie you downloaded was corrupt, the new updated file has been updated...and the problems are fixed.

TO anyone that has been physically, or mentally damaged by this mistake i advise you to see someone to aid you recovery.

Also, I made this scenario, without the intention to make available for download, i made it becasue it was a very amusing use of my hour and a half free that i had off work yesterday morning. I regret nothing.

Tinuss: i personnally apologise to you and hope that one day you might forgive me for wasting a couple of minutes of you time.....

And i would like to give, the first 18 download'ees', a token of my appreciation for your ongoing patience.....a cookie.

*gives out cookie*.

That is all.

[Edited on 08/02/05 @ 03:15 PM]

Tinus Ow i'm terrible sorry.. Can you forgive me? Please...
Guardian Of Isis
Map Design1.0
Playability: 3
I will replace this with Watchability. See echowinds' post. I found it went too fast and had no general topic (except for everything involving horses). The only positive thing was the introduction, with all the horses and stuff running past.

Balance: 2
For balance, I look at how well everything was timed. This was not good at all. Sentences were said too quickly, it jumped from one scene to another, totally senseless.

Creativity: 2
I see you're a horse fanatic. Well, there wasn't much creativity. It was bland, with enlarged units and stuff. That's all there is, nothing too creative.

Map Design: 1
This was very weak. Plain terrains, nothing was even mixed. Not one bit of eye-candy was seen throughout this short scen.

Story/Instructions: 2
There is no story. The only reason you even got a 2 was, again, for the good opening. "Horses will rule the world"?!? Stupid, not funny at all.

Additional Comments:
This is very weak. The only thing I do approve, is the opening. Face it: you did not do any effort in making this cin. Baaaaaaaaad, in the meaning of bad, not good. A "gripping cinematic"? Yeah right.

[Edited on 08/07/05 @ 09:41 AM]

File Author
Right then:

'totally senseless'
exactly what i was going for, and for that, i have succeeded.

'with enlarged units and stuff. That's all there is, nothing too creative'
It was because i thought i would amuse myself for an hour or so one morning i got off work. Time well spent.

'This was very weak. Plain terrains, nothing was even mixed. Not one bit of eye-candy was seen throughout this short scen'
Read the previois statement.

'There is no story. The only reason you even got a 2 was, again, for the good opening. "Horses will rule the world"?!? Stupid, not funny at all'
It was funny for me personnally, i never intended to make it available for download, it all just happened so fast.

'you did not do any effort in making this cin'
Answered in previous statements.

If this did not amuse you, I am sorry. It amused me, and that is all that matters.....

Here is some of my best work....

Scroll down to slickman_G 'my eyecandy.

That is all.

echowinds Guard, the first should be watchability. That means how easy is it to watch, understand, and the general is it watchable.

Creativeness, balance, and storyline should be in the other categories, not in the watchability part.

EDIT: I Downloaded, and watched....

Let just say it's weird.

[Edited on 08/06/05 @ 05:16 AM]

File Author
Thats what i like to hear.... :)
Guardian Of Isis K, I'm gonna change it a bit. However, the rating remains the same.
AoMPlayer000 It was really weird, to put it lightly, and I didn't find it amusing actually...

Sorry, I have to agree with Guardian of Isis' rating ;-P.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 1
It was all a cinematic :).

Balance: 2
Almost no balance. Just...horses.

Creativity: 5
Despite the above comments, I LOVED this piece of work. It was creative and humorous.

Map Design: 3
Not bad. Don't know how to really put it.

Story/Instructions: 2
No story...just horses.

Additional Comments:
Overall, I loved it, despite the review. It was a fun piece of work that I think all will enjoy.

By the way. This was my first review (mainly because I couldn't get these to work previously :D) and I'm glad it went to this.
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