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Ragnarok- The Final Battle

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The Guarding One
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
26/09/06: I am revamping Ragnarok to fix bugs, add bonus quests and improve eye candy, etc. I will be providing unlockables. My design technique has changed since 2005, and I'm changing Ragnarok to reflect this. Leave a comment if you think something should be changed, thanks.

Death is in the air in the settlements that populate the snowy lands of the deep valleys that freeze under the harsh coming of Fimbulwinter. Crops cannot grow, and all livestock cannot survive in such cold conditions. Fimbulwinter is a sign- a sign that Ragnarok is coming.

The Final Battle- where the swords and shields of the giants and men clash in sight of the mighty yet aging Norse gods, is approaching, and the men that live in the isolated slopes have no chance of surviving for much longer. The wolves come in incredible numbers, scouring the landscape for any food that is hidden or lost in the endless tundra.

The giants are coming out of their caves, and approaching the massive battle field that is to be, while the great fortresses of man, hidden in the highest peaks, equip their men for war.

Can the might of the Valkyries stop the potential end of an age?

Fight alongside Odin and Thor in the great battle while you fight memorable foes such as the Nidhogg, scorched from his tendency to dwell in the Underworld, Hel, who summons the elements to fight against you and Loki, who is willing to create great beasts in the hope of stopping the Gods from succeeding. Explore tundra, mountain slopes and of course a famous battlefield in this three playable scenario campaign!

You can select different difficulty levels, and game play will be altered accordingly.

Reviews appreciated!

Post a comment here, and tell me what you though of it and how I could improve it! Criticism accepted.

Future Project: http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,22620,0,10
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AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Guardian Of Isis
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Every scen flowed into one another, no big issues here. I did find a small bug after I finished the campaign: Cinematic Mode was still on at the end of the final cinematic and when I went back to the campaign menu the cursor wasn't there. But this is nit-picking, of course.

Balance: 4
One main thing to comment on in the Balance part, was that the campaign was too easy. No real difficulty = not much of a challenge. Still good, though. Definitely a 4.

Creativity: 4
Though, creatively, nothing much was done to the concept of Ragnarok, the scens contained some creative things, like f.e. placing each relic in the correct temple or finding a secret path to summoning a Titan ingame. Creative things on the path everywhere.

Map Design: 4
Terrains were blended a lot throughout the scens, which shows a lot of effort being put into it. You used a lot of rocks too, small and big. However, no overlapping building and big eye-candy things were used, which make me give this a 4, not a 5.

Story/Instructions: 3
I liked you used Ragnarok as the main event in the story. Up to date, I know no campaigns which told the story. However, I think the battle concept of Ragnarok was underused, since the whole world was affected by the war. Also, 2 out of 3 scens involved reaching the battle instead of fighting the battle itself, which I found a true pity.

Additional Comments:
This is indeed a fun, short campaign. Though the campaign involved getting to Ragnarok more than actually fighting in Ragnarok, I don't regret downloading the campaign. Two thumbs up, Citrus Ceasar aka The Guarding One!
I Love Bananas
Map Design5.0
I'll review it then... ;)

Playability: 4
Great campaign overall, and good cinematics. It was only 3 playable scenarios, which was a little downfall after seeing the last cinematic. The end was... new, and pretty disappointing after playing through the first two scenarios.

It was anyway nice to play, and amusing the time I played it. The timers went on a little too much, but that's not enough for a fall in the rating here. :)

Balance: 5
Good balance, the battles were good and lasted for a time, just as I want them to be. I was also able to kill the Titan in the third scenario, with the help from the allied forces. Not too much resources, in my opinion. All over the quests and fights was balanced enough to make the scenario enjoyable.

Some places I would request a few more enemies, though.

Creativity: 4
I rate you a four here, because you used the story of Ragnarok as a base for your campaign. I admit using the story along with the units which was said to be in the fight gave it more a breeze of "reality" through it, it just wasn't enough for a five. I believe that new ideas and stories gives the best creativity.

Map Design: 5
Impressive nature. The rocks were placed in a natural way, and trees spread throughout scattered cliffs made it look very realistic. A very ES-like campaign if you look at the design.

But with your own personal "touch", if I may say it that way.

Story/Instructions: 5
Easy to understand, and because I had to look a little around before finding what the objectives was all about, the campaign became more enjoyable and long-lasting. All together a nice pack of objectives with short hints.

I let the story part strike Creativity. :)

Additional Comments:
I am hopefully awaiting "The Scourge of Ra". ;)

Regards, I Love Bananas
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I liked it! Very different subquests and from time to time a nice surprise for those who like scouting the maps thoroughly. Liked the 2nd and 3rd more than the first one, the first one was decent, but predictable.

Balance: 3
Even on Titan it wasn't really difficult. The first was ridiculously easy (the enemies didn't seriously attack) so both surviving and destroying their bases was easy. The second one wasn't like that, the quests were perhaps slightly too easy, a few extra Trolls and Giants here and there would've been nice but it was challanging, especially the Titans. Oh and after crossing the lake, there are too few enemies imho. The Third map, well...Loki's base needs to be stronger. I took it down with a minor force of Hersir and a few rams, that shouldn't be possible. The battle in the middle started nice, but in the end some overpowered 1100hp Hersirs were camping at all the spawnplaces and the giants didn't really contribute something to the fight in the middle. The Meteor powers were cool, you should add some more god powers, like earthquakes around the middle (that's where I built my longhouses and temples) and calling in the Fimbulwinter god power would really add to the map. The reinforcements came too often and as I said, the Hersir were too strong.

Creativity: 5
So many things I hadn't thought of suddenly happened! Don't fix what ain't broken.

Map Design: 4
The second scenario the Titans should be more agressive I believe. Without too much effort, I lured them to some corner of the map and could keep my base safe (okay the first time I couldn't prevent them to level it all but the second time this worked). I decided to build lots of Hersir and killed the Titans for fun, that could be harder. Also I wondered why there were boulders placed for dead ends. The third scenario I started without the resources to build a town center and had a very slow start: the only thing I could do was build a docks and a market, fish for food and trade the food for gold and wood untill I had enough to build a town center. Or did I manage to avoid a trigger?

Story/Instructions: 5
Don't change anything (or maybe add an additional scenario :-P), I knew what to do all the time and I liked the story!

Additional Comments:

The final battle could be bigger, more Loki units more Loki units, perhaps just as eyecandy like the center allready was and also some to fight! Makes it feel more like Ragnarok! Also you may want to not give the allied player hersirs but give them Hero of Ragnarok instead to fit the flavor.

My first review, luckily this is an old topic nobody cares about anymore so I could try out safely B-)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The Playability was good, but it needed improvement in a few spaces. It was playable at some parts but not so much on others. I don't think it deserves more than a 4.

Balance: 3
The balance was not so good.... I had it set on hard and I won it very easily. All three scenarios were like this. When I had to defend on the first one, I was able to kill the enemy while I was at it because they were putting NO pressure on me whatsoever. Hard should be doing that. Easy should be doing what I was playing. It was the same for all three scens.

Creativity: 5
You're creativity really inspired me to keep playing. I really loved the Odin and Thor because they are kinda like those hero's (not realy but kinda) and it was a clever idea. This map also had tons of other creative elements to it thus the 5.0.

Map Design: 5
Map design was great. You didn't really have a lot of mesh but the terrain micing and placing of rocs what flawless. I do have one compaint however, nothing big, you put rugs under the TC. I didn;t think that was looking good, a few rugs work but you overdid it.

Story/Instructions: 4
The storyline was simple yet fun. The instructions were crisp and clear with objectives banner and messages. Until the last senario, I had to build 3 tcs, but I had no way of making them. I was short on food with no villagers. I was sittying there for about 30 minutes till I realized I could fish. Fishing should've been in the objectives banner. I had so much time, I killed the ememies main base with only a few valkyreis and 4 throwing axemen.

BTW- When I killed the Underworld Passage, Units still spawned.

Additional Comments:

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Map Design4.5
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