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Disiples of Chaos: 2. Reign of Agbar

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Story- (From Guegurmoth's Post)
A few years ago, a summoner called Hefichi died in a battle to conquer the Western Cities.
At his side he had 7 disiples. They were his apprentices and would accomplish his every
will. But when he called them to burn the city down, killing thousands of innocent women
and children, three of them diclined. Hefichi cursed them with a terrible curse. The three
could not live if Hefichi was dead. The other four disiples fought and severly wounded the
three, then they carried out the Dark Summoner's deeds. The three warriors, Jaidon, Heriggo,
and Armehh, now must stop the dark forces from conquering all of Ommech. Their first task
was to speak with King Garius, of the Northerners, to ask his help in saving Ommech. He
accepted and provided a small fleet. The three were commanded to take out Guegurmoth's
Post, which guarded the now corrupt Western Cities... (story will continue when you
download Disiples of Chaos: 2. The Reign of Agbar)

Story- (From The Reign of Agbar)
King Garius called upon the three warriors to travel to the Western Cities, not far from
Guegurmoth's Post. They came upon the city and saw the horror that they had fled from 2
years ago. Agbar, one of Hefichi's great disiples, ruled over the city with an iron fist.
Armehh, Heriggo, and Jaidon looked upon the burnt city outside the gates of Agbar's palace.
Everything was gone from the outside city, the fortresses, the farms, and the houses. Yet
people of this city still survived, and suffered. Agbar locked the palace's great gates, to
anyone outside. His dock was the source of imports that he relied on. Agbar, and the lucky
soldiers inside those gates were not allowed to exit the great gates. Inside the gates,
a once great city is forgotten, the Senate building laid untouched for years, as
dictatorship came in. The capitol just sits there, as decay and mold seep in. Agbar's
palace is quite the opposite, it stands majesticly in the center of the city. Your mission
is kill the one who made the outsiders suffer, kill the one who keeps things to himself,
kill Agbar, Hefichi's disiple, and return democracy and freedom throughout the West...

Installation -
Put "2. Reign of Agbar.scx" into My Computer/Local Disk/Program Files
/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/scenario

Installation Note and Bonus -
If you want, to organize your Disiples of Chaos scenarios, make a Disiples of Chaos folder
in your My Computer/Local Disk/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/scenario
folder! To do this, make a folder called "Disiples of Chaos" on the Desktop, move
"1. Guegurmoth's Post.scx" (if you downloaded it) from your My Computer/Local Disk
/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/scenario folder to this folder, put
"2. Reign of Agbar.scx" into this folder also. Then put your Disiples of Chaos into your
My Computer/Local Disk/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/scenario folder
and when you download later ones, put them in My Computer/Local Disk/Program Files
/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/scenario/Disiples of Chaos!!! That way, they stay
organized and separated from your other downloads! :)

None yet, please comment if there are any.

Please comment! Rate it! Swear if it's bad! Whatever!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This scenario is fun, but not as fun as some 5.0 playability scenarios I have played. There is no lag to speak of (YAY!) and no trigger errors either (BIG YAY!). For theses reason I am giving it a 4.0.
Balance: 3
Its too easy! I almost completed it on my first go, then one of my heros was killed by angbar during the second wave of bodyguards because I wasn't paying attention to his health. You need to make the parts of the scenario before this more challenging.

Creativity: 4
You were creative with buildings and architecture and you have created your own world! You could have been more creative with the objectives, however and emplyed a few more clever trigger tricks...
Map Design: 4.5
Brilliant! The only thing preventing you from achieving 5.0 with this is because of the burnt villages... they just didn't loook right. But otherwise well done.

Story/Instructions: 3
The Objectives were clear, but they seemed to appear for no good reason, ie, kill fenrir. There was no dialogue telling me why I had to kill the poor thing and no one told me what the forbidden temple was. The actual dialoge wasn't brilliant either - "you are clouded by darkness" sounds realy corny... However, it did have a story that was completely made up by you as far as I know and it had clear objectives as mentioned above. (bear in mind that I am a rather harsh critic when it comes to storylines)

Additional Comments:

If you are going to make a Disciples of Chaos 3 then I will probably be able to give it a 5 for most things although people always seem to have trouble with storylines...

This scenario is worth downloading, people!

[Edited on 08/22/05 @ 01:47 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(It was very well playable,but the fun of it missed a bit,don't know why.the cinematic was fun,but a bit unreal,the patrol was in real maybe 10 meters behind the heroes and still they were not seen.I could build up the town to the mythic age,although you didn't make a gold mine,I builded a market so I got some gold.I managed to create an huge army of hypaspists,before I started to scout the forest.It would be more fun if the enemy would attack your base and if the temple was a bit more hidden.)

Balance: 3
(It wasn't hard,the enemies were with less,only at night was the forest a little bit dangerous,and the city was only strong because of the hades shades who were spawned for a few human soldier you killed when attacking agbar.
the wolves managed to kill 2 soldiers who got behind and the hoplites who came to agbars help killed with them all 2 hypaspists and the palaces killed+agbar killed 3throwing axemen which I had forgotten.hmmm.it really would be more fun if your base would be attacked and if the forbidden(?)temple was guarded by a few more myth units and or humans.)

Creativity: 4
(the creativity was nice,not really special but it was good enough,I can't say any more about it)

Map Design: 4
(The map design was good,the city was nice,and the palaces were very irritating,but still nicely done,they were guarded very smart by temples to the gods so they could shoot you full of arrows while you first have to destroy the temples in front of them.very smart.the forest would be a bit more realistic if there was something like a dirt path,instead of simply grass A.like someone else already said:
the burned vilage wasn't really realistic,there was a really and straight border of the part what was burned and what wasn't.it would be more real if you let the greekburnedroad and tbe grass A merge a little bit.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(I knew what to do always,and that's very good.
however,the story again wsn't very clear in the scenario itself,only if you read the story in the showcase,or in the readme you know why you do all this.)

Additional Comments:
I liked playing it,and I see you grow with your abilities of map making,buut it would be more fun if your base was attacked,and if it was night when you came in the forest already.
I'm downloading your next scenario already.

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Map Design4.5
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