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All Out Battles Full Version

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will 2 3 4 5 mo9
File Details
Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 7
Version: AoM: The Titans
this is the full of my camp
i got some notes and have tried
to improve it however the first
3 scenarios are still there my f
favourite is the fourth scene
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
(I had no idea what to do on the first scenario at all, with all of these units I had, and it was impossible to win, because they four Arkantos Gods, and I had four Arkantos gods, and they just kept fighting, and using their special move on eachother. I skipped that scenario, knowing it's impossible.

The second scenario was bad aswell, it was the default map design just like the first one was. I had a few battle boars, and the enemy had a few more, it was close to impossible to win. It wasn't very balanced at all. I was thinking it was possible to win, because I was able to lure the units away from their area, but it was very hard. Still, there was no music, triggers or anything in any of the scenarios. When I win in a scenario, the scenario doesn't advance to the next scenario. It was annoying with it being the default map design, and there being no instructions or story, and there being no music, and the gameplay being very bad.

The third scenario I automatically lose after about 5 seconds, so that scenario is really impossible, you can't only place Osiris on a map, he doesn't really count as anything, you have to place a real unit on the map aswell. No music on this scenario either, it was also the default map design, just a couple of Osiris' sitting on the map on my side, against a bunch of Titans including many Prometheus's. This campaign was not very creative at all. Please look at other campaigns and learn from their map design, and their triggers and stuff to learn more on how to design in the editor. Also do some experimenting in the editor to learn some more stuff. You can also look at some guides on aomh, there are many other things you can do aswell.

In scenario four the map design is still the default map, but changed a bit in one area, which is the city area, everywhere else just has a few walls, and some units. I can easily win with the Arkantos(God) that I have. I only had to kill a few fire giants, and some einherjars, after getting through a few wooden walls. Again there are no triggers in this scenario. I have infinite recources. No music in this scenario either. It's completely unbalanced with me having an Arkantos(God). With the infinite recources even without the Arkantos(God) I could still win easily.

In the fifth scenario I have a few heroes, three Ajax's, two Amanra's, and Agamemnon. I also had a few walls. It was still the default map design. The enemy were Anubites. They were easy to kill. No goals in this scenario like all the others so I took a while to find the enemies. When I found the enemies, I lured some of them away knowing there were to many to fight there, I kept doing that until they were all dead, and again the scenario doesn't advance to the next scenario. No triggers in this scenario. No music in this scenario. Takes to long to find the enemy, etc.

In the sixth scenario it's still the default map design. I took a long time to find the enemy because of no goals, or story, or anything to tell me where to go. I had an Agamemnon(Hero), and the enemy was an Anubite, I killed it with Zeus' bolt that I had, so this scenario was completely unbalanced like many others. There was no music. No triggers in this scenario. No goals in this scenario. No story in this scenario. No cinematic in this scenario. Pretty much like all the others. This campaign I must say was a waste of my time to play. I hope you learn from mistakes like I'm trying to allow you to do with this long review.

The seventh scenario was impossible with me having and Argus, and the enemy being Ajax(Hero), it was the non-regenerating Ajax, but still it was impossible. You should playtest the campaign the next time before you release it. The default map design still. No music in this scenario. No story or instructions in this scenario. Bad balancing in this scenario. Not very much creativity in this scenario.

Try to get the scenarios balanced when you make them, make them possible for you to win, and make it possible for the enemy to win. Also try using triggers in the scenarios, also add music, cinematics, terrain mixing(put more then one kind of grass in areas and stuff like that), place trees, place gold mines, place buildings, place animals, don't use the default map design, place cliffs, place water, make a story, put in the story, put in goals. You can learn stuff by looking at other people's maps, using guides, experimenting in the editor, etc. Try to creat a better campaign next time, I made this long review to help you. Just try to learn better, then make atleast a scenario that is good, and that took a while to make, instead of using the default map design with alot of units on it.)

Balance: 2
(As I have said above in playability area, the balance is terrible on most of the scenarios. The one with the anubites is balanced, I can win, and the enemy can win. Although the first scenario is impossible to win, it's balanced to where each side is almost exacly the same, so noone wins. The reason I gave two is because a few are balanced. Just keep working on making scenarios, reading guides, and getting help from others to get better at desiging.)

Creativity: 1
(You weren't very creative with the map design, unit placing, story, goals, or anything else, mainly because you didn't have most of those things, and there was the default map design in all of the scenarios. One of your scenarios was a bit better, the one with the Atlanteans, but there was still no story, just a bunch of people fighting for no reason. I know you can do better.)

Map Design: 2
(The map design was the default map design. You should change it so it has things like trees, cliffs, water, animals, terrain mixing etc. Cinematics can also show the map design in good ways. Put a bigger variety of units, instead of putting a bunch of the same hero. It wouldn't matter if you put more then one normal unit like a hoplite, or something like that. Keep working on making scenarios, reading guides, and getting help from others to get better at desiging.keep working on making scenarios, and stuff like that.)

Story/Instructions: 1
(There was no Story, and there were no instructions. I had no clue what to do, or what was going one, it got boring on most of the scenarios. Is there a story in this campaign? You can make cinematics and tell the story if you want to, it makes campaigns and scenarios alot better with cinematics and stories. Also you can add goals to help people know where to go. Also using triggers you can do alot more then without triggers. I know you can improve on making scenarios and campaigns, just keep working at it.)

Additional Comments: Please try to learn how to design better, I took over an hour typing this review, just to help you get better at designing. I'm sure you can get alot better at scenario designing if you just try. keep working on making scenarios, reading guides, and getting help from others to get better at desiging.

[Edited on 09/01/05 @ 12:47 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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