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The Rise of Zeus

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 9
Version: AoM: The Titans
Kronos rules the earth but Zeus desires to overthrow him because Kronos is such a destructive being. Zeus asks a village to help him weaken Kronos, because if Zeus does it directly Kronos will kill him, or many other titans will help destroy most the gods, and many godly wars will come after


- 5 playable scenarios.
- 2-3 cinematic scenarios.
- Full of eyecandy.
- Full of triggers.
- Texture mods.
- Custom overlay images.
- Custom lighting.



(please note that this campaign is not meant to be 100% historically accurate)

This is Lucky Zions first cooperative project...

Main Designers:

Cavetown: Map design, triggers, cinematics, overlay images, campaign file, story.

Swift Sampson: Eyecandy, and a very few triggers.

Other Designers:

Deathscythe092: Made Ajax texture mod.

Tinusss: Made a few camera tracks.


Swift Sampson
The God of Gods
Papaya (id: X-moss)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
This campaign was , just like your other campaigns very boring to play. It is clear that you rushed the scenario design and did not bother or was capable to include any challanging quest or triggers for more advanced players
Example of the rushed design: in scenario 2 when you you capture the town center the game ends although the objectives told something else

Balance: 1
The balance was just poor and most of the 5 scenarios where way too easy and thus boring.
In some cases you didn't even had to solve the objectives to win ( see playability for an example) Also there was no real balance in the scenarios just a poor mix of badly executed styles

Creativity: 2
It is really ashame that I had to give this a 2 rating. Simply because the eycandy by Swift Sampson was killed by the bad scenario design of Cavetown. So Swift Sampsons work in this campaign is the only reason I give this a 2
The cinematics where short and boring you might aswell skip them alltogether.For most scenarios you could enable tons of resources and simply create huge armies to destroy your enemy in no time

Map Design: 3
Again the only reason this gets a 3 is the solid eyecandy by Swift Sampson. The basic map design looks just too much like basic aom design and there is nothing special about it. If you had used the same creativity like Swift Sampson has done they would be much better.

Story/Instructions: 2
You have tried to use some historical aspects but apart from that everything was like : go get the enemy overthere (to make it clear for Cavetown: This sentence is a figure of speach ) again nothing special
You did manage to get the simple instructions correctly so thats why this gets a 2 but the story is boring

Additional Comments:
I think this is probably the best you are able to design which only is enjoyable for less experienced players. I am not fond of rushed scenario designs maybe you should try for ones to spend more time and release less campaigns but campaigns with some more quality, creativity and campaigns which are also enjoyable by both: more advanced players and less advanced players. It is really ashame that your mapping capability killed the really nice eycandy work from Swift Sampson

Improvement list:
Cavetown requested an improvement list so he can improve and update this campaign:

Make map design less basic ( See Swift Sampsons work in this campaign and try to reach that standard for all maps)
Make a better mix of gameplay types ( add some more scenarios with other gameplay types)
Add challenging quests in the current scenarios
Improve the story make it more interesting
Improve the cinematics make them more part of the campaign ( longer, more story, )
Make sure you cannot win a game when you not have solved an objective ( try to playtest every possible option a player can do)
Bring the objectives more towards the story
Make the campaign less like: "Go get the enemy overthere" but add more different styles to it

[Edited on 08/03/06 @ 07:22 PM]

I Love Bananas
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I have no complaints whatsoever on the gameplay, it was great fun to play. Even though there were several paths to follow sometimes, they always ended quickly, or guided me back to the start, if it wasn't the right one. For instance, I found a sign in the last scenario saying "The wrong way is the right way". So, I went to the left :p. But instead of misleading me, the path went around the cliff, and I found the right way without any problems at all.

Though, I didn't like the cinematics. There was some very nice parts, and they helped displaying the storyline. What I didn't like was the way they displayed it. They just got a little boring and unimaginative. After going through one event, they suddenly switched to something completely different. It was too fast-paced. In addition, there were no icons, and the dialogs could just as well have been the script for a regular "Happy New Year" speech. Sorry, but I just didn't like it. Still, the overall playability was great.

Balance: 5
Nothing wrong here. It was perfect, neither I nor the opponent were too overpowered at any time. The battles were entertaining throughout the whole campaign - the enemy never died too quickly, and still I had no large problems beating them. And that's the way I like it. There was one "part" of the campaign I really liked - while exploring, I found both units who wanted to join me and enemies, instead of finding only friendly units. That added a new "level of balance", as noone got sensibly stronger. Well, except when I found the Guardian, but that was too late on to have any large effect.

Creativity: 5
Almost on top. Many creative parts, if you ask me. An example: By the ocean in the last scenario, you didn't use the normal transport-and-warship combination you'll find everywhere in Age of Mythology maps/campaigns. You simply added a lot of transports instead. Though it was a little impractical at first, I liked the idea. Another thing I found quite creative was that instead of making one looped trigger to spawn reinforcements, you stopped them from spawning after a while. It just appealed to me, in some strange way. The average creativity of the campaign was good, though some parts disappointed me - destroying statues is not the most entertaining quest. It's the best statue-destroying quest I've played yet, though. ;)

Map Design: 5
Need I say more than "excellent"? It was awesome map design all over, especially in the cities and the grassy areas. Still, it was never overdone. It was actually pretty relaxing to look at. There were a few eyecandy details that catched my eye: To combine a fortress and a destroyed fortress makes a very nice effect - I was startled when I was able to select a destroyed fortress. Another detail I discovered was that you blocked the entrance to the Underworld Passages by using either Troy gates or black terrain. When I saw it, the first thought that struck me was "passage".

Story/Instructions: 4
I didn't like the story you chose. It was a prequel to the Titans campaign, and campaigns/scenarios with a connection to the ES storyline is far too overused. So is the use of Arkantos and Ajax as cooperating heroes - it's started to become a cliché. The instructions, however, were very good. I never got lost, as I've said earlier. Sometimes, it seemed that you were unsure if the instructions were clear enough, because you rephrased the objectives in the Hints section, and gave directions towards obvious places. But that's not neccesarily a problem - I found it quite entertaining.

Additional Comments:
This campaign deserves a higher average rating, in my opinion.
Spike Dragon
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Some parts were a little bit gliched (eg. in the first scenario the hoplites get all lost and they pile up ta the cliffs.

Balance: 5
The scenarios vere nicely balanced.Not too hard or easy.

Creativity: 4
The objectives vere pretty creative but the most in not all of the scenarios vere built and destroy,But it vas Ok.

Map Design: 5
The maps were coll,lots of eyecandy.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story vas craetive.The instructions were clear.

Additional Comments:
overall a good campaigin.

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Map Design4.3
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