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Doom Lords 2

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
This game is the one and ONLY sequel to Doom Lords RPG. This scenario is marked with the prefix ~RF~ to avoid confusion (There is a fake Doom Lords 2 going around on ESO)

This is what the scenario is all about:

- 350x350 map
- nearly 400 triggers
- Select from 3 difficulty levels
- Estimated play-time on easy: 75 min


6 months after the destruction of the Doom Lord, our heroes (the Knight, the Archer, the Wizard, the Barbarian, the Paladin and the Amazon) are send to Hexa Porta, a city ruled by Tyrund, the brother of Thorin( the lord of Thulgrand, remember the original Doom Lords). It seems like evil has not left every part of the world. But how is this possible? The Doom Lord is dead, is he? Most of his servants fled in terror when he died, but it seems that one dedicated servant seeks to bring his master back from the lands of the dead. If that happens, the world will fall. You must find this servant and kill him before its too late.


The features of this game are even better than those of the first Doom Lords RPG

STORY: Well, I told you the pregame story allready, but during the game, you follow a well-thought storyline The game contains in-game cinematics in which you are given quests which eventually leed you to the spot where the servant is trying to revive the Doom Lord.

TERRAIN: You are probably sick of those RPG's which consists of endless paths of pure grassA with nothing but boring packs of enemies. Doom Lords RPG was allready an improvement on this field, but nothing compared to Doom Lords 2. The paths of this map are made with nicely mixed terrain. I added much eye-candy, the paths are beautified with rocks, trees, buildings and much much more.

BOSS FIGHTS: Boss fights which are just one boring unit with enlarged hp and attack are a thing of the past. The boss fights in Doom Lords 2 are better than in any multiplayer RPG I have seen so far. The boss fights in Doom Lords 2 contain multiple parts. In all 3 boss fights in this map you have to do something first before you actually fight the boss(es). You first have to destroy a portal which summons demons from the underworld, have to defend a philosopher till he is finished analysing some runes etc etc.

CHARACTERS: The same characters as in Doom Lords RPG are used. The level ups are similar. A new feature is that the characters learn to temporary transform into a more powerfull unit (a myth unit)

SHOP: The map is so designed that you return to Hexa Porta several times during the game. In Doom Lords 2, not all items from the shop are available at start, you have to unlock them by finishing the missions you get.

This file contains a readme which contains information about installation and game setup as well as other info about Doom Lords 2

Have fun


PS. If you like, you can also visit the Doom Lords 2 thread on the forums:

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Playability: 5
Being a multiplayer rpg, it would be hard for this map to fail on being fun. It doesn't. Multiplayer rpgs are fun because players must co-operate to suceed, and also because they can socialise throughout the experiences.

Everything is easy to use, including the system where the player is able to turn into a improved unit for a while and the shops. However, there are some problems, such as people getting stuck in shops due to blocking.

This rpg suffers from something which the other AOM rpgs also suffer from; if the healer dies, the game is lost. However, this is rectified to an extent by the players being able to buy their own priests after the end of mission 2.

Balance: 4
The players are all fair, so no one player is liable to upset about what character they are.

I thought that the game was too hard before the end of mission 2, particularly the mission 2 'boss'. Easy mode has been the only mode I could complete this 'boss' on. After that the game got too easy; there seemed to little chance that a player's character would die.

Creativity: 2
There are certain sparks of creativity I appreciated, such as the players being seperated at the start, one character would be fought later taking 'strength' from the current boss, and baddies being continually created until towers were killed.

The characters weren't creative; unlike, say, Four Points. The characters were simply stereotypes from a standard rpg. Therefore being able to 'upgrade' one's character for a set time was appreciated.

Map Design: 2
The map design was not good, but playable. One won't have to worry about getting stuck in a level, but one won't particularly enjoy the eye-candy either.

One part of a level will have identical eye-candy to another part. I didn't spot any new eye-candy tricks to shout about here.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was easy to follow; I would have liked a story that was more complicated, though.

The instructions were good; I knew what were to be doing at every point of the game, and I could also check the objectives. The readme is well-written in that it contains the most important information first.

Additional Comments:
Good game, but I don't think I'll play it again.
Map Design5.0
I want to say first of all that I don't like reviewing because a review is often simply unfair because:
a) behind a review generally there is something that shouldn't deal with the reviewed file like the support of a clan to one of its members (too good review) or on the contrary a hidden feeling of hostility that a person feels toward a designer that shows itself in the way the review is written (harsh review)
b)often a review is not impartial but instead subjective: the person that reviews a file during the judgment thinks only about his own experience without considering a larger view (so a map for example is called laggy but in fact maybe the reviewer doesn't think that his comp maybe it's too old to play in a good way a game like AoM) and without comparing the file he is reviewing with the other files in the download section.
c)the reviewers are often people that don't know the editor or that work with it but they are afraid to submit their works. How the hell can I take seriously their reviews?!?!

I haven't the arrongance to call myself a good reviewer and to respect what I wrote above. I'm going to review this file only because I think that a 3.4 is a too harsh review for this awesome map.

Playability: 4
This is the only point in which this scenario could be improved because of the presence of 2 bugs: during the cinematics set in the city in the middle of the map the shops are not deactivated so if a player moves his hero in the place to buy a restoration power suddenly could start a cinematic and then the player realizes to have spent all his gold in restoration powers... The second bug is in the terrain all around the ending part of this map in which if a hero (turned in a myth unit) is hurled away by the enemies he could remain stuck on an impassable terrain. In any case this one is one of the best and challenging map to play online and more than the other rpg maps this is a scenario in which the team work is essential to win (and to survive). BTW: the "occasional" lag of Doom Lord 1 has disappeared in this sequel.

Balance: 5
I've played this map only two times, by a chance in both the games my hero was the barbarian. For this reason I can't say if the other characters are balanced or not but I have to say that I haven't ever heard someone moaning about their units during the game and, if the level of hero increased too slowly, that was just fault of the player that kept his unit behind the other because he was afraid to die...

Creativity: 5
I've red the opinions of some people that here and in the forum say that this map is not creative because it's too similar to the other rpg available on ESO. Well in my opinion they are really wrong. Why? Because Reinfire is of course the "founder" of this kind of map (02/17/05: release date of Doom Lord 1, 02/27/05: release date of four points rpg, 12/27/03: release date of final fantasy rpg). Where is the fault exploiting and developing a genre of map that the same Reinfire has create first? In my opinion Doom Lord 1 is as original as Doom Lord 2. The only maps that are not original are all those false sequels that are still on ESO.

Map Design: 5
Great map design, of course really better than the other multiplayer map that are often bare and empty. Also the map design of this map is a good compromise between a small-medium filesize and an high detailed map.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Instructions are clear and easy to understand. The story (like every sequel) is a little less interesting than the first "episode" and for this reason I should give to you a 4. But I will give you in any case a 5 so the average of my review with the older one will be 4+. An average of 4+ is unfortunately in fact the only way people will keep downloading a file otherwise it will be forgotten soon.

Keep the good work with AoE 3!

[Edited on 11/01/05 @ 09:37 AM]

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