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Project: "Extremely Happy"

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# of Players: 2-9 (teams autoset, p1,4,7 - p2,5,8 - p3,6,9)
Version: AoM: The Titans
Project "Extremely Happy"

A Brand New and Fresh strategy scenario! Three opposing teams, with one to three players in each, battle it out on a unique island, grabbing gold, killing enemies and destroying each others' bases. Each of the three teams specialise in either
* Speed,
* Armour or
* Hitpoints, and each has a unique unit selection.

Host can choose from a cluster of options that could change how the game plays or how it looks. One of the options give gold rewards for kills, another one puts the map into ‘Christmas mode’ – hailing snow onto the map and putting snow onto the trees.

The players ponder on an island surrounded by water and filled with beaches, mountains and pathways... So there's good chances of many a beach parties.. Or whatever name you see fit for behind-back invasions or raiding party landings ;)


*Unique Island: The strangely shaped island holds many narrow pathways and beaches for your strategic entertainment.

*Multi-play, Multi-team game: Players are each put in one of three teams, each specialising in a different unit stat.

*Up to 9 Players.

*"Extremely Happy" Lighting: If the Day/Night option isn't selected a special extremely light lighting will show.

*Playtested by the World's Best: The scenario has been playtested by many, many people, including some of AOMH's greats, like PFTQ and Mythos Ruler.

*Customisability: Host can choose a range of options to change gameplay and game view.

*Excellent eyecandy work done by the one and only: Swift Sampson.

So yes, all good reasons to download and have a go with a friend ;) (better to game with a minimum party of three though.)
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Gaurdian_112 Awesome=)

Damn BB code:p
RiderOfEternity Wooo, gone gold!
File Author
Uh yes, that was a mistake...
Somebody give it a review, I'd like to hear some constructive criticsms of it! :D
Servant_Of_Satin Ok ive got my review, theirs a few things you could change in map structure though.

For one thing reds base is accessable from 3 area while yellow only 2. Yellow kept chaning his point of attack leaving me to try and guess. I kept using katapelts which held off his camelry but he finally broke through and killed me. If you make it so their all easily defendable it will be a bit better.

[Edited on 10/11/05 @ 11:57 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This scenario is playable. Simple, fun and reliant. No annoying trigger bugs that screw the game up. This has come a long way since playtesting, and all of it for the better. I loved it. There are no flaws in playability, at least of what I have found.

Balance: 4
It seems that when I played, it was just luck that all the veterans were on 1 team, n00bs on the other side. Also , I remember now damaging HP bad from a Speed boat rush with some Prodomos and a couple of Valkyries. Playing today, I hound that although I was HP, I owned Armour and Speed, so that shows it is balanced.

Creativity: 4
Very creative. The map is totally different than any game i have played before. I like the light, it gives it a nice warm glow, a really 'Happy' glow. Also, the map wasnt symetrical, giving different strats each time you play. The bits I liked most were the little rock islands off the main island, with the monkey rafts in them. I could just tell that was Rider.

Map Design: 5
Cannot fault this. Perfectly meshed terrain on the floor, accompanied by beautiful eye-candy from Swift Sampson. He is a true genius when it comes to eye-candy. The rocks littered about are amazing! And he has done the Grass objects well also. Many people overuse them, yet it was enough to be realistic, but not too over the top.

Story/Instructions: 5
Nothing wrong here either. Easy to read instructions, which were to the point, not dragging on endlessly. I thought that this was a well implemented part of the game, trigger wise. Nothing wrong here.

Additional Comments:
This was a gem to play. Love it.

[Edited on 10/08/05 @ 05:54 AM]

File Author
The imbalance you speak of was simply player based, you see, team speed in the tests we did usually ended up winning, with "tfstorm14" playing them. It is true team armour is more specialist in building killing, but that doesnt mean you cant rush in with anything else to kill them ;)

The fact you put three veterans on team armour, with two complete newbies on team speed and one on team hp meant they were at a servre disadvantage.

Another reason for the imablance was the mode, the way you selected it all, made gold was very easy to come by, so it was easy to buy expensive specialist units.

Although I will admit the elephants have a nack for being bollocks.

Just my input on your thoughts ;) I do not belive the scenario to be imbalanced.

[Edited on 10/08/05 @ 05:17 AM]

RiderOfEternity "with the monkey rafts in them. I could just tell that was Rider. "
LOL but how? :D

@Balance issues:

It is actually just as easy for speed and HP to destroy other teams' buildings, because for one Hetairoi that Armour can build, HP can build 3 or 4 of their Contarius, and Speed can also build 3 or 4 of their Prododromes - both of which can destroy buildings quickly when you have about 9 or more of them.

I would gladly play a few more games with you where I am HP and your are Armour to see what happen, and so you can revise your Balance rating ;)

[Edited on 10/08/05 @ 05:35 AM]

gerbil30 OK, in light of this *ahem* mistake by me, reveting balance up to 4 .
Thank you for showing the flaws in my review, I will now edit it.

[Edited on 10/08/05 @ 05:54 AM]

Gaurdian_112 Good one=)
RiderOfEternity Nice Gerbs :) I wonder if anyone else has comments on the scenario?
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