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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Tifflrol's Journey (As of 10-9-05)

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Tifflrol's Journey (As of 10-9-05)

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 2
Version: AoM: The Titans
*Updated 10/12/05 - Submitted wrong version of Lvl1

__________Tifflrol's Journey____________
_______________by pftq__________________

To view project showcase at AOM.Heavengames.com, go to

This is a discontinued campaign. If you are going to rate it, please just rate the prologue and lvls 1 and 2.

Short Comment by pftq: The point at which I actually got sick of AOM and stopped playing/designing was around March/April 2005. After an amazingly long time filled with delays, lack of design time, lack of want to design, lack of joy in designing, lack of interest in AOM, not to mention school gettin harder, tons of homework, deteriating vision, more homework, and so on, I finally decided just to submit what I've finished and be done with it - partly because of friends who've played it and liked it and suggested I'd at least submit it. Unsurprisingly, it took another four months to actually do it! I'd like to thank all those who helped with the project: AOMPlayer000 (now Grun), Serpent Vikar/Master (who unfortunately passed away), Nodgene (or Nodgene1 or TheNodgene1), and Pacosgames. Sincere apologies if I miss anyone. Thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy what's been completed!
- Prologue and Lvl1 were created late. This is why it would appear superior in quality to Lvl2, which was created before either one.
- Lvl1 appears to have an issue where crashes may occur at random times. This seems to be a problem with the file itself as reloading a saved game and doing the exact same actions does not cause another crash. Just save often.
- Lvl3 is but a bonus; it is meant to give you an idea at what I was planning for Lvl3. Play if you wish but do not take it as a real lvl.
- All scenarios have been tested countless times and all known bugs appear to have been fixed. Apologies if you still run into one. Please save often after a cinematic.

[Special Thanks]
- Been a long time. My sincere apologies if I have forgotten anyone.
AOMPlayer000/Grun - Friend, Advisor, Playtest, etc
Serpent Master (Serpent Vikar) - Playtester
Nodgene - Playtester
Pacosgames - Playtester

-Dates below are approximate.
07-21-04 = Project started! Prologue v1 finished!
07-24-04 = Final of Prologue v1
08-15-04 = Lvl1 v1 finished!
08-19-04 = Lvl2 almost finished!
09-02-04 = Lvl2 and Lvl2 Ending Cinematic Finished! Lvl3 Started!
09-23-04 = Lvl1 being remade to v2
10-14-04 = Prologue being remade to v2
11-23-04 = Prologue v2 finished!
03-31-05 = Lvl1 v2 finished and being fixed up!
04-12-05 = Restarted Lvl3 from scratch
07-28-05 = Decided to test and submit what's finished.
10-09-05 = Tests what's finished and submits.
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auron 2 yooo:D where have you been? you havent been active in the forums for a while now..
File Author
Hey Auron. lol yea - been up to other stuff. Just submitting something I was working on before I left.

BTW, tried to catch the download before it went up - no luck. lol uploaded the wrong version of lvl 1. First two downloaders please redownload. Thanks and sorry about that.

[Edited on 10/13/05 @ 12:25 AM]

deathman rts nl Nice job, fptq... maybe i'm wrong, but, this is just a demo, of the project that's comming up? because, I didn't got the feeling there was an ending... I like the bonus lvl!!! (Meteorite animation is really cool)
File Author
Thanks. No, there is no ending. It's just a "what I finished" of a project I was working on before I stopped designing. Sorry to dissapoint. I'll edit the description to make it more clear.
demon_heger Yeah School Sux
Oscar the prologue is amazing!!!!

welcome back ptfq ;)
hollanj i thoroughly enjoyed Tiffrols journey. gr8 maps triggas n amazing cinematics...

I have a question that has been bugging me for ages.

"I have used render Sky but I still get black parts in my sky."

I have tried to set elevations and it is unusual and complicated. I noticed your cinematics had perfect render sky and it looked like you didnt use any RM modding to do this. Can you please tell me how I can solve this problem
hollanj hey respond 2 my question!
deathman rts nl The sky from render sky is like a picture, it has been set just above normal height of the terrain... When you lower it, the black part (where no picture of the sky is) becomes black
hollanj so is dere a way 2 fix this problem or am i stuck wif it
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