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Arch and Shrink
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# of Players: 1-4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Ambition Designs Presents
An omniplayer scenario by top-rated designers Shrink and Archaeopterix.

Fight computer players as if they were human, visit cosey villages and make use of their bonuses. Move your armies around in a beautiful jungle, but watch out for landmines placed by the enemy.

Unleash a monkey bomb, micromanage it to your enemies and then just wait a while until it explodes. Don't forget to laugh at your wounded opponents.

Lay siege on the fortress and cast shockwave on it's defenders. Operate it's stationary ballistae, or sneak outside and control AoK-style onagers.

Walk into your enemy unexpectedly and try to conquer the town. Throw around with powerful spells and try to keep overview of battlefield. The battlefield? It's chaos.

Heroines is a scenario that can be played both in singleplayer mode (main menu, single player, load scenario) and multiplayer mode (through ESO). And on ESO, if you can't fill all the player slots, then computers will gladly help you out! Be sure to set difficulty as Titan, and let the battle begin...

This is the shortest possible description of Heroines, and still an incomplete one. Because Heroines is more, much more than you can possibly describe in words. So we won't attempt to. Just download and play. You'll see.

Also, don't forget to read the detailed guide which will help you improve your Heroines skills!
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Map Design5.0
Multiplayer: 2 humans vs. 2 TITAN AIs

Playability: 4
This is one of the best games I have played on ESO in a long time. It is very fun and never gets boring. The only problem is the AI isn't very smart and loses their units often in the start of the game. I like the triggers you put in the make the computers more human like, but I believe more can be done. But, over all I believe it has been very well made and balanced.

Balance: 5
This is a very balanced game. One of the many things I like about it is when a player is eliminated; its remaining units get converted to the remaining players. I believe this is a great idea. Another thing I like is the spells. The relics found throughout the map can change the game a whole lot. For example, the monkey bomb can be used to get into the fortress fast, thus giving them a huge advantage. But then the player in the fortress can cast ancestors and protect him/herself so they can get away. The game can also change very fast, I know this from experience. I was playing a game with someone, and I was 'pwning' them, but I made a bad move and they had a good strategy and ended up wining. Overall, I think the balance is great!

Creativity: 5
This is a very original map. Very unlike "CaT aNd MiC3 v7 ~ EdItEd bY: IeaTbUgs" The fact that sometimes units will join your side, and sometimes they wont is a very good idea. And I like how the powerful units like to switch sides often, this is a good idea. Having the two catapult shooters is also neat. You have to try to keep them alive but also fight a battle on the other side of the map, very challenging!

Map Design: 5
It is hard to put this into words! The eyecandy and nature is just amazing! If look at the mini map, the map looks a lot bigger then it really is, that’s because it is filled with TONS of objects, but, its not to crowed so that you cant get your units through. I can tell that you spent a lot of time on the map itself, so I would just like to say... good job!

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good into, my only complaint is that it is very long, and I don’t like to watch it every game, but I cant think of any way to get all the info through without making it that long. Good job on it though; it explains everything you need to know. Now, this scenario doesn't have much of a background story, but it is still good nonetheless!

Additional Comments:
A very good map, I couldn’t find ANY bugs whatsoever! I look forward to playing many more games on it!

[Edited on 10/03/06 @ 08:25 AM]

auron 2
Map Design5.0
THE HEROINES REVIEW: Well, its time for me to magically appear out of the blue and change the over all rating;-)

I have played the scenario online, and Archer is my witness, for i was playing along with him yesterday!. I played the scenario about 3 times with archeriopterix, which i think was enough to analize the scenario's playability.

POSITIVE: the scenario kind of reminds me to the one made by Esus, which is control certain points in the map. whether the idea wasnt original, it required alot more strategy than the one of Esus. The ability to control siege weapons, and several flag points in the map played an important role in winning the game. another positive point in the playability, is the different amount of units which one can recruit, as well as the godpowers that gave the game a little twist! also the ability to play in teams didnt change the outcome of the map! regardless of how the teams are set, you still have to fight eachother at the end!

NEGATIVE: well, from what i saw when Archeropterix was hosting the scenario, was that many people were confused at first in what to do. The playability seems a little bit complex to understand, but yet unique in its own speacial ways.

well, as many have noticed, the map consist of four players. Each four players starts with the same amount of units, and god powers as well. regardless of the different starting points, everyone has the chance to control any flag point in the map, even if its in the other corner of the map. the ragnarok godpower is an EXELLENT strategy technique when fighting against other players. you really need strategy in order to win the game, which sadly isnt something that many MP scenarios feature nowadays.

Different flag points gave you different units to recruit as well as siege. in my opinion it made it important to control certain flag points to gain units which are good against others, to encounter your enemy. lets see...basicly there isnt anything wrong with loosing when your circe is dead. its not easy to loose or to win. Like i said, is just a matter of strategy. Besides, Circe regenerates and once in a while is able to attack with a powerful strike.

Finally, the controlling certain siege weapons gave players alot of advantage. I dont see this as a balance issue, since every player is allowed to control different kinds of siege weapons. Players can even control other player's siege weapon when they loose control of it, which was a pretty neat thing. At first, i thought the siege weapons could be killed, and is something kind of confusing and at first glance, hard to get. As i said before, the different flag points featured different units, which played an important part in the game! you gotta think which point may benefit the most, and when to move to encounter your enemy.

As said before, the idea seems familiar to Esus, but still, it has many different features, and therefore is no reason to lower the rating. The cinematic instructions were not only helpful, but creative as well. The trigger work put into the scenario was simply AMAIZING!, quite frankly, i've never seen some trigger tricks put into work before like the ones featured in this scenario. Everything was flawless, and the supremacy settings(team settings) played an important role in making things work in a certain way. The map design showed some pretty good creativity, and good use of the enlarging feature. the objectives, games style and the ability to control siege weapons is something rarely unique:)

At first glance, the map design would seem pretty vague, giving the impression that the map design could be improved. But regardless of this matter, the map is simply simple and well made. It is obious that the designer(s) really took into importance playability when playing online. the map featured enough details to make the map beautiful and at the same time non laggable! terrain mixtures, the small towns, different use of objects, enlarging feature uses, and so much stuff like the center point of the map were certainly a plus on this scenario! although, there were certain parts where you used the enlarging feature, and as some may have noticed, when not in LOS, the object will go back to its original size...in a sort of way its unrealistic, but yet, is just an ES bug and therefore i dont think it should affect the rating

As most multiplayers are, there is no story. But the instructions are pretty clear and self understanding. The cinematic intro may take a long while, but is certainly helpful! plus the objectives bar came in handy when the intro cinematic wasnt enough. The names of the little towns, and the name of the scenario are pretty cool. not many designers think of these simple details. in the intro cinematic, there were no flaws, no spelling mistakes, and most importantly, no obscured outlines! although like Archer already said to me, and also came to my attention, the intro cinematic intructions made a mistake, where it said that the ancestor power last for 15 seconds, when it really lasts for 1 minute. but as i already pointed this to the author, is not really that much of a problem, since just about everyone knows how long this godpower really lasts.

OTHER COMMENTS; the map is overall fun to play. complex at first, but enjoyable at the end. also, it doesnt take much time to play. Usually every game takes up to 20 minutes....execept for that one time that took over an hour:P, but mostly 20 minutes or less. so it aint something that will get boring. oh yes, the overlay text, spook chat(cant spell that), and the colored text...oh and some html chat codes put into triggers was yet another detail that i like, as well as the sounds and music play of the map. overall, i give the map a thumbs up!

[Edited on 11/23/05 @ 09:26 PM]

Swift sword
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This map can only be describe with one word-excellent. The playbility is great! Not sure hot to describe it, but everytime you play it you have to adapt to your opponents strategy. I was also impressed that you go the ai to work- makes for fun playing if you can't find someone online to play it with

Balance: 5
You can't get much more balanced than this. Each player starts in a corner of the map, with equal units and god powers. sure, one can get to a flagged point sooner than another, but everyone has their own advantages or disadvantages. The only problem I have is that the siege engine is practically impossible to move. I was playing as player one and it almost got stuck!

Creativity: 5
I have not seen another scenario like this before. There are some maps with "capture the area/all areas to win" but this map is unique with it's recruting, god powers, and great design

Map Design: 5

Which brings me to my next 5.0 :P. The design was excellent! Not only was it nice to look at, it had alot of strategic locations. Plenty of tree's to hide amongst and snipe your opponents XP. The fortress also was impressive, but could've been a bit bigger.

Story/Instructions: 5
There's not really a story, but the instructions are good. The cinematic was especially useful, although i did refer to objectives for god powers and the like. I forgot alot of the cinematic, so referring to the objectives saved me alot.

Additional Comments:
This is an excellent map and is sure to make anyone who plays it enjoy themselves. A great download!

[Edited on 12/28/08 @ 01:39 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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