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The Guardians v1.1

Author File Description
Oscar and Sziggi
File Details
Style: Fixed Force
# of Scenarios: 7
Version: AoM: The Titans

The Guardians is a magical world of cinematic, and gameplay. A realm of heroes. Where a young man unknown to most became a mighty king and guardian of mankind. Granted this through the powers of his vision and perseverance, his faith became the opportunity for men to deprive evil of its most deadly phrophets, for all time.

Campaign for The Titans expansion composed by 3 playable and 4 full cinematic scenarios.

1)Extract all files from the zip archive.
2)Place the files Prologue.scx, The_Quest.scx, The_Fall.scx, The_Siege.scx, The_Resolution.scx, The_Hell.scx and The_Sacrificie.scx in the directory "Scenario".
3)Place the file guardians.cpx in the directory "data" that is in the folder in which the game is installed.
4)Place the directory "guardians" in the directory "sound" that is in the folder in which the game is installed.

To play the campaign after having placed every file in the right place start the game, select "campaign" in the main menu and then choose "THE GUARDIANS" among the available TT campaigns.

**Recommended system requirements:
256 mb RAM
1.6 GHz
32 MB video card

**Important notes:
-you can freely choose your favourite difficulty level but your choise will be irrilevant: the real difficulty level of the camapign can't be changed and in any case it will be always the same.
-the use of cheats could compromise the running of some triggers forcing you to reload the game or to start it from the beginning.
-read carefully all the objectives and the hints in the objectives section.
-the story narrated in this camapign could be not easy to understand for a person that play it for the first time. So if you have a doubt or some questions about the story we will be happy to answer.
-this campaign has been made mainly with an AMD Athlon 2000+ 1.67 GHz 256 MB ram with a 32 mb video card. On a more powerful computer the soundtrack could be a little overlapped, on a less powerfull pc instead the audio tracks could be too much short.
-the maps of this campaign (at least the cinematic ones) should be seen with the graphic options set on high otherwise the display some scenes could be "imperfect".
-because of a bug of the game in the 2nd and the 6th maps when your units are hurled away by an heka gigantes sometimes your soldiers could remain stuck on an impassable area. In this case if there aren't other better solutions please reload the game.
-save the game often.

The audiotracks contained in this archive are taken from three musical compositions:
-"Fight for Camelot" by Jerry Goldsmith (First Knight soundtrack)
-"Alfred, Tristan, The Colonel, The Legend..." by James Horner (Legends Of The Fall soundtrack)
-"Launch" by Hans Zimmer (Armageddon soundtrack)

If you find errors or if you have some suggestions post a comment.

Campaign created by Oscar Baldessari, Sziggi and Ganesh.
A special thanks to every person that has contributed to the realization of this project with help or advice.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Vandhaal Congrats Oscar, Sziggi and Ganesh..you 3 did an awesome job guys ! I am very happy you guys made a "playable movie"style campaign ! I hope this campaign gets the respect it deserves to have !

I will now send you guys some nice wine by email so we can celebrate this release on AomH.

Best regards and again good job,

The Vandhaal

[Edited on 10/26/05 @ 07:46 PM]

sziggi Thanks Vandhaal, this is very exciting cann't wait to see folks reactions, it was quite fun to build. O course Oscar deserves the lions share of praise, The Guardians is an fantasitic effort on his part especially.
Sandro The Wicke Unfortunately I'm afraid that there won't be a next one. *cries*
Anastasoulis Oscar & Sziggy, I'm DLing right now and I know it's going to be great.

As to the thing about AoEIII, I believe that Oscar won't leave AoM cause he also finds it better. So I trust that there will be another...
I'll play over the weekend and then come back with a rating (of 5 I'm sure) on Monday.

deathman rts nl Playability: 4
Very nice to play, The first time it was rather difficult when to change the hoplite's into the pelfasts, but the longer you play , the easier it will get. My caladria died a few times and my army just stood behind me, not attacking my enemy's. That's why it's a 4.

Balance: 5
Nice use of triggers and camera tracks, my computer lags when there are to much unit's... that's a pity :p But I can't blame you guys on that!! The animations of the caracters also fit in the game's story.. (you didn't just pick some animation from the list, and use it) I guess you searched all the animations, for just the one it needed to be.. a 5

Creativity: 5
Very creative, especially the huge fort being built just a doorstep away from hell. That gives me a symbolic feeling, very, very nice work. (I like the greek scout falling to death as stiff as a pencil :))

Map Design: 5
This is my favorite part of AOM, eyecandy... There's a huge amount of eyecandy in this campaign, which I like. The first amazing thing was the river in the prologue, first a beautifull river with some grass and gaia trees, then a nasty, smoky, dark place with no blade of grass in the whole environment... at second, I thought the fort was very small, looking at the positioned underground passage, but when i saw the unit's in front of it, I saw the months work you put in that. at last the "you are victorious"in the last scenario.. I'ts real fun, and ofcourse the other scenario's are too... :p (How did you made the ground so heigh in scenario 2? it's a nice trick you can use in many ways.)

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good story, much of the intructions were good, but some were too long and made me confused...a 5 anyway....

Additional Comments: many months of working past by, I can see that :D congratiolations....you three did some good work :)

Deathman rts nl

[Edited on 10/27/05 @ 12:00 PM]

deathman rts nl something weird is going on.... i rated the scenario, but my vote didn't result in the rating.... i really pressed the review button... :?

[Edited on 10/27/05 @ 09:06 AM]

hessu HG banned you review because you rated it too low :P
nottud why is the review banned when it says 4,5,5,5. i mean, i woundnt complain if i got that rating on my map
The Ex God
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
The game is laggy at some points, and EXTREMELY hard. Even with cheats the difficultly level of this game reaches beyond words. Even the first level I was faced with restarting the game many times, and giving into Channel Surfing. Not to mention those who do want to play fair and just keep trying have to go through the very long cenimatics over.. and over.. and over again.

Balance: 4
I have no idea what this section is supposed to mean, but heres my guess.

All the heroes are super powered and multiple in numbers. Even regular warriors are extremely destructive. But contradicting this is the massive numbers of Tartarian spawns, minions, hecka giants, and trolls. The whole fighting system is accualy not too balanced. The monsters overpower the humans many times in my play, and not only that but if one person dies (in most levels) then you lose, cuasing hair pulling frustration.

Creativity: 5
Yay, time to type up some good views on this drool maker.

The entire game is extremely well done. Not one detail or aspect was given the cold shoulder. The stronghold in the game was absolute the best piece of work I have ever seen before in a AOM game. Hell- That was probably the best thing I have ever seen before in MY GAMING LIFE!

Map Design: 5
Everything about this map is functional. He used bits of regular building to make an eerie scene depicting death and torture. But that isnt most of it. The game was.. just so amazing in so many ways I cant really put it in words. I reccomend going to the screenshots and look for yourself. http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=13,22097,0,10

Story/Instructions: 5
I am speechless in this aspect. I don't know how long he spent making the theme alone, but it would of taken me months and months to come up with not only an astonishing plot, but a clean and spotless way of displaying every point.

Additional Comments:
Recommended download for people who like a good challenge, and maybe to be scared. I had to lower my speakers at one point in this.

[Edited on 10/28/05 @ 06:10 AM]

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