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New Trick Found!

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Version: AoM: The Titans
This trick has been descovered by me was thinking how to make an RPG when the camera would follow your unit as you move it and that you would not be able to move your camera except if you move your unit.

But, Ive got the answer!

It uses a trigger called "camera cut protounit". This trigger can only be found by downloading the "some new triggers" file from the utlilty programs section.

Anyway, When you move your unit,the camera follows it! This is how to use the trigger:

Insert a new trigger, (on loop)
Put the conditions on always,
Put the effect as "camera cut protounit"
Put the name of the unit you want it to follow (don't have move than one of the type of unit you want it to follow or it will muck up!)

And thats it!

BEWARE!!! this trick doesn't work very well on multiplayer because it's a little choppy for some reason online.

This download as a template which uses this trick. Ive added affect pads and scenary to show you how effective the trick is. If you want, you can use this idear in your maps.

To install, extract the file into the scenario folder in age of mythology scenario folder.

Have fun using this trick and if there are any problems tell me!

(this trick may work smoother on more powerful computers but it should be smooth anyway)
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Anastasoulis QUOTE:This trick has been descovered by me was thinking how to make an RPG when the camera would follow your unit as you move it and that you would not be able to move your camera except if you move your unit.

But, Ive got the answer!
hey dude, it's better to check out if something has been done previously, before you lay a claim of a new find.
Regarding your find, I'm sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but it's been done before in a couple of RPG scenarios, and also Reyk has given a full description of his new triggers for his must have New Editor 3 for TT.
Try to find also a RPG scenario where the camera sticks with the character (I think Legacy) and the view is stuck in a kind of cinematic mode, not allowing you to click to another point of the map~only being able to see around your character and the minimap.
Sorry if I hurt your feelings dude.


[Edited on 12/02/05 @ 02:40 AM]

auron 2 well, i did it before similar....about 2 years ago with the release of Setna and the lands of egypt. since at the time the new triggers werent avaliable, i used "camera cut to unit" so it would follow the character, but the bad thing was that regardless that it was looped, it only followed the unit for a short time...and it kept selecting it over and over and over, so the unit would respond like a hundred times for 15 seconds. it is on the setna scenario.
ducbigman_oo7 Additional Comments:
omg if you not tell me i dunno lol ( i think i know this like 1 or 2 year ago) well whatever nice work(dont put trash stuff ok make new map and do new thing ok like this 1 wow (it impossble u not tell us ,i think we dunno

select your answear when you think about this stuff?

1)bad stuff
2)a piece of crud
3)good stuff
4)copy stuff

choose 1 carefully ok

[Edited on 12/21/05 @ 02:24 PM]

File Author
Oh sorry,

Ive never seen a map with it used.

Shame those other people didn't realy publish it! (or did it but not very clearly)
File Author
For Anastasoulis and Auron 2:

2 things about it which you may not know about it are:

(a)1. How to make the camera focus on the new unit and the old one is killed (it it respawns)?

(b)1. You will need to make the unit delete itself first before it reappears otherwise the camera takes like 20 seconds to reset (it follows the corpse of the old unit first)

(a)2. How did I make the camera follow the dragon once the car turned into it?

(b)2. You will need to disable the camera following the car trigger first, then activate the dragon one. (it then allows you to move the dragon)

One more thing, the camera will follow the unit only if you are playing as that player and not if your playing as someone else.
e.g. the camera will NOT follow player 1's minotaur if you are playing as player 2.

Like I said, it goes choppy on multiplayer so if you find a solution, please tell me because I need one!

p.s. here is a funny trick to play during a multiplayer game!

in chat put this:

color=0.9,0.8,0>Nottud has invoked the Guardian power!

(put < symbol before color since it won't appear in this comment if that symbol was there)

It comes out in the same colour as when you invoke a god power and it realy confuses people! This trick may also be useful when making your maps. (the colour code bit was NOT discovered by me but the colour combination to make that yellowy colour I found by trial and improvement)

I hope any of what I said helped you because that camera follow unit trick took ages to make it work perfectly.

He he, That view when you become the dragon I think is great because it makes you feel that you are riding it. Probably the coolest part of the trick.

If anybody finds out how to make the camera rotate with the camera then tell me! Its something ive been wanting to know for a while now and would b cool if someone found a trick to do it. (if its possible)

Keep rating and posting in comments!

[Edited on 12/04/05 @ 07:10 PM]

File Author
I hope the stuff I said before helped you if there was aby gray areas to the trick and I have seen that map. Does that guy know how to reset the camera if your unit is killed (and resprawns) though?
jonathan1222 ______________________________________
Does that guy know how to reset the camera if your unit is killed (and respawns) though?

As the creator of Legacy, and that 'guy', I will answer your question.

The system used in Legacy is that you are teleported before you die, and you receive a penalty, so it sort of simulates the death of your character.

If however, your system involves a new unit as the respawning unit, then I can imagine then you would use cinematic blocks in your death system, so you can limit the amount of times you're revived, and implement the system. You can also use Army Camera Cut Unit, if such an effect exists.

Now I can ask you a question. Do you know how to control your camera system so a player can type in, say, 'switch' and the camera will be centered on a different unit?

Great work on your guide by the way. It should indeed be helpful, though as stated before, you have no claims to being the first to implement those tricks. I do not even know if I was the first.
File Author
yes, of cousre I do, I did it on the dragon remember.

conditions:chat contains "switch"
effects:(1)disable trigger (the trigger that focuses the camera on the first unit)
(2)fire event this next trigger:

conditions:timer 1 sec
Effects:camera cut object OR camera cut protounit

Camera cut protounit will actually prevent you from selecting anything else! Quite useful in some cases.

I actually used this in on of my maps called catault wars. Both teams were mostly a simular colour for each member.

I used camera cut protounit at the end of the cimatic to focus your camera on YOUR catapult and select it!
jonathan1222 True enough, but I believe I also asked if you knew how to disable the feature during cinematics.

This is only possible with Quest Vars, because it would not be possible to trigger through chat contains.

Camera Cut protounit prevents objects from being selected? Then I probably did use Camera Cut Object...
File Author

There is way 2.

You could use disable trigger and then fire event it after the cinematic?
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