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The Adventures of Johnny Ray

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Version: AoM: The Titans
An exciting story-based RPG played over two generations.

Part I: Poor Young Johnny Ray
Barleybrawl, a mining town on the coast of Newreach, awakens one morning to an out of the ordinary wind. As 8 year old Johnny Ray plays with his friends, he is oblivious to the worries of the villagers around him and his own terrible fate. But what will the wind of change bring...?

Part II: The Dangerous Beast
30 years after the Barleybrawl mine disaster, the villagers are ready to open their abandoned mine. But unfriendly creatures have moved in, and there is something much more dangerous killing off the miners... Soon, Johnny Ray and his chums will face the beast but what will be the outcome?

-Music from Michael Jackson and Blondie. Meanwhile, tracks from the Zelda game complement parts of the game perfectly.
-A stamina system; you can run, but you can't run for long.
-A large quotation system. Click on the villagers and they'll insult you. Your fighters will congratulate each other after a fight. Let a fighter die, and they will grieve around the gravestone.
-A chicken named 'chicken delight'.
-Over 100 forumer references.
-Rather nice eye-candy; walk around a busy town, explore an abandoned mine, or stroll through an enchanted forest.
-Set up a camp; by having your characters put up their tents they can sleep off fatigue or injury.
-A pet dog that will follow you and your chums around.
-10 unlockables, including two lengthy word documents.
-An argus named 'Groper'.
-Several quality cinematics
-An exciting storyline
-Play hide n' seek with your childhood chums.
-Snowstorms will rise and fall in intensity over time; stay in an Inn to wait them off.
-A giant named Thurg Bigwilly, who will warn you not to run under his skirt or risk being hit with his enormou' club.

During the 'priest' cinematic, the game will crash. Here's some trigger tweaking you can do to get past the bug:

Deactivate Chapter_1
Activate Chapter_2_cinskip

These can be found in the 'ungrouped' group.

This will start the game at the point when Johnny and Auragorn are about to leave the mine.

Delete the fire event effect in Ob2_2_cin2_1.
Create a new fire event effect in Ob2_2_cin2_1, firing Ob2_2_cin2_X.

These can be found in the 'objectives' group.

This will skip to the end of the Priest cinematic when one begins it.

A side-effect of employing this method is that Johnny's exp becomes very low. This makes the boss battle unfair; however, just kill off Eileen during it and you'll skip past that too!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
An overall amazing map to play! From the beginning to the end, I enjoyed all of it. But, the reason I gave you a 4, is the bugs. Finnaly, once I got past the one camera stopping bug, my units spawned in a black area in the mines. But nonetheless, I had fun all the way through the map. But, since the bugs are squashed now, I'd recommend you to download it-NOW! Great job.

Balance: 5
It was perfect! I'm telling the truth. It never was hard, nor easy. All the way through, I couldn't just walk straight through, as the same, it wasn't impossibly hard to beat an area. Great job on balancing everything out!

Creativity: 5
This map, was so creative, everything, from the amazing one of a kind eyecandy, which I have never seen like that before, to the creative storyline.
Lets not even talk about the great leveling up system. Once again, amazing job.

Map Design: 5
Wow! This is the best eyecandy ever done in a scenario. From the forest to the village, you'd be amazed just looking at it. The mining area, amazing! But, the way you just made the village...it looked so real. Like I said earlier, this is most likely the most creative and amazing map design in a map!. A+

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was pretty good, and the way you made the instructions clear and easy to understand. I never once got lost, or couldn't figure out what to do. The story different, which I enjoyed. Nice job on it.

Additional Comments:
Great job on the map! Counting out the bugs, I loved it! I hope to see more work from you either on AoM or AoE3.

-If you haven't downloaded this yet, do so. . . -NOW!

[Edited on 12/10/05 @ 07:29 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The Adventures of Johnny Ray was a very fun scenario. It was very enjoyable and overall, it was a great game to play. I don't want to give too much away, but the hide and go seek challenge and being inside the mines was awesome. This scenario is very fun and it kept me up till midnight playing it :)

Balance: 5
The balance was pretty much perfect! The map was a little hard, but not too hard. I also liked how it involved strategy inside of the mines. Great job on the balance Greyshark!

Creativity: 5
This was one of the most creative maps I have ever played! The cheats were great fun to play around with. My favorite cheats were the water cheat and the King Jared cheat. Also, the bonus documents were extremely creative and funny. The cinematics were brilliant and the games were great. I loved how you did the hide and seek challenge. The mines and the ability to choose your weapon was also very creative. But the most creative part of the scenario, was the tornado. This was amazing! I never knew it was even possible to do something like that on Age of Mythology. I also like how you portrayed the AOM forumers. Very funny!

Map Design: 5
The map was great. The town was very well done. I really liked the palace and the palace grounds. The forest outside of the town was also really cool. I liked Anastasoulis's house and the forest. The mine was great. The waterfall in the mine had a really cool cinematic that made me feel like I was actually going down a waterslide. Both the mine and the town had really good building overlapping and eyecandy. The town even changed to look older in the second part! You also had a great use of terrain mixing and other eyecandy effects.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was great. From where Johnny was talking to his mom to the final battle. I also liked when that one kid stole Johnny's 20 phil. The instructions were clear and I didn't get lost in this map. But, you could have explained some of the characters a little better, especially Blondie. But, other than that the story was very good and I can tell that a lot of work went into brainstorming this scenario.

Additional Comments:
This map is awesome! It's a must-download!
Great work, Greyshark! I think you should make a sequel :)

[Edited on 12/21/05 @ 04:34 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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