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Minas Thirith

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Version: AoM
tell me wot u think of the city
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Xerxes 3902 Its pretty cool. The gameplay is boring, but visually, I like it. Good job.
File Author
yeh i know the gameplay is shit i focused on the construction of the city
File Author
I'm now making the minas tirith cinematic film the preview called "THE BREATH BEFORE THE PLUNGE" will on the site soon so look out for it should be good :)
Map Design3.0
Minas Thirith

A below avarage mark. The scenario was playable, but most of the work was already done for you through triggers. Faramir and his calvary were tasked to head to the city while two weak groups of orcs were approaching the vastly overpowered walls. By the time one is familiar with where the buildings are and builds his troops to take out the orcs, the towers on the walls would have already killed them off. You recieve a 1.

Agian, no real challenge here. I understand that this is a 'eyecandy map', but if it's not ment to be played, put it inthe Miscellaneous section.

The city was vastly overpowered compared to the petty orcs you used. That was not the case in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. The tower walls were all you needed to win.

Ah..The Lord of the Rings scenario. It's been done - many, many, many times. In order to get a good mark here, you would have to display ALOT of creativity in map design or implementing the story to get a good mark. Sorry. If you search for another LoTR scenario...

You'd discover that they'd get bad ratings, with a few expections. This scenario is no exeption. There is no story, and no creative uses of map design. That and the fact that this is a LoTR scenario (to explain, it's been done so much that it is a mere joke when people announce or make such things. There is one exeption, a project that has earned great reknown so far...)

Now we move onto Map Design, here is where your rating pick's up.

Map Design
An avarage mark, a well layed out city, with nothing at all remarkable. No new tricks have been shown. No new eyecandy, just a standard map. Since your using AoM instead of the expansion, I can understand, if you wanted to increase the rating, improve the surrounding grass. Heck, if it was a major part of the scenario, you'd have gotten a 1. There is no terrian blending! No embellishments, no trees, grass or sign of life whatsoever. Atleast you didn't use GrassA.

There is no story, there is no instructions, do I need to explain more?

It's straightforward enough, do nothing! The towers will take care of the orcs! There is no implemenation of the story besides the city being Minas Tirith and the use of the names like Minas Morgul and Osligiath.

And improve on your spelling, Minas Thirith?

"A decent effort, but a not so good outcome."
Remember, as much as we all love the LoTR trilogy, such is not the case when one tries to recreate it, infact, it's quite the oppisite of the matter when we try to recreate it.

[Edited on 12/06/05 @ 07:29 PM]

jonathan1222 Oh yes and Jaeger, or Dave as you seem to like to be called, that is not a review. You have to explain why you gave him the rating you gave him. If you don't correct that mistake, it will be deleted.

For instance, why would you give the scenario a 4 in Story/Instructions when there was no Story or Instructions in the scenario? Just curious..

I can understand the rating for Map Design, as this map could have the best Map Design you ever saw, but why a 5 in Playabilty and Balance?

File Author
thanks for that, seen as tho i said tell me what u think of the city i didn't ask for a ****ing essay dickeye, i only made it to show people the city, i know it has no story because ure only surrposted to review the city, and the spelling error was just picky to get in a fuss about "Oh No I Put An Extra H In" **** off!
jonathan1222 If you go to Gamespy, IGN, gameSpot, etc. You'll see that their reviews are long and go into full detail about why they rated it so.

I did just that did I not?
And unfortunatly, since you posted this in the Single Players Scenarios section, Story/Instructions and Playablity count.

What did you want me to do, give you a 5 in those. That would be unfair wouldn't it?
But hey, you got an avarage Map Design mark. Which was the intent of the scenario, no?

So in the future I'd ask that you'd not flame me; unless you want to get banned, of course.

File Author
ok fair enuf
" i didn't ask for a ****ing essay dickeye"

I envy that review actually...
Some of the ones I get don't tell me anything that I can improve upon, of course they get deleted though.
File Author
sorry but basicly he told me it was shit
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Map Design4.0
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