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Jungle Adventure

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Version: AoM
Arkantos has shipwrecked off the African coast and his enemies are in hot pursuit. His mission is to journey inland to reach the safety of Athena's Temple.

"Non-Titan" .scn file.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Ahhthis was a great scenario to play. It had lots of little things that you could discover throughout the map, such as gettin some of the buildings if you killed kamos. Only a few things made me not give this section a 5, they were the fact that the attacks at my base stopped after a while, plus the attacks were too weak after i had gotten my tc (town center) up. Also, the dragon was too easy to kill. Chiron could have killed it 1v1, and the bolt god power could kill it one hit too. Very good otherwise.

Balance: 4
I have to say the balance was almost perfect. The only reason i did not give this part a 5 is because you made it almost impossible to place a Storehouse when you are mining gold :P. It was also a bit hard to place buildings because there was so much trees around. Also for some reason the computer didn't ever advance mythic age, even after an hour and a half. This was not really a problem, just I owned his soldiers with mine :P
Also, you maybe should have disabled the technology that allowed you to see everything.

Creativity: 4.99
Lots of creativity in this scenario :) I really liked the way you said "welcome to paradise" when arkantos came to the tropical island, the one just near the dragon part. I also really liked the way you made little fun things to do, such as making Arkantos have to walk through the forest to reach Ajax. The few voices that appeared occasionly (such as when arkantos reaches the settlement Ajax says "about time :P) were really well done. The only reason I didn't give this a 5 was because it was basically kill the monster scenario, which has been done many times. (only 0.01 points taken off for that :P)

Map Design: 5
Man this was eyecandy topia! The map was made very nicely, it must have taken you ages to do all that :S. I especially liked the end area, where it had the paradise island, the shipwrecks and the burnt city. The map wasn't too big or small either, it was perfectly sized and was made up of lots of different terrains. (Unlike some maps i see which are all the same land) This is nicest map design I have ever seen.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
Very clear instructions, it had an objectives that could be read and gave hints if you got stuck. The only problem i found with this is that it did not say I had to go to the Mythic Age to get to the next objective. For this little thing I take off half a mark.

Additional Comments:
I have to say this was a great scenario man. Wasn't too easy or difficult, and took a good amount of time to complete even with moderate difficulty. Very nice job, only a few very small things that could have been improved. Im very impressed that you used over 100 triggers. Those triggers must have taken you ages to do :P Anyway, this had got to be one of the best scenarios ive ever played, so thankyou very much for it ;)

Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you.
Khan And Steak
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
It was good fun, I had a lot of fun playing and it kept me going for a good hour and a bit. you should be happy with what you have done there.

Balance: 5
It was really well balanced.. after you got passed the start. It was a wee bit too hard at the start having take out both a citadel centre and attacks from behind, but apart from that I thoroughly enjoyed you scenario.

Creativity: 5
Full of creativity, tribal wars, boats appearing as you're going down a river (row, row, row your boat...), animals with no meat, it was great, I really enjoyed it.

Map Design: 5
Full of creativity and eyecandy I could fine easy routes to every where that you needed to go. although they weren't always fast, lots of 'S' and 'U' paths that were time consuming, but that's not really a bad thing, just adds to the scenario's jungle effect.

Story/Instructions: 3
Pretty simple, go out and kill stuff... but no storyline

Additional Comments:
I came a little bit lost when reading Leinadarcher review, I didn't fight a dragon. maybe that's just me but I didn't come across a dragon, also, I could not build more than one TC, even though I was in the Mythic Age, but then again maybe that just me, Great Scenario keep up the great work, can't wait to see your next scenario.
(I was going to give you a four for Balance but it deserved a 5)

Congratulations ~ Steak

[Edited on 08/25/08 @ 03:39 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
I did not find this that fun to play. At the beginning I found it much to hard. There was basically an inability to use god powers due to all the hidden mounuments. When I wanted/needed to use powers such as ceasefire I was unable. What's the point of having powers that you can't use?

Balance: 1
At the beginning the enemy armys completely overpowers yours. I do realise the strategic idea of creating buildings and a larger army before moving on, but I still found it much too difficult.

Creativity: 3
The idea of this scenario was fairly creative, although it has been done many times before. I would like to point out that you have used this map for 3 different scenarios (originally it was "The heart of darkness") which becomes boring playing the same map over and over.

Map Design: 4
Excellent elevation and terrain blending. Various pieces of eye-candy along the map. This map was very pleasing to the eye. I'm taking of a point for the narrow passes that led into citys, etc as there was little manuvering room for my army, removing most tactical play

Story/Instructions: 1
The instructions were very unclear at points. What kind of an instruction is "Kamos Hidden Fortress......"???) After I built a settlement "to the north" nothing happened. The instructions were played as "dialog",which is hard to read when its not in a cinematic (try using "send chat" instead). Also, why is Arkantos going to Athenas Hidden temple? What purpose is it there for? And why was I destroying it?

Additional Comments: Try making your instructions follow the triggers you have made to make this more enjoyable. And make a new map for each new scenario that you make.

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