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AoMH Christmas Competition: Christmas Chaos

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Version: AoM: The Titans
~Christmas Chaos~

Well what more can I say....
Just watch it, and tell me what you think


If you liked it remember to download my previous cinematic too.

Thanks to Titan602 for holding the contest and helping me with dialogs.
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Map Design4.0
Most the ratings are 5 because it is an excellent map with loads of eyecandy. It wasn't too short. I realy liked the use of animation especially where arkantos is thinking. It was very funny with lots of action. I thought the part where they trying to cut down the tree was very funny.

Unfortunatly, I had to give a 4 for map design. It always good to have something to improve on and I feel that the following should be done:

(1)It should snow at somepoint in the film. I think that it should snow when the camera is moving around Lapland.Because it wasn't snowing, it didn't feel "Christmasy" enough

(2)The Object which the attempts to cut down the tree needs to be closer to the tree. To me, they were just cutting the air infront of the tree. It just spoilt the film as I noticed it very clearly.

Overall, I think it is an excellent fim with alot of good imagination. Superb triggers with alot of effects and hard work.


[Edited on 12/22/05 @ 05:41 AM]

I Love Bananas
Map Design4.0
I'm on a re-reviewing spree at the time, so I wanted to make a new (both longer and more critical) review for this one as well. Once again, I'll post a new rather than editing the old one.

Watchability: 4
A very nice cinematic, neatly worked out and mostly polished. The camera tracks were well worked out, and showed what was happening with quite perfect angles. Your choice of music and sound effects was also wise, it blended in and backed up the current events perfectly.
But after the good comments, there are often a few negative ones. In a few places, I noticed that the units stood in totally different directions while talking (with animations), something that made it look like they weren't talking to eachother. I especially noticed this in the part with the bridge, noone of them faced eachother while discussing the situation. It made me lose contact with the cinematic itself for a short while, and I think it ought to be fixed. Another thing I have a complaint on, is that when Santa and his men (and women) are running away from the tree, it isn't moving. You could have placed out a shrinked unit fiendish to the tree so that it could chase that unit, and thus making it look like the tree is actually chasing them.
As a last negative thing, I think you should have made Tony, Ajax, the Avenger and the Colossus move closer to the tree before attacking it. You could also have added a regeneration trigger for the building the Scarab is attacking, so that one can't see that it burns. Those three bugs should have been fixed before you released this cinematic, so that it would have been even better than it already is - mind you, it really is an awesome cinematic as it is now.

Balance: 5
The camera tracks were perfectly meshed together, ran smoothly and never lagged. All fadings were fading at the correct moment they should, and I loved the fading colour, even. ^_^
The music also helped to even out the movie and make it mix better. So the movie's balance was indeed great.

A few times I noticed that the camera stayed in one place a little too long - when they enter the Roc, it takes a little too long before the Roc starts moving, for instance - but that was only a small detail, and didn't occur more than once or twice throughout. So I didn't lower the rating because of that, just keep in mind that it could be bettered the next time. ;)

Creativity: 5
Definetely, the best part of the whole cinematic. It was packed with jokes all through the scenario, with a good use of animations and different units to build the story. As a total, the humour was of great quality, and almost every single joke was funny enough for me to laugh of. There were one or two jokes that I didn't think were so great, but it is impossible to avoid all of them with cinematics of this length - I didn't only have good jokes in "The Long Way Home", for instance - so I didn't let that one joke count down for the greatness of the rest. You used animations very well throughout, as I already said - my favourite examples are Santa sliding down the hill while Ajax is calling it immature, the two times when Ajax and Arkantos go crazy with their own random movement, and the part where they try to cut down the huge Christmas tree.
I loved the joke in the beginning, where the camera zooms in on Reinfire smoking istead of the village. Also, the scene where they pass over the boulder wall is also quite humourous, and one of my favourites - that is a great parody on most AoM scenarios, hessu.

One thing that was above all possible expectations of mine was when Ajax started stretching out, and the fight-like music started. The animation and the dialog was nearing scary, and backed up by the music it made one of the best effects I have ever seen in a cinematic. I would never have thought about adding those three together.

Map Design: 4
Map design was, in itself, not tops. There were a few places I missed rocks, at some other places I missed terrain mixing and in other areas again I missed both. But overall, the map design kept slightly above average - even better, it effectively reduced lag during the camera tracks, which is a bonus. Although, I still think you could have added a little more rocks and mixed terrains better without creating any more lag. Add in some large Granite and Limestone rocks, spread around small and sprite Granites and place some Ice Blocks, and the design would be nearing perfect. But apart from that, the map design was relaxing and properly fitting into the cinematic.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was silly, straight out. But in this scenario, it doesn't really matter - it's a humourous cinematic, after all. So the story backed up the humour and jokes rather than tearing down the quality, which is perfect for this kind of AoM designing.
And as a funny storyline, it was exceedingly great. Ajax forgetting to take care of the Christmas tree, Santa and his "loyal peasants" leaving to buy a Christmas tree, and ending up with stealing one from a forest not long away from Joey's Christmas Tree shop before being chased by the exact same tree. It is even a kid-friendly history, indeed nearly a fairy-tale. With your use of both random jokes and jokes with relevance to the story, different characters and linked events, you did manage to make a truly great cinematic. Good work.

Additional Comments:
The whole film was really enjoyable to watch, I laughed a lot of your humourous dialogs and effects. You are truly great at funny gags, hessu - be proud, very proud.
I really hope you'll make an Egyptian cinematic as well, so if you decide to made what you talked about in the forums I'll be waiting for it's release.

Regards, ILB

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Map Design4.0
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