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Extra Resources, Extra Pop.

Author File Description
Magnum Pi
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is my first submission to AoMH and only my third submission to Heaven Games as a whole.

I recently became interested in modding and I figured out how to extract a file from the "data2.bar" file within AoM:TT. To get to the point, I made several changes to this protox.xml file that modify the RM gameplay drastically!

One thing I never liked about AoM and TT was the very poor population cap that all players are limited to. Compare it to AoK, and you need more villagers, have less population (it was rare that a player would get to 200) and this was further reduced by the fact that almost all units occupied multiple slots.

Thus one of the things I did was double the population provided from houses/manors. (Houses give 20, Manors give 40 a piece, but the build limits have not been changed.) Certainly useful in building larger armies, economies, and empires. The disadvantages are that this makes the Titan AI near-impossible to beat (as the higher pop applies to him to) and the build-description unfortunately states the wrong number.

The other, and even more drastic change is that all trees and gold mines provide unlimited resources! It's true, like farms, your workers can now gather from your starting trees and gold mines for the whole game. The advantage, of course, is that games no longer end from an empire "running out" of resources, which is pretty corny to think about.

With this file, AoM handles resources more like RoN, where everything can be collected infinitely. Unfortunately, I have not figured out the code that limits the amount of gathers you can have on forest/gold mines. Consequently, unlike RoN and slightly out of balance, a civilization does not need to expand to get more resources. The smallest forest can supply a huge empire with any amount of wood for example. Arguably this reduces the importance of expansion and eliminates the concept of "repitting."

Here is a list of the exact changes:

--The doubled house-population (total cap of 300 not increased).
--The "infinitized" gold mines (including Thor's created one, even though the gold amount is infinie, you can still choose the location, which is a potentially huge bonus).
--Infinite trees, including Gaia's trees. (Remember that Gaia trees gather faster than normal, so this is also a huge benefit.)
--Caravans (of all civs) cost 33% more (for a total of 133 food) have slightly more hitpoints, an added build limite of 25 and occupy no population slots. (Thus, always have them running. 25 may seem like a lot, but with all the troops you'll be training, you'll still need sufficient gold miners.)

Here are some extra notices involving this file:

--Designed for single player. This will cause an OoS error if used in multiplayer unless ALL players have it, remember that.
--This file is a protox, not proto, meaning that it will not work in AoM, just TT. (I may make an AoM version in a future update if I can improve my modding skills.)
--Download this file by dragging it into your "C:\Prgram files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\Data" folder and then play a game.
--This file does not erase your original data2.bar file, it simply dominates over the default protox. If you want to undo the changes, drag the protox.xml out of "C:\Program Files\Age of Mythology\Data" and that's it, you will not need to reinstall the game.

To the Moderaters: I was not entirely sure where to upload this, I decided mod was the best. Feel free to move this file if you think the category is not appropriate.

Enjoy! Please leave a review or comment if you can!
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Anastasoulis Question: why should we tamper with our data2.bar and screw up our game files, when the same thing can be achievied via triggers?

good try anyways

Magnum Pi
File Author
Can you really change the population cap with triggers? I know that you can change the amount of space each unit will take, but I'm not sure that you can make houses support more.

Even if you can, this file was intended for single player, RM's particularilly. So you wouldn't have to make a custom scenario for every map or civilization that you would use. This way you can just generate a game with the game options of your choice, and play normally.

Also, it doesn't acually tamper with the data2.bar file. The protox is simply dragged into the Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\data folder and it overrides the default one, not erases it. So if you decided to undo the changes I made, just delete the protox file/move it to the recycle bin. I'll update the description a little.

Thanks for a response though.

[Edited on 12/29/05 @ 02:12 PM]

ROBOTECH A5 Mr. Magnum Pi:

Their mod is very good... very good. But I want one resemblance with these characteristics:

gold: Inifinito
favors: Infinite (Alone that it usually increases like we give us)
wood: Non infinite (Some hoist they should be removed as to follow a road or place to put some house or what is)
Capacity of Units: I don't like them to be 300... but I eat 500 or better 1000 are enough.

Could you create a mod to what I request? Please? Thank you Mr. Magnum Pi.

If you achieve it. Could you put it here the mod or equal to send me it to my e-mail the mod?
Magnum Pi
File Author
Thank you for the response Robotech, and I'm glad to hear you like it.

I've acually made even more changes to it since I submitted the file, as I thought it could use a bit of a tune-up. One of those being that the starting small gold mine does not contain infinite gold anymore, it was so close by that you never had to fight for any gold, and you could conquer with out expanding.

Caravn changes were undone because the AI didn't know that he should max them out and it gave the human player to strong an advantage.

Gaia Trees were made exhaustable again because they gathered more quickly, which was too powerful a bonus to last the whole game.

It would probably be harder to create a new one than it would be just to edit the one you have. [Plus, you forgot to post your e-mail address ;).]

In order to make changes, you must:
1. Exit out of TT and be at the desktop.

2.Open "C:\Program files\Microsoft Games\Age of mythology\Data"

3.Delete the added file called protox.xmb NOT the one called protox.xml

4.Right-click on protox.xml and go to "open with" and select either notepad or wordpad from the extended menu.

5.A new window should be open, showing a bunch of unit information, starting with "Hawk."

6.To find the unit you want to edit, clicke on the top bar called "Edit" go to "find" and then type all or part of the units name in the small search box and click "find next." Keep clicking "find next" untill it brings you to a line to looks like this example:

That indicates that you are at the information for the unit itself, not some other occurance of the units name. Scroll down and read the unit tags, (i.e. UnitNotBuilding, etc.) most of which are pretty self-explanatory. To de-infinitize trees for example, you will have to search for "tree" until it brings you to:
"unit id" = "Example" unit name "Example"
scroll down untill you find:
and delete that.

Edit: I just typed a long, explanatory post about proto editing, but this darn forum code just deleted half of it because I doesn't let you type and file codes. Try visiting the mod pack forum for help or if you don't know what how to modify a certain attribute in the protox code. BTW, unfortunately you cannot edit the 300 limit in here, it's hidden somewhere else in the game files.

[Edited on 01/31/06 @ 06:05 PM]

GeneralGrievous Rating: 4
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments: This is the first mod for better population and stuff that actually work on my game. I like it

[Edited on 03/10/06 @ 05:15 PM]

Kapten Kemsley sounds good. I havent played AoM for ages, and I'm a modder for SWGB. So I thought: "the unlimited pop for AoE 3 was great, so I want to find one for AoM". And I think your mod is the closest I can get to it for AoM. So thanks.
Magnum Pi
File Author
I've already made quite a few changes to this file since it's upload, but I'm glad to see that others are enjoying it like I am!

General Grievous, do you think you could elaborate more on the rating you gave? I'm not trying to complain that I didn't get a five, I wasn't really expecting that for something rather trivial like this, but I'd like to see more precisely what you liked/thought needed improvement about this.

[Edited on 03/10/06 @ 01:32 PM]

Rating: 3
hey Magnum Pi, I agree with Anastasoulis, why should we tamper with our data2.bar and screw up our game files, when the same thing can be achievied via triggers?. This mod is not very useful, an useful mod is the House v.1.0 by PrplPplEater, Allows houses to build villagers, specific to your civilization. however this mod is a huge job, anyway is a good modification.

Additional Comments:
if you are able you should increase the capacity of population from 300 to 1000, I think that it would be indeed cool. good try anyway.

[Edited on 12/16/06 @ 04:23 PM]

Magnum Pi
File Author
Well I do appreciate outside input from playtesters on any of my works, but CoolBiker, I don't quite agree with your analysis of this mod.

You say, like Anastasoulis, that there is not much point in tampering with data2.bar when we could achieve the same effects with triggers.

In some cases, the effects can be done with triggers, but many times they cannot. For example, the infinite resource effect can never be duplicated with triggers alone. That was one of the main points of this mod, to have the unlimited resources.

Also, an advantage in using a mod over a triggers (even if all the mods effects can be done with triggers) is that, with a mod, you do not need to create a custom scenario for each RM you play. That's time-consuming and inconvenient. With a mod you just play the game normally and all the changes come automatically. But if you don't want to stick with the mod changes forever, they are generally easy to uninstall.

Also, important, is that with these mods, you are [i]not[/i] acually screwing up your data files, by puting a modified protox in your data folder you are [i]overriding[/i] the original, not [i]replacing[/i] it. Just move the xml and xmb file out of the data folder (as well as moving any other files out of other folders, but that doesn't apply to this mod) and then the mod is uninstalled and your original files are intact.

I hope the reason you gave this the lowest rating is not because you personally didn't like it and preferred something else. I admit this mod is quite mediocre if compared to what could be done in a proto mod, but its usefulness is more a matter of personal taste. Some might prefer this mod, others I'm sure, will not. Stills others prefer no mod at all, but one dissatisfied downloader hardly warrents a 1.0.

I'm trying not to take offense from your next comment, since I've [i]enormously[/i] progressed beyond my noobish modding days that htis mod came from, [i]but[/i] haven't made any subsequent submissions, I don't think you could have known this. By suggesting that I read some proto guides, are you saying that I made this wrongly and it doesn't work? (I don't think that's the case.) Or that I should learn how to make a better mod? If so, then again, I don't think you should criticize this in the worst way possible (with a 1.0) when the quality in question depends almost entirely on personal opinion.

Hopefully you'll consider changing the content of your review. If you really think this mod was terrible and deserves a 1, then I request you give a better justification for that than misguided claims about needlessly "screwing up" the data files, and the fact that you personally did not like it over another mod.

Note that I am not trying to imply that you are utterly wrong in your opinion and that this deserves a 5.0, or anything so high. But I am saying your review ought to be more thoughtful and objective before it can suffice as a review.
CoolBiker90 I'm sorry to have been so harsh with your mod, I had not read that this modification, it was yours first mod. however I played with your protox.xml, and I saw that playing us, is not badly. I updated the rate in the review with a 4

your Technology Modding Guide is the most complete guide that I saw in aom.heavengames
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