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Extra Resources, Extra Pop.

Author File Description
Magnum Pi
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is my first submission to AoMH and only my third submission to Heaven Games as a whole.

I recently became interested in modding and I figured out how to extract a file from the "data2.bar" file within AoM:TT. To get to the point, I made several changes to this protox.xml file that modify the RM gameplay drastically!

One thing I never liked about AoM and TT was the very poor population cap that all players are limited to. Compare it to AoK, and you need more villagers, have less population (it was rare that a player would get to 200) and this was further reduced by the fact that almost all units occupied multiple slots.

Thus one of the things I did was double the population provided from houses/manors. (Houses give 20, Manors give 40 a piece, but the build limits have not been changed.) Certainly useful in building larger armies, economies, and empires. The disadvantages are that this makes the Titan AI near-impossible to beat (as the higher pop applies to him to) and the build-description unfortunately states the wrong number.

The other, and even more drastic change is that all trees and gold mines provide unlimited resources! It's true, like farms, your workers can now gather from your starting trees and gold mines for the whole game. The advantage, of course, is that games no longer end from an empire "running out" of resources, which is pretty corny to think about.

With this file, AoM handles resources more like RoN, where everything can be collected infinitely. Unfortunately, I have not figured out the code that limits the amount of gathers you can have on forest/gold mines. Consequently, unlike RoN and slightly out of balance, a civilization does not need to expand to get more resources. The smallest forest can supply a huge empire with any amount of wood for example. Arguably this reduces the importance of expansion and eliminates the concept of "repitting."

Here is a list of the exact changes:

--The doubled house-population (total cap of 300 not increased).
--The "infinitized" gold mines (including Thor's created one, even though the gold amount is infinie, you can still choose the location, which is a potentially huge bonus).
--Infinite trees, including Gaia's trees. (Remember that Gaia trees gather faster than normal, so this is also a huge benefit.)
--Caravans (of all civs) cost 33% more (for a total of 133 food) have slightly more hitpoints, an added build limite of 25 and occupy no population slots. (Thus, always have them running. 25 may seem like a lot, but with all the troops you'll be training, you'll still need sufficient gold miners.)

Here are some extra notices involving this file:

--Designed for single player. This will cause an OoS error if used in multiplayer unless ALL players have it, remember that.
--This file is a protox, not proto, meaning that it will not work in AoM, just TT. (I may make an AoM version in a future update if I can improve my modding skills.)
--Download this file by dragging it into your "C:\Prgram files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\Data" folder and then play a game.
--This file does not erase your original data2.bar file, it simply dominates over the default protox. If you want to undo the changes, drag the protox.xml out of "C:\Program Files\Age of Mythology\Data" and that's it, you will not need to reinstall the game.

To the Moderaters: I was not entirely sure where to upload this, I decided mod was the best. Feel free to move this file if you think the category is not appropriate.

Enjoy! Please leave a review or comment if you can!
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Rating: 3
hey Magnum Pi, I agree with Anastasoulis, why should we tamper with our data2.bar and screw up our game files, when the same thing can be achievied via triggers?. This mod is not very useful, an useful mod is the House v.1.0 by PrplPplEater, Allows houses to build villagers, specific to your civilization. however this mod is a huge job, anyway is a good modification.

Additional Comments:
if you are able you should increase the capacity of population from 300 to 1000, I think that it would be indeed cool. good try anyway.

[Edited on 12/16/06 @ 04:23 PM]

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