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Tactics of War

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
-|Tactics of War|-

---V1 Update---
-Fixed flags being destroyed by meteors.

-Fixed the ability to timeshift your mining camp.

If anyone who has downloaded the first version and wants the most up to date version, please download again. Thank You!

Tactics of War is a blood game created by Jakwarrior and Vo1ture. With its strategic features and enjoyable gameplay, it is sure to bring you a great game everytime you play it.

In Tactics of War, you start with your main General unit, He is your best and most powerful unit, He can capture special locations which will generate an income of wood.
Wood is used to buy units. With your units and general, you can collect goats on the map and send them to your sacrifice pit for 20 food. You can buy godpowers with your food.
You can also buy expensive villagers, which are used to mine gold. Gold is used to buy upgrades for your units and hero.
Your miners must travel to reach a gold mine, and travel back again to your base to deposit their gold. This leaves them open to ambush, so protect them at all times, as they are the most exspensive unit in the game!
There are relics scattered about the map. They all have special powers. some heal your units, while others recruit deadly giants to your army, while even others grant you god powers.

-A map full of forests, streams, gullies, and hills that are fun to play in.
-Innovative features such as unique relics that can give you special powers, and randomly placed goats which you can use for food.
-Interesting landscapes to tacticaly move your troops through.
-A host of units, godpowers, and upgrades to purchase.
-Defensive locations which generate wood for you if held from the enemy.

To install, simple unzip and put the file "Tactics of War" into your AoM scenarios folder.

Please if you download play it and give us some feedback on the game and report any bugs. Thanks!
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nottud I looked on AS stdios but I didn't know it was for download here.
V01ture Hey, any comments or reviews would help us! So we'd know what to work on next time!
Tzuridis I think tactics of war is a well-balanced game everyone is spread far apart from each other and the gold mines are as far away from each other and equally far so player one doesnt have a gold mine right next to his base, the unit buy system is fair except that units are really cheap but counting that everyone holds only one wood supply then it should be an old battle in age of mythology that we all know of countering units. Well-Balanced, Fun to play and a definite must for chariot of fire, Mythodea, and could relate to and rpg and cat'n'mice game. Out of All I give a 4 out of 5. Full-Reveiw coming soon.
V01ture Thanks a lot! Best of luck on your review. :P

Okay I have encountered a bug, after playing a 55 minute game! Aaaah.

I used lightning storm on his enemies, and it seemed to have destroyed the flag, since lightning storms are expansvie, this will most likely only happen once, but all of the triggers that give you wood are centered around the flag.

[Edited on 01/07/06 @ 08:16 PM]

nottud If so Vo1ture, then make the object not the flag but a cimatic block, then it can't be destroyed.
Map Design4.0
After playing the game many many times I also encountered that bug with the lightining storm but overall thats the only bug I found.

Playability: 5
How many times have you played charitos of fire, or mythodea, or any map where something new happens everytime, same gos for this map.

Balance: 5
Since everything thing in the map is evenly spread out and all the units are excactly the same it is very well balanced even though some units seem a little to cheap or expensive its very good. The only way you can be beaten is if you suck, you dont know where things are and they get the wood supply areas first or you just suck.

Creativity: 4
This map like many blood maps is pretty basic and its obvious they go there ideas from other blood maps, but this is the first map ive seen where you have to hold a specific location to get wood so you can buy units.

Map Design: 4
The map design is good earning its grade but it does seem a little basic with hills there and trees there but overall the placement of the special location makes the game be even and fair.

Story/Instructions: 4
The opening cinematic and instructions says it all except that to find out unit price you must click on the units, but very good deatiled instructions.

Additional Comments:
For you castle blood, mythodea, chariots of fire fans this is a must, for blood map lovers this is the newest thing and be sure to watch this be played almost every day.

Tzuridis oh, yea one last thing sometimes which is not you guys or your maps fault its eso and microsofts fault that you get the out of sync message but that is rare happens 2 out of 10 times.
V01ture Thanks for the review!

Any more comments or reviews are welcome.
V01ture C'mon, any more comments or reviews?

100 downloads, yay.
The_Nipp_power hi nice map,but i am not play yet.. my CD for aom is broke i need to bought a new 1

[Edited on 01/14/06 @ 04:22 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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